e-Learning Software Development and Customization to make your EdTech platform more powerful

E-learning solutions

Custom LMS Development

We, at DDI Development, provide a complex solution for our clients who require custom software solutions to manage their training workflows. Once we understand the goals of your LMS system, we will use our creative talents to see the project through to the end, ensuring your satisfaction with the end result. You will get the best learning application by focusing on user experience design for learning management systems.

Learning Portals

DDI Development team uses a perfect blend of business experience and vast technologies in order to deliver the best custom learning portals for your business. We offer complete learning portal development solutions that tailor your offer in order to suit your business model and enhance user experience.

Online Courses

Online education is the greatest revolution in today’s education. Online learning courses and programs are more convenient and affordable than their counterparts in traditional education. Our dedicated team can build exceptional and stunning online courses that will meet the client’s requirements and expectations.

E-Learning Analytics

Learning analytics is used to extract useful information from existing online education datasets. We, at DDI Development, can help you improve eLearning experience and create more effective learning environments by predicting learners’ performance, providing learners with a more user-centric experience and increasing their retention rates.

Knowledge Portals

Machine learning, natural language processing, and social collaboration integration continue to evolve in today’s digital world. DDI Development company can provide you with innovative solutions in order to build knowledge portal that gives access to all the information the users need, enables multiple forms of information discovery that help them find the right information.

Virtual Classrooms

Online learning, especially virtual classrooms, has been evolved with the increasing growth of digital transformation. We can create effective virtual classrooms of technology-enabled learning that allow learners to attend a class from anywhere in the world and aim to provide more learning experience that is similar to a real classroom.

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Technology Expertise

In today's global, fast-paced and competitive environment we leverage a wide variety of programming languages such as PHP, Python, JavaScript and JS-based frameworks to deliver tailored e-learning software development services, combining attractive online modules, high-quality motion graphics, instructional resources for meeting your unique business objectives and achievements. We help companies to develop and deploy award-winning e-learning solutions across the globe.

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