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Who We Are

Over years DDI Development team has invested much in R&D, gained experience and learnt to combine complexity with simplicity in order to provide our partners with the best solutions for the successful and rapid growth or their business. From the very beginning the core of our company’s mission was not only to develop a product, but primarily to support a client in his development.

We think that reliability and reputation matter most for our relationships with customers, and we are proud to say that hundreds of clients from all over the world trust us with their projects. To provide our clients with innovative products, technologies and services we always base on their specific needs and take into account both goals and risks of the business. This complex approach allows us to meet our clients' requirements and create quality software quickly and cost-efficiently.

The success of DDI Development is definitely the result of our team's efforts, which consists of motivated, creative and responsible professionals. Looking for the best engineers we created a recruitment strategy that now enables us to employ people who are getting or have already obtained their masters’ degrees and PhDs and people who are really passionate about technology.

It’s our business and pleasure to help you succeed! Our History

DDI Development was founded in 2007 and has been gradually expanding ever since: the 1st office was opened in Kharkiv, soon followed by the 2nd one in Kremenchuk and the 3rd one in New York; new people joined our team, including web developers, QAs, HR managers, marketing experts, sales managers and many others. Here is a brief outline of our company's stages of growth:

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