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Pros and Cons of Vue.js Framework Programming

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advantages and disadvantages of Vue.js development

As an IT company using innovative technologies to drive revenue for our customers, we are often asked about the benefits of Vue.js programming compared to other frameworks and why it is better to work with well-experienced Vue.js developers.

In this article, we are going to tell you what Vue.js is, what the strengths and weaknesses of professional Vue.js for developers are, and what opportunities this framework offers in terms of high-quality application development. Stay tuned!

What is Vue.js development?

Vue.js, or Vue, is a JavaScript-based framework developed by Evan You and first released in 2014. It was originally designed as a framework for building single-page applications (also known as SPA) and user interfaces (UI). But as time passed, the range of applications for Vue.js has expanded significantly. Want to know why use Vue.js? Please keep on reading for details.

Vue.js is flexible. Whether you choose Vue.js for app development or Vue.js for web development, this framework will work equally well in any environment.

It’s considered one of the most appropriate frameworks for asynchronous server-side rendering. In this our overview we will cover the other features of the Vue.js framework, as well as its advantages, and disadvantages. All of them should be considered not only by every developer but also by investors and vendors, before choosing a particular technology.

Why use Vue.js rather than others

Vue is a JavaScript framework. And, as you know, JavaScript is one of the most popular and self-sufficient programming languages. JS-based frameworks are also in demand when it comes to smooth development. One of such frameworks is Vue.js. It is a worthy competitor to those already known as the most popular frameworks.

use vue.js programming

What do you make of these hard facts?

statistics of web development frameworks

Vue.js is one of the most advanced technologies that is often mentioned in comparison to Angular and React.js. In fact, Vue.js is to some extent a combination of Angular and React.js because of concepts it uses, such as directives and components for managing and rendering the user interfaces. However, unlike React.js, Vue.js provides the ability to manage HTML already rendered by the server.

Professional Vue.js for developers is a relatively recent framework designed to improve performance and provide a faster download time. But these are not the only strengths that often make Vue.js stand out.

It is noteworthy that it allows you to create amazing web and mobile interfaces, as well as single-page applications even without too much skill. And since Vue is not only one of the most famous open-source JS frameworks, but also one of the largest libraries, it is used to create various components of the site. The versatility and reliability of the framework have been repeatedly proven by large companies. For example, Netflix uses Vue.js for streaming movies, and Facebook - for news feed marketing as well.

Do you need more convincing proof that Vue is an unmissable framework for your project? Then take a sneak peek at its advantages.

Advantages of Vue.js development

Using Vue.js has obvious advantages compared to other frameworks. And they should be taken into account in advance to choose the most appropriate technologies for your project and the most experienced team to work with.

  • Lightweight;
  • User-friendly;
  • Beginner-friendly;
  • Reusable;
  • Ease of use;
  • Virtual DOM;
  • Segregation;
  • Integration;
  • Compatibility;
  • Customization.


One of the pros of Vue.js framework, compared to more common frameworks, is its (unbearable) lightness. Thanks to its lightness, Vue is convenient to use for developing projects of various complexity - both small personal projects and multifunctional applications. The development process is also accelerated by the lightness of the framework.

Due to the fact that the framework Vue.js is lightweight, loading and installation of libraries are fast, which has a positive impact on SEO and UX. Moreover, developers do not have to spend extra time on optimizing the application.

Just look at the weight of Vue's libraries available for download: Ember 2.2.0 - 435k, Angular - 2 566k, Preact 7.2.0 - 16k, etc. What more proof do you need?


This trait of Vue.js may become one of the most preferred. Unlike other frameworks, Vue.js facilitates the development process. As an application grows, the codebase does not become heavier. The main reason for complication of the development process is that all JSX templates and methods (including life cycle methods) can exist in the same object. This makes it difficult to comply with the logic flow.

In case of Vue.js stylesheet, HTML template and all necessary methods are separated from each other, which allows you to control the process and understand which part of the code can be accessed. We can assume that it will be easy to maintain the code part of the project regardless of the app's complexity or its updates.


Vue.js is easy to learn even for a novice programmer, especially if he or she has a good grasp of JavaScript. The truth is that the Vue framework contains programming templates and styles similar to those found in other JavaScript frameworks. An additional convenience is that the Vue.js documentation is comprehensive and provides developers with a complete description of all the details of the work, from the installation of libraries to the scalability of the application.

In fact, what does it look like to learn to code? As a rule, every beginner starts by learning the basics of three key programming languages, namely HTML, CSS and JavaScript. JSX is somewhat similar to the already known and more common HTML. But there are a few differences between them to master. Vue.js and React have much in common. This fact should be taken into account when selecting frameworks or technical talents to develop an application.


If properly harnessed, Vue can be reusable. But only if programmers are experienced and tech-savvy enough to get many components and views that can be easily integrated into a ready-made infrastructure or application. The framework helps developers write their own code so that they can divide an app into many different functions that can interact with each other if necessary.

Ease of use

The key reason why use Vue.js programming is to get a quality product with minimal effort. Isn't that what we all strive for? Indeed, its single-file components can have all the necessary codes (JavaScript, CSS, HTML) in one file. With its ease of use and flexibility, you can create any structure of your application.

