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Case Study: How we have developed an Online Ticket Booking System? [Updated 2023]

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In today’s environment, if you have a credit card and the Internet, you can book tickets and finalize the flight details in a jiffy. As a result, it is expected that by 2027, 74% of total revenue in the travel and tourism market will be generated by online sales. Today, more than 72% of Americans prefer to plan their trips online. Despite skyrocketing prices, consumers do not hesitate to pull out their credit cards and book travel online. A recent survey by the Bank of America Institute showed that air travel spending is up 60% year-on-year.

Moreover, the global online travel market is growing rapidly and is expected to reach $1915.6 million by 2030, with an average annual growth rate of 9.9%. Sounds impressive, right?

That’s why companies of any size should look for a solution that helps them to meet these dynamic requirements and generate an impressive return on investments as well. Here we have provided a concept of the online ticket booking solution that will completely transform the way how travelers book tickets. Let’s delve into the details below!

What is an online ticket booking system?

From its name, an online ticket booking system is a software that allows potential customers to book and pay for a flight ticket directly through the website. That means that all stages of booking from choosing a destination to paying for the reservation, are handled online that significantly reduces the staff workload and eliminates double-bookings.

More advanced systems like ours demonstrate the ability to book through a variety of online methods, including mobile. Not only do they greatly expand the potential for bookings for your business, but also they better leverage the power of the Internet to drive growth and revenue.

What’s the idea?

As you may know, the primary DDI Development’s expertise is to provide a wide range of digital solutions that may suit an organization in booking, logistics, e-commerce, recruiting, e-learning or fintech business. What’s more, we often receive requests to develop and implement customizable booking systems such as ticket booking ones that help our clients to serve customers better. If your business grows, online ticket booking solutions will help your company increase revenues by automating processes and reducing the time and effort required to complete the booking.

As you see, developing a ticket reservation solution provides ample opportunity to manage inventory, agent control, bookings, and ticket reservations all in one place and get the airline reservation done fast and easily. Having that in mind, we have decided to develop a concept of the ticket booking system that collects information from various airline distributors and transforms that data so that users can quickly find the flights and book their desired destinations. Let’s find out more details below!

User Roles in the Online Reservation Booking System

Here you can find user customization that enables them to have certain privileges and grant access to the system features and functionality. There are three user levels within the ticket booking system: User, Agent, and Administrator. Let’s take a look below:

  • Users have basic permissions in the ticket booking system, they can search for the desired destination, choose a seat, and make a payment in one click.
  • Agents are users who can manage the functionality and have access to all features within the system.
  • Administrator is able to manage every aspect of the system, has visibility to all features and changes system settings.

Project Structure

Below you can find the structure of the project - ticket booking system - and see the technologies that have been applied for development.

structure of the ticket booking platform


Welcome to the ticket booking system! Here you can search for airline tickets fast and easily. Using the search bar, you can select a round trip, one way or multi-city, enter the city you are going to fly from and fly to, tick whether it is a business trip or not. Also, you should enter the date of departing and returning, the number of passengers (adults and children) and then press the Search button.

tickets reservation software

Once you enter all the necessary information into the text area and press the Search button, you will be redirected to the page with search results. Here you can find recommended content that matches your criteria - a diverse number of flights available.

available flights for reservation

From the left, you can apply the Sort and Filter functionality to find a flight based on your specific needs and requirements. The filters are applied in real time that means you don’t need to press the Confirm button to see them applied. Sort and Filter functionality allows you to sort and flag the filters that you want to be applied:

  • lowest and highest price;
  • shortest, longest, earliest and latest departure;
  • earliest and latest arrival;
  • take-off and landing time;
  • number of stops;
  • duration of stops;
  • airfares;
  • airlines;
  • connecting airports.

flights search

You can press the Clear button to reset all the information selected in one click. By pressing the details and baggage fees, you will be shown detailed information about the flight. Once you have selected the flight, you can press the Select button. Then you will be shown a range of airlines for returning flights to choose from. As soon as you selected the flight to the desired destinations, press the Select button to be redirected to the trip summary page. Here you can review some essential information about the flight, see flight and baggage fee details, change flights if it is necessary and then continue the Booking process.

flight details

On that page, you should enter information about a traveler:

  • First name, last name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Country/territory code
  • City
  • Zipcode
  • Passport
  • Seat selection

