Custom Application Development

Custom application development services are your opportunity to improve and scale business competitiveness. Being created to meet specific requirements, custom apps can augment your company administration and analysis powers, add new functionality to an existing web product, or become a brand new startup solution. If you represent a brick-and-mortar company, it’s high time to expand your business online. The DDI Development company would like to be your helpful partner whom you can trust with implementation of your ideas.

How can DDI Development help you?

Refine your web platform. Online resources keep constantly evolving to match the modern market requests. We are ready to contribute towards your site growth by building and implementing new modules. Modules are functional program bricks that contain routine functions such as site search, download sections, contacts and application forms, calendars, maps, etc. These features greatly expand the usability of a web resource. We can also help you with application integration, modules enhancements and specifications.

Build the enterprise software. Our development expertise allows to create complex applications that help to administer the workflow of big companies with hundreds of employees. The DDI team is experienced in building CRM technologies that provide sales and customer service automation, personnel and data management, market analysis and forecasting. Automation tools considerably excel the working process for big enterprises.

Create your startup project. Custom application development is the necessity for new companies to meet the market challenges and begin their growth. We will turn your ideas to reality by providing the whole project lifecycle, from general analysis and roadmap defining to testing and maintenance after the product release.

What are our professional approaches?

Agile methodology. Quality development implies a high level of requirements adaptiveness. As far as pointed specifications may undergo some changes during the project lifecycle, we are using the iterative working model. Each functional release is designed and tested separately within the current iteration, and its parameters may vary in order to fit the project needs accurately.

Smart simplicity. Modern application development requires an intuitive and accessible design, which makes it simple to flow through the interface and perform expected actions. Our design and front-end staff provides both simplicity and efficiency when developing user interfaces.

Expert assistance. Some business IT ideas must be evaluated and analysed before their actual implementation. Confidence in the services you pay for greatly reduces the project costs during the development process and improves its outcome after the launch. Our team will provide expert assistance in order to make sure that we are delivering what you have expected.

Outstaff application development. The DDI Company can also provide its specialists to participate in the development as an outsource power. Make your project cost-efficient, hiring affordable yet professional experts, that provide quality services.

What are the technologies we use?

Currently, our custom application development company uses the Django and Symfony frameworks. These technologies considerably simplify the whole process by reducing repetitive code writing, and make any unique features available.

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