Virtual DOM

When speaking about Vue.js engineering, you can draw a parallel with React development. Like React, Vue.js uses a virtual DOM (Document Object Model) to render a view. The point is that the virtual DOM provides a better user interface without the need to render the real DOM if it needs to be changed. All you have to do is to render the differences between virtual DOM and real DOM.


Using the Vue.js framework, it is possible to make a separation between the compiler and the template-to-virtual DOM. Another useful feature of Vue.js worth paying attention to is virtual DOM. It is utilized to update page elements without re-rendering the whole DOM.

After the changes are done, a new virtual DOM object is built and changes between the old and new DOM objects are discovered (then they are applied to the real DOM).


Like Angular, the Vue.js framework uses the syntax of templates and virtual DOM in the same way as its other competitor, the React framework. According to Evan You, what Angular offers, namely data binding and data-managed DOM, is truly amazing.

Developers don't have to deal with DOM on their own while they're working. The best features of Angular, as we can see, have found their use in the Vue.js development.


The Vue.js framework uses HTML to render objects as well as a template system to facilitate its integration with existing applications. Compared to its competitors, Vue is a flexible framework, as it allows you to write templates at your own discretion using HTML, JSX or JS. As for its structure, the framework is similar to React and Angular. So it's easy to switch from React or Angular to Vue.


Another undeniable feature of Vue.js is the easy access to all its functions. Each segment of the framework performs its function, so the application can be quickly adapted and reconfigured to meet changing requirements.

Disadvantages of Vue.js development

For some development tasks, the Vue.js framework might seem ideal, if it weren't for some of its cons. No framework can be perfect. Vue.js also has some flaws that we believe are worth mentioning.

  • Limitations in making use of the community;
  • Lack of scalability;
  • Lack of plugins;
  • Lack of highly experienced experts;
  • Difficulties with mobile support;
  • Difficulties with two-way binding;
  • Excessive code flexibility.

Limitations in making use of the community

Many elements of the framework are only available in Chinese. Language barrier is the main obstacle to using this framework. Yet, among users, the Vue community is considered inventive in solving non-trivial issues.

Lack of scalability

Compared to the long-known frameworks, Vue.js has a narrow community with a relatively small group of developers. It is not scalable and therefore not suitable for large-scale projects. For a framework to be used in large projects, it must be stable and have strong support for immediate assistance in solving problems. However, the Vue.js framework is not financially supported by large companies. Therefore, Vue.js is still used primarily for single page applications and user interfaces as well.

Lack of plugins

Vue.js has much less plugins compared to Angular or React. This aspect is important to consider as developers can not fully rely on Vue because of the lack of commonly used plugins. To get help needed, developers must constantly switch to other languages.

Lack of highly experienced experts

This framework is relatively new, so there aren't as many professionals who have extensive experience with Vue. Plus, this framework is frequently updated, which is not too convenient; even experienced developers have to retrain or explore new features from scratch to get the most out of Vue.

Difficulties with mobile support

Older versions of iOS and Safari browsers can cause certain problems with Vue.js applications.

Difficulties with two-way binding

One of the cons of the Vue.js framework that the development team may face is related to binding. The fact is that the reactivity system in two-way binding re-renders only those parts of the code that were caused and often make mistakes when reading. Thus, for correct data processing, they need to be flattened.

Excessive code flexibility

On the one hand, code flexibility provides great opportunities for programmers. On the other hand, flexibility can lead to more irregularity and errors in code. Most of the delays in code are caused by excessive flexibility, when several different programming approaches can be applied simultaneously within the same team.

advantages and disadvantages of Vue.js Framework

When Vue.js is best suited

Given all the above pros and cons of Vue.js, it would be logical to ask the question "Which projects are better to create using this framework?". As you may already know, it is perfect for creating single-page applications and user interfaces. But there are other tasks that can be effectively covered by Vue.js.


Let's imagine that you have a project that lacks interactivity. You can add it to your application with the Vue.js framework using JavaScript. It should be noted that this convenient framework is compatible with various technologies and other frameworks such as Django, Laravel, Express and others. So no difficulties are expected.

UI improvements

Since Vue.js is focused on continuous UI development, it is chosen even by market giants (e.g. IBM, Netflix, Facebook) to develop the UI of their products. The main reason is that no unnecessary and heavy functions and technologies are required, but only HTML, CSS and JS knowledge.


The JS-based framework Vue was built to address precise issues, including rich prototyping. Vue.js is great for heavy animation, graphics and interactive elements (as you surely remember, Vue.js is capable of adding interactivity to the application). If you are focused on prototype development, you should know that Vue.js can handle it.

Bottom line

When it comes to building a functional SPA or UI, the benefits of Vue.js come in. However, this framework is most often chosen to create simpler projects. In case you need to build a large-scale project, it may be better to consider other frameworks.

To get an accurate idea of which tools and technologies are most suitable for your task, be sure to discuss this issue with experts. Our technical experts are here to help customers make the right decision. We want each of our clients to understand what they will get, what work will be done, and how much time and money it will take.

We strive to apply only those technologies that will help you get the best product on time and at the best price. Vue.js engineering is a short way to meet your needs.

If you would like to inquire about our software development services, please email us or call us. We will be very glad to hear from you and are ready to turn your ideas into profitable projects and achieve your business goals.

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