Also, you can protect your flight by adding a flight protection plan to your flight. Otherwise, you can decline this coverage. Only by filling in all the information, can you jump to the Payment page. Here you should enter the following information:

reservation payment

  • Card number
  • Expire date
  • Security code
  • Billing address

Agent Module

As an Agent, you are able to see the list of tabs in order to access different and important areas of the ticket booking solution. This list is the main hub of navigation around the ticket booking system. Let’s find out what options are presented in the main menu:

Agent Module

  • Tickets
  • Flights
  • Users
  • Payments
  • Seat Layout
  • Booking
  • Cancellation
  • Prices
  • Notifications
  • Reports
  • Settings


Well-organized tickets management is one of the key elements that helps your agents to maintain their workload and respond to every user request fast and easily. With that feature, agents get a brief overview of all of the flight tickets in one easily accessible system. Not only can you sort these tickets by destination, status, date modified, or available classes, but also you get an instant understanding of what needs your attention and can prioritize as needed. All the information is presented in a table that contains the following columns:


  • #ID
  • Flight
  • Date
  • Destination
  • Aircraft
  • Departure time
  • Arrival time
  • Available Classes
  • Seats
  • Status
  • Actions


That feature allows you to outsmart the competitors, fulfill market demands by offering the right flight times and destinations to attract the right customers while maximizing staff efficiency. To view the flight details, you can click on the link in your main menu and find out the flight date, scheduled departure time, how long the flight takes, etc. All the information will be presented in an easy-to-understand format:


  • #ID
  • Flight
  • Date
  • Destination
  • Scheduled Departure Time
  • Assigned Plane Type
  • Capacity
  • Seats Reserved
  • Seats Available
  • Actions


Each time users pay tickets via the system or may subscribe to your newsletter, they’re providing you with valuable new data about your audience. With the user management feature, you can collect all of that data and start using it to make smart decisions about who your target audience is and how best to reach it. All the information is presented in the following table:


  • #ID
  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Addresses
  • Actions


With that option, you will be able to see all the information about transactions that have been made within the ticket system. Moreover, you can view and manage payments with one easy-to-use table that includes the following columns:


  • #ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Destination
  • Billing Date
  • Transaction ID
  • Card number
  • Amount
  • Status (Paid/Declined)
  • Actions (View/Edit/Download)

Seat Layout

Seat layout usually allows you to see the number of seats, the location of the emergency exits, lavatories, galleys, etc. You can reach this feature from the main menu by clicking the corresponding option - the seating chart shows you available, occupied, blocked, paid, or handicap-accessible seats that you can check and manage.

seat Layout


This feature is designed to speed up the booking process and simplify the way you manage the reservation and interact with the users. By clicking the corresponding option in your main menu, you will find out all the information about the booking in a well-structured table that is easy-to-read:


  • ID#
  • User
  • Route
  • Booking Date
  • Amount
  • Status
  • Actions


Flight cancellations are one of the most frustrating experiences for users. There are a few possible outcomes when your flight has been cancelled - receiving a full or partial refund of the ticket price or offering an alternative flight to your original destination or to your final destination. Here you can find the following information:



With that feature, you can select the destination city and country, origin country and see the price per route in the table: a break-down by booking class where is shown the average ticket price and the related number of tickets. Moreover, you can see the average ticket price by advanced reservation - duration between booming date and travel start date.



It’s not a secret that notifications are a great way to communicate with your users. That feature helps users to be abreast of what is happening in the ticket booking system. Not only does it alert users about recent updates within the system, but also it disappears when a user responds to a notification.


With the Reports feature, you can instantly gain a complete picture and a much better understanding of your business. On the page, you can see the following widgets:

  • New bookings, profit, visitors, page views.
  • Average airfare and load factor
  • Number of tickets sold
  • Tickets status

All that information gives you a more detailed overview and provides insight into how well you run business.


Administrator Module

By logging into the ticket booking system via Google or Facebook accounts, you can access the system in which you’re an Administrator. Here is a list of tabs that enable you to access different and important areas of the online ticket booking system. They are the following: Tickets Flights, Users, Payments, Seat Layout, Booking, Cancellation, Prices, Notifications, Finance and Settings. Below we’re going to provide an overview of the Finance and Settings features that are not presented in the Agent module in contrast to others.


