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Combining unparalleled experience and proven approaches, we deliver solutions aligned to the clients' core business and designed to leverage the increased business value and improved business outcomes.

PHP Services

PHP Web Development

Bring your web project vision to life through emerged technologies by hiring PHP developers with in-depth industry knowledge and experience.

PHP Maintenance

Make sure your software solutions remain safe, reliable and operational with 360-degree support of highly-skilled PHP developers who are ready to cooperate with you.

PHP Integration

PHP developers available for hire can take your business to the next level by leveraging the right integration solutions with the latest and innovative technologies.

Enterprise Software Development

Extend your business with tailor-made enterprise software solutions developed by top-notch PHP developers you can work with.

PHP based CMS Development

Hire PHP developers who empower your online presence with a robust CMS solution that helps you manage and distribute information faster and more efficiently.

PHP Development Frameworks

By leveraging a solid number of development frameworks, you meet the business goals and gain a competitive edge when collaborating with professional PHP engineers.

Process of Hiring PHP Developers

Requirements analysis

Needs Identification

Surfing the internal pool

Avarage duration -
3 days

the Ukrainian market

185 000 potential

the offer

Offer Negotiation

Sending the CV to the client

Analyzing candidates’ technical and personal skills

Internal interview

Dedicated PHP Team Models

PHP team

With a hybrid model, you can organize your dream workflow, increase productivity and achieve operational efficiency by dividing tasks among your in-house employees and remote staff according to the goals and terms you need to keep processes running smoothly and on schedule.

PHP team

With a dedicated model, you can speed up tasks completion and get visible results by working closely with experienced and high-skilled PHP team. Thus, you keep your investments with a lower risk, while management, collaboration and performance are at a high level.

PHP team

With a relocation model, you can build a perfectly matching team of PHP engineers for any type of project on-site. This allows you to reduce any talent gaps and develop necessary skill sets in your workforce drastically boosting the levels of productivity and achieving desired results.

Reasons to hire
PHP developers in Ukraine

It specialists

The total number of IT specialists is 185 000


Over 30% of all Ukrainian IT specialists know PHP language


Ukraine produces up to 130 000 software engineers annually


4 000 tech companies provide the highest quality IT services

Same holidays

IT specialists receive an equal number of paid vacation days due to the similarity of Ukrainian traditions and the ones of the EU and the USA

Time zone

Convenient time zone to collaborate with clients from Europe and the USA


80% of Ukrainian developers have a high level of English that enables them to effectively communicate with clients


Positive business climate: Ukrainian exports of IT services will reach 5.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2020

Benefits of working with
DDI Development

1 Complete Control over the Team
2 Strict NDA
3 Full Support for Your Team
4 Administrative Support
5 Quick Team
6 A Trusted
7 Fast

Get Resume of PHP Developers

Ihor Senior PHP Developer

Ihor is a high-skilled PHP developer with 7+ years of experience in software development. He has been working with PHP, JS, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Cube.css, Materialize, Symfony, Vue.js, Node.js, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ajax etc. He has excellent analytical skills necessary to develop and implement projects successfully.



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Vitalii Senior PHP Developer

Vitalii is a reliable PHP Developer with 6+ years of experience in commercial development. He is attentive to details and enjoys working on challenging projects. Applying a vast number of technologies, such as PHP, JS, HTML, CSS, Symfony, Laravel, Bootstrap, AngularJS, MySQL, MongoDB etc. he always tries to find the best solutions.



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Quick questions

How to hire PHP developers?

To answer this question we have provided a step-by-step guide that helps you hire a PHP engineer successfully:

  • Formulate a job description (requirements on the experience, technical knowledge, and the number of needed developers).
  • Choose a tech partner you want to collaborate with (time zone, country, work terms, etc.).
  • Determine the right skills based on CV (soft skills, professional knowledge, experience, portfolio, etc.).
  • Hold a job interview.
  • Sign the contract and NDA (if it is required).
  • Hire the candidate.
The development team works in the R&D center in Kharkiv, Ukraine, while our head office is located in Tallinn, Estonia. Our high-skilled software engineers are ready to provide a wide range of software solutions taking into account the client’s requirements.
Surely, you can. We provide 3 models of working with us - hybrid, dedicated and relocation. You can choose and hire one developer based on your specific requirements and select the model you prefer. A PHP developer will work on a specific project remotely or in-house while you can monitor and participate in the development of your software solution(s).
Definitely, yes. We can extend your development team to N developers by integrating top tech talents into existing teams or assemble the dream PHP team from scratch. However, we should mention that the recruitment process is time-consuming and we need 5-6 weeks to find and carefully select high-skilled PHP developers who suit your requirements.
There are the following types of dedicated model: hybrid, dedicated and relocation. The primary way to make a choice is to identify business goals and objectives, then you should decide whether PHP developers will work in-house or remotely. If you want PHP developers or PHP team work remotely and dedicate their time and effort, the dedicated model is for you. If you want to divide tasks among your in-house resources and remote staff, you should choose a hybrid model. Otherwise, you can choose a relocation model if you want to hire software developers who can relocate to another city or country as well.
Surely, they could. However, in this case, you should choose relocation model that allows developers to relocate to another city/country to work in your office. With relocation model, you will be able to monitor the development process more closely, organize face-to-face meetings, speed the adaptation process to business processes and a team as well.
When you hire PHP developer, he/she joins the team and is assigned to the project’s tasks. Under the project, you and a Project Manager are responsible for entirely managing the developer you hire, especially delegating tasks, updating plans, driving multiple status meetings, etc. Moreover, if you don’t have a Project Manager, we can help you to fill a PM position.

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