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With innovative technologies and proven approaches, we can deliver robust software solutions designed specifically to meet unique business needs, significantly improve performance and foster trust

Node.js Services

Node.js Web Development

You can hire Node.js developers to flourish your business and increase revenue with a variety of robust web solutions.

Node.js Support Services

Professional software engineers can provide 24/7 support for your business while you can focus attention on core business functions.

Node.js Integration

Gain an advantage by hiring Node.js developers who will deliver integration solutions to retain business agility in today’s digital world.

Node.js Application Development

Using proven technologies, Node.js software engineers can build powerful application solutions to meet any business needs.

Node.js Product Development

By hiring top-rated Node.js software engineers, you can give your business a boost with actionable software products.

AI & Machine Learning Solutions

Applying AI and ML technologies, we can help you to boost the performance and increase revenue.

Process of Hiring Node.js Developers

Requirements analysis

Needs Identification

Surfing the internal pool

Avarage duration -
3 days

the Ukrainian market

185 000 potential

the offer

Offer Negotiation

Sending the CV to the client

Analyzing candidates’ technical and personal skills

Internal interview

Dedicated Node.js Team Models

Node.js team

Hybrid model allows you to split tasks between your in-house staff and remote Node.js team to better organize the workflow and boost productivity as well as accomplish your core business goals fast and easy.

Node.js team

Dedicated model allows you to keep communication, performance, and management at a high level. In addition to that, you can effectively collaborate with the Node.js team that will accomplish tasks faster and help you to make continual progress toward key business goals.

Node.js team

Relocation model allows you to hire the Node.js team that will work directly in your office. Not only does it help to boost productivity at the workplace, but also you can get concrete, practical and visible results.

Reasons to hire Node.js developers in Ukraine

It specialists

There are up to 185 000 IT specialists in Ukraine


85% of software engineers use Node.js primarily for web app development


You can find up to 185 000 IT specialists in Ukraine


Over 4 000 IT companies provide actionable solutions for a variety of business verticals

Same holidays

Ukrainian cultural and religious traditions are similar to the EU and the US that simplify team collaboration

Time zone

Comfortable workflow across different time zones


80% of Ukrainian IT specialists speak English fluently and confidently


Positive business environment: export of IT services is projected to reach 5.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 in Ukraine

Benefits of working with
DDI Development

1 Complete Control over the Team
2 Strict NDA
3 Full Support for Your Team
4 Administrative Support
5 Quick Team
6 A Trusted
7 Fast

Get Resume of Node.js Developers

Andrii Senior Node.js Developer

Andrii has strong analytical, problem-solving and communication skills. Having over 7 years of experience, he provides excellent software solutions. Being involved in serverside development, he offers innovative solutions to solve any problems. Applying Node.js, JavaScript, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Laravel, jQuery, AJAX, he always meets the deadline.



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Serhii Senior Node.js Developer

Serhii is an experienced software developer with 6+ years of experience. Having extensive knowledge of Node.js, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML/CSS, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, he solves challenging tasks and develops robust software products by working independently or in a team.



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Quick questions

How to hire Node.js developers?

Below you can find some quick overview of the process of that helps you better understand the hiring procedure:

  1. Create a description for position (experience, hard/soft skills, the number of developers you need.)
  2. Identify work terms.
  3. Screen the CVs to find the most suitable candidate (soft skills, professional knowledge, experience, portfolio, etc.)
  4. Job interviewing.
  5. Sign the contract and NDA (if it is required.)
  6. Hire the developer/developers.
The Node.js development team works in the Research and Development center in Kharkiv, Ukraine, while our head office is located in Tallinn, Estonia. Our experienced and skillful software engineers are ready to provide a wide range of software solutions in accordance with the client’s requirements.
As you may know, the cost to hire a Node.js developer(s) greatly depends on the work experience and skills. All you need to do is to define the developer’s experience and skills required for the project, and we will be able to let you know the hourly rate.
Node.js team uses Jira, Asana, Trello, Teamwork, Slack tools that help them to effectively communicate and collaborate, better organize work and manage projects and tasks. What’s more, they allow the team to share ideas, opinions, resources or even files to get work done fast and easy.
We usually use a fixed price, time & material, and dedicated team (outstaffing) pricing models. If your project is not large or with medium scope, fixed price model is a good fit. The dedicated team model is suitable for long-term and scalable projects. With time & material pricing model, you will regularly pay for the actual time spent on development and tasks accomplished.
We can provide you with as many Node.js developers as you need. However, you should specify the number of developers, their experience, hard and soft skills. Based on that information, we will send you all the CVs that meet your requirements. After that, you can screen their resumes, filter and assign the interview date to choose a developer or developers that will work on a specific project remotely or in-house while you can monitor and take part in the development process. However, practice shows that hiring the right developers is a time-consuming process and may last 5-6 weeks.
The process of filling the position of Node.js developers is time-consuming. Finding and filtering the right Node.js team is individual and depends on your specific requirements. As practice shows, the average recruitment time is 5-6 weeks, but you can get more precise time once you provide us with special qualifications, characteristics, and experience wanted from a candidate.

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