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Logistics solutions

Transport & Logistics platforms

The breakthrough in information technologies has made a huge opportunity for the transportation and logistics industry. DDI Development team has a strong technical background, deep expertise in the mentioned industry in order to provide business organizations with the complex and sophisticated digital solutions.

Procurement Management Systems

Procurement management software is a key factor in running a successful company because it helps you meet business goals and expectations. Our team can create a procurement management system that allows tracking customers/suppliers, managing sale and logistics, generating reports which display the details of business process operations.

Transport Management and Planning

Transport management and planning is equally important In the modern world. Along with the understanding of the planning, management, and operation of transport systems, DDI Development team can help you create successful digital solution towards the needs of society, the environment, and transport industry.

Warehouse Management

Warehousing is an essential component in all aspects of logistics operation. By applying the latest technology in the software development, we provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your current process and environment to determine your business needs in order to offer a complete turnkey warehouse management software solution for your business.

Inventory Management

The typical logistic company uses 44% of the budget for inventory. We can provide your company with high-quality inventory management services to optimize the inventory configuration throughout your supply chain that leads to better stock availability and service while releasing capital and time.

Document Management

The implementation of the document management system helps streamline, automate and standardize the multi-party process of selling, shipping and paying. This process involves a broad range of business documents that often span the participants across different geographies and levels of IT sophistication. We can build an advanced document management software solution that helps you drive your business successfully.

Case Studies

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Technology Expertise

Adopting PHP, Python JavaScript programming languages and JS-based frameworks allows us to deliver custom logistics and transportation development services and develops powerful logistics solutions for companies globally. We will help you make your operations fast, precise and profitable.

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