Cloud development

Cloud computing is on the rise since it’s both cost and resource efficient in terms of product delivery, maintenance, and scaling. The DDI Development company provides a comprehensive set of cloud development services, resolving lots of infrastructure headaches you may suffer when sticking to the CAPEX model.

Cloud computing services

Cloud application development services. Even though it’s hard to draw a distinct line between a sole cloud product and a web solution, there’s a number of features offering cloud advantages over old-fashioned web apps. Data is stored on the third-party servers that ensure security, backups, and on-demand scaling. These applications are highly customizable and they’re also more likely to have multiple devices to be used from. Our expertise allows to bring all the cloud benefits to your product.

Cloud integration. In order to make your stored data accessible from different devices, places, and applications, we provide cloud integration services. No matter how many apps you possess, they all can have either direct integration with each other or through third-party technologies.

Cloud migration. Sometimes you reach a point when the current server hosting or cloud platform you use isn’t just answering the needs of your business. And you seek changes for better. The DDI Development company is aware of common migration pitfalls and we’re going to make this journey smooth.

Cloud management. We will provide research, assessment, provisioning, deployment, and maintenance of your solution for clouds. Let your technical staff focus on high-priority tasks by outsourcing all management responsibilities.

High-performance computing. DDI Development can provide you with the software required for high-performance calculations during research or any resource-demanding processes that can only be handled by cloud powers. We will write a script which is going to enable your data processing.

Amazon Web Services

AWS is the major network we specialize in. Regular scaling of infrastructure elements for big enterprise solutions is the routine for our developers which is better to be managed by Amazon. We value AWS for a set of efficient business services that make information management seamless and fast.

EC2. This powerful environment makes developers be in their element: elastic compute cloud enables full control of resources, allows rapid capacity scaling to the extent needed for currently performed actions. EC2 is flexibly responsive to actual loads, rather than reserving powers in advance.

RDS. A service for storing relational databases takes care of performance and administration. It is affordable as well as tolerant to any applications and utilities you use to run a MySQL database. Deployment, upgrades, and backups are automated; the scaling can be performed by means of the single API.

ES3. The great file storage not only for simple objects but also for static websites. We have been using S3 as an addition to the EC2 powers.

SNS. The notification tool, that allow to power messaging systems working within numerous platforms: Google, Apple, Windows, and others.

Microsoft Azure

We are also developing applications for this cloud environment. It gained a reasonable popularity among business representatives for extra protection layer and a number of security augmentations, that overtake in some cases Amazon and Google. This one would also fit those, who have Windows based apps, written in C++, Visual Basic, etc.

Google App Engine

We sometimes stick to Google when it is needed to deliver fast cloud development services for lower prices. It greatly handles automated scaling in regard to load events. Moreover, Google makes it simple to provide PHP and Python development.

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