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Extensive experience and proven approaches make us a great choice for delivering groundbreaking solutions designed specifically for every client’s business requirements to increase efficiency, optimize processes and drive revenue.

Javascript Services

Javascript Web Development

Turn your idea into the real solution through advanced technologies by hiring Javascript developers with excellent knowledge and experience within the industry.

Javascript Support Services

Focus your attention on critical business functions by hiring trusted Javascript developers who provide guaranteed all-round support.

Javascript Architecture Development

Сombining knowledge and proven approaches Javascript software engineers are ready to provide a highly integrated and powerful architecture environment for your future project.

Javascript Mobile Development

Applying a holistic approach and top-notch mobile development strategy, Javascript developers are ready for hire to deliver mobile solutions at the speed of innovation.

Javascript Migration

Hire high-quality Javascript developers who apply tested and proven technologies and focus on delivering hassle-free migration solution.

Javascript Optimization

Understanding your business problem, experienced Javascript developers deliver optimization software to make your business more productive and efficient.

Process of Hiring Javascript Developers

Requirements analysis

Needs Identification

Surfing the internal pool

Avarage duration -
3 days

the Ukrainian market

185 000 potential

the offer

Offer Negotiation

Sending the CV to the client

Analyzing candidates’ technical and personal skills

Internal interview

Dedicated Javascript Team Models

Javascript team

With a hybrid model, you can split the tasks among in-house staff and remote employees to streamline project management and keep the project run seamless and on time to generate actionable results and achieve your company's goals.

Javascript team

With a dedicated model, you can conduct efficient management and communication at a high level. Closely collaborating with well-qualified Javascript team on a project, you can accelerate tasks completion to clearly achieve your project objectives with visible results.

Javascript team

With a relocation model, you can create a team of experienced Javascript engineers based on your requirements for any type of project located in your office. This allows you to develop the talent intelligence you need on-site to improve productivity and efficiency levels as well as to achieve better project results.

Reasons to hire Javascript
developers in Ukraine

It specialists

185 000 IT specialists work in Ukraine


The number of Ukrainian JavaScript developers has reached up to 62 000 tech specialists


There are 130 000 software programmers graduate in Ukraine annually


More than 4 000 IT companies deliver superior quality IT services

Same holidays

Cultural and religious traditions in Ukraine are similar to the EU and the USA ones that simplify team collaboration

Time zone

Time zone advantage for the EU and the USA


80% of Ukrainian software engineers speak English confidently that boosts collaboration


Positive business environment: exports of IT services is projected to reach 5.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 in Ukraine

Benefits of working with
DDI Development

1 Complete Control over the Team
2 Strict NDA
3 Full Support for Your Team
4 Administrative Support
5 Quick Team
6 A Trusted
7 Fast

Get Resume of Javascript Developers

Kyrylo Senior JavaScript Engineer

Kyrylo is an extremely hard-working and reliable JavaScript engineer with 6+ years of experience in software development. He is has been working with such technologies as React.js, AngularJS, Node.js, Ajax, REST, Vue.js, JSON, React Native, MySQL, SQLite, PosthreSQL, Redis etc. He is able to solve complex problems and deliver high-quality work.



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Dmytro Senior JavaScript Engineer

Dmytro is an open-minded and communicative person, attentive to details. Applying the following technologies - JS, HTML, CSS, Node.js, React.js, AngularJS, Vue.js, Ajax, JSON, REST, Redis, MySQL, SQLite, PostigreSQL , jQuery, etc. he tries to deliver any project successfully. Also, Dmytro is a good team player with a high level of responsibility.



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Quick questions

Do you have developers with Agile experience?

Currently, we have developers with an extensive agile experience that effectively facilitates successful software development. Located in Ukraine, we offer to hire Agile developers to get the best value for your business.
Once you choose the most suitable Javascript developer or developers and sign a contract, they are ready to work with you. To foster collaboration, you should provide them with responsibilities they will hold within the team and assigned with the tasks and deadlines as well. When developer or developers have a clear understanding of their tasks, each team member will work more effectively and efficiently.

At the very beginning, you should choose the model and timeframe for collaboration. Once you decide on the most suitable model - dedicated, relocation or hybrid - we are ready to work with you.
Here you can find a detailed procedure that helps you clearly understand the hiring process. At the very beginning, you should specify requirements on the experience, hard/soft skills, the number of developers you need in the team. Based on your requirements, we have provided developers CVs that perfectly match your needs. Then, you can filter CVs, assign a date for the interviewing, choose the developers for your team and sign the contract and NDA (if it is required).

Also, we mention that the process of filling a position is time-consuming. Finding and filtering the right Javascript developers is individual and depends on your specific requirements. As practice shows, average recruitment time is 5-6 weeks, but you can get more precise time once you provide us with special qualifications, characteristics, and experience wanted from a candidate.
Dedicated model can be divided into the following types - hybrid, dedicated and relocation. You should define business goals and objectives to make a decision - whether you want Javascript developers to work in-house or remotely. If you want to divide tasks among remote staff and your in-house team, you need a hybrid model. If you want Javascript developers to work remotely and dedicate their time and effort, you can choose a dedicated model. if you want to hire software developers who can relocate to another city or country as well, relocation model is for you.
We can offer you N Javascript developers, extend your existing teams or build Javascript team from scratch. However, you should remember that the hiring process takes an average of 5-6 weeks to find and carefully choose high-skilled Javascript engineers and mostly depends on your specific requirements.
Surely, we could. However, the first thing you should do is to specify requirements on the experience, hard/soft skills, the number of developers you need. This information will help us to find candidates that perfectly match your needs. Once we get that information, we will organize an interview with the most suitable candidates.

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