With that feature, you can understand all the detailed facts of the ticket booking system that help you to compile all of the work and actions from the booking process and export them into a data-driven decision. From the corresponding option in your main menu, you can reach the Finance page that includes the following table:


  • ID#
  • Schedule
  • Seats
  • Profit
  • Load factory
  • Revenue
  • Aircraft


From the corresponding option in your main menu you can reach the Settings page. Here you can make setup and management fast and easy. On the Settings page, you’ll find the following widgets:

  • General Settings
  • Alert Notifications
  • Payment Settings
  • Tickets Settings

Settings page

By pressing the Tickets Settings widget, you will be redirected to the page where you can review each setting and create standards and rules on the way how the tickets will be created. Moreover, you can determine the best settings for your organization.

tickets settings widget

Must-have features of the ticket booking software

Below you can read about some important features of the ticket booking system you should definitely know about. Keep reading below!

  • GDS Systems Integration: connection to multiple airline reservations systems (GDSs) allows you to find and deliver the best travel deals through the integration of multiple APIs.
  • Easy interface: a fast and intuitive point-and-click interface allows users to find the most suitable deal within seconds and then make reservation in one click.
  • Secure payment processing: makes your customers sure that you provide secure online payments.
  • Flight ticket search option (one-way/round trip/multi-city): provides you with the ability to compare flight prices, find the best value airline tickets, etc. fast and easy.
  • Filtering criteria: multiple filtering options such as sorting by price, flight duration make it possible to apply a variety of field filters at the same time and satisfy users’ requirements;
  • Reporting options: you can get a quick overview of the status of your business and take immediate actions.

Why do you need a ticket booking system for your business?

As you may know, there are many reasons why companies need a ticket booking system. Below you can read about the most critical ones:

  • 24/7 availability: providing users with the ability to book tickets 24/7 through web and mobile devices gives them the power to make reservations in one click.
  • Real-time updates and different payment modes: users can make fast transactions that boost sales and increase revenue.
  • Upselling options and last minute offers: you can improve customer experience and provide value for first-time visitors.
  • Easy refund and cancellation process: this protects your customers financially if their trip is canceled or interrupted.
  • Security: enhanced data protection solutions keep all customer data secure and safe and prevent data breaches.

Also, you can read this case study: How to create a booking system for real estate business

Benefits of the ticket booking software

Here we are going to present some benefits that can be derived from the successful implementation of the ticket booking solution. Let’s find out more details below:

  • You provide an easy and convenient reservation process.
  • You offer an online payment process through a safe and secure payment gateway module.
  • You can streamline back-office operations and manage reservations and seating more effectively.
  • You can generate detailed reports to make data-driven decisions.
  • You can boost your sales by being able to easily add and manage different sales channels.
  • You can maximize revenue by automating operations and handling more reservations.

Which types of businesses can benefit from an online ticket booking system?

Online ticket booking system can be an ideal solution for businesses of any size that deal with tickets. For example, this kind of software can be useful if there is a need to organize events and sell online tickets for events like music festivals and shows, conferences, charity programs, movies, etc. That’s why if your business can benefit from the ticket booking software, don’t waste time. A ticket reservation system allows you to save a significant amount of time on your administrative and time-consuming tasks. Not only does it help you to automatically generate invoices and receive online payments, but also you can better plan resources, reduce costs and increase sales. In addition to that, online ticket booking software is an excellent solution for cross-selling and upselling your products and services that opens up significant opportunities to drive revenue and save time and efforts.

Why should you start creating an Online Ticket Booking System?

Here you can find some information on why you should start building an online ticket booking system:

  • With an online reservation software, you can eliminate the need to hire front desk employee to perform manual tasks.
  • Online ticket system allows you to increase productivity by automating a great number of booking processes.
  • With round the clock availability, your business run 24/7 without disruptions throughout the workday.
  • A ticket reservation software minimizes stress as it eliminates the need to answer calls and emails.
  • With online ticket booking system, you can speed up payment process and make transactions faster that increases sales.
  • Your users usually keep track of recent updates.

Bottom line

A great number of people use online reservation solutions to find and buy tickets to the desired destinations. Instead of manually buying they can simply go online and order flight tickets in just a few clicks. With this in mind, companies should look for a solution that can be integrated with a global distribution system to quickly and easily manage the international flight booking process. We, at DDI Development, have vast experience and solid expertise to turn any ideas into digital solutions. If properly designed and implemented, a ticket booking system opens up a range of opportunities for your business, from cutting operational costs to boosting profits.

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