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The DDI Development company is your trusted wizard leading the way in the web development services. Our strategy is to catch your idea on the run, analyze it, compose a constructive work plan, define tasks within several iterations, and deliver a robust software solution. We believe that all sophisticated severities must be resolved in a straightforward yet elegant manner.

Professional web development services

Design that captures. Simplicity, sharpness, and rapid user engagement are our road marking lines that direct all design decisions. Engaging visual solutions are considered to be a UX-specialist’s challenge while graphical implementation is a designer’s duty. Our approach is to build the unity of analysis and its outcome. Therefore all of our design experts do UX-research and create mock-ups by themselves, which results in the visuals that sell.

Back-end that acts. Making things possible is an anchor point of our custom web development services. We don’t just align application features with your goals but also optimize its code the way to prepare it for further enhancements. The Django and Symfony frameworks we use are universal environments that enable any custom specifications. You may not be able to give a thing a name due to its actual absence in the English dictionary, but we still can implement it.

Maintenance that boosts. If we create a product, we’ll raise it, providing a full cycle of the web development service. Ongoing support and constant updates are the necessity which finally leads to the mutual success of our collaboration. We never cease optimizing architecture, composing documentation, and providing new features when projects require further scaling. You’ll never feel abandoned.

Our web development expertise

The DDI Development team has been providing professional web development services for more than 7 years. Since that time we have gained experience in numerous projects, ranging from start-up business solutions to huge commercial products. Here are the major types of systems we have been working on. Considering the scopes of these three, you won’t feel limited with us if you need to build something else.

E-commerce. You can order building a custom CMS which provides online retail purchases for thousands of customers. You’ll get a convenient admin panel which allows to manage contents and available services, to add items even if you don’t have any development skills. We are also an old hand at applying third-party applications, including payment systems, maps and geolocation technologies, parsing tools, social network integrations, etc.

E-learning. We have contributed to the Global Education Network by developing a number of e-learning platforms that involve tens of thousands students around the world in educational process. Responsive and pithy design, sophisticated and complex architecture, simultaneous use of several databases in different regions powered by API interfaces, tolerance to scaling, reasonable memory consumption, approachable documentation are a short list of tasks solved by the DDI Development experts when delivering web development services to educational platforms.

Recruitment and management. The expertise allows us to build CRMs, financial or human resource management, and recruitment systems of any scale. These powerful applications involve a big set of third-party technologies, provide analysis, planning, profiles management, search engines, and a whole lot of additional specific features. CRMs can be complex enough to run some of your business processes in an automated manner. Our web development services also include mobile and cross-platform adapting. The only thing you’ll need to have in order to manage your business through any terminal around the world is the Internet connection.

Workflow model

The DDI web development service principles are based on trust and responsive cooperation. We follow the Agile methodology, provide transparent results monitoring via Git, or we can work with any project management tools you may request. Our PMs are always available for progress reporting and help. We usually expect to provide you with full-scale service, but you can also hire some of our experts to participate in your team within an outstaffing framework.





When it comes to choosing the best web development services for specific business, you probably stick to a number of criteria. We suggest the following: not cheap ones yet affordable, time-efficient but not rushing headlong, responsive to feedback, trusted and quality-obsessed.

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