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Combining innovative technologies and proven approaches, we focus on providing creative ideas and sophisticated solutions that will boost business growth and utterly increase revenue.

Django Services

Django Web Development

You can hire Django software developers who can easily build and implement actionable web solutions to drive your business growth.

Django Support Services

You can concentrate on your core business goals while Django software engineers will deliver round-the-clock support for your business.

Django Integration

Gain the advantage by hiring Django specialists who will provide you with integration solutions to foster your business agility.

Enterprise Application Development

Applying innovative technologies, Django software engineers can deliver powerful enterprise application solutions for a variety of business verticals.

Django based Product Development

Having extensive experience and knowledge, our Django engineers develop and implement actionable turn-key products to grow your business.

AI & Machine Learning Solutions

Hire high-quality Django software developers who are ready to deliver AI and machine learning solutions applying innovative technologies and proven approaches.

Process of Hiring Django Developers

Requirements analysis

Needs Identification

Surfing the internal pool

Avarage duration -
3 days

the Ukrainian market

185 000 potential

the offer

Offer Negotiation

Sending the CV to the client

Analyzing candidates’ technical and personal skills

Internal interview

Dedicated Django Team Models

Django team

With a hybrid model, you can break down main tasks into subtasks among your remote Django team and in-house staff. This opens up a possibility to better organize the business processes and increase productivity as well as meet your core business goals easily.

Django team

With a dedicated model, you can easily keep on track communication, performance, and management. In addition to that, you can effectively collaborate with a Django team that will accomplish tasks faster and help you to make continual progress toward your business goals.

Django team

With a relocation model, you can hire Django developers and build a team that will work in your office directly. Perfectly matching Django software engineers team will help you ultimately increase productivity at the workplace and get visible results.

Reasons to hire Django
developers in Ukraine

It specialists

Ukraine has up to 185 000 IT specialists

Web Usage

Over 24 000 websites are using Django


Up to 130 000+ software programmers graduate in Ukraine in annual terms


There is a wide range of top-quality services provided 4 000 IT companies

Same holidays

Ukrainian cultural and religious traditions are like to the EU and the USA ones, so all the main holidays are celebrated at the same time.

Time zone

Time zone comfortability for Europe and the US.


Wide-spread English language occurrence within the Ukrainian IT industry helps to collaborate with English-speaking clients more efficiently.


Positive business environment: exports of IT services is projected to reach 5.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 in Ukraine

Benefits of working with
DDI Development

1 Complete Control over the Team
2 Strict NDA
3 Full Support for Your Team
4 Administrative Support
5 Quick Team
6 A Trusted
7 Fast

Get Resume of Django Developers

Ivan Middle Django Developer

Ivan is an extremely accurate and self-motivated software engineer with 6+ years of commercial experience in software development. He applies Python, Django, Flask, JS, HTML, CSS, SCSS, TypeScript, Bootstrap, Vue.js, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL etc. technologies to build different web solutions from scratch and implement a back-end part.



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Borys Senior Django Developer

Borys is self-organized, responsible, with strong skills and extensive knowledge. Applying Python, Django, Flask, JS, HTML, CSS, React.js, Pyramid, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL as well as development methodologies, he always delivers high-quality products and solves challenging tasks working independently or in a team.



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Quick questions

How to hire Django developers?

Here you can read about the process of hiring Django developers:

  • Create a job description for the position (the number of developers you need, their experience, technical and soft skills, etc.).
  • Choose a tech partner you'd like to collaborate with (time zone, country, work terms, etc.).
  • Filter the developers’ CVs and find out the required skills (soft skills, professional knowledge, experience, portfolio, etc.).
  • Assign the interview date and conduct a professional job interview to make sure you find the best candidates.
  • Sign the contract and NDA (if it is required).
  • Hire Django developer/developers that suits requirements best.
Here you can find out the advantages of hiring a Django team:

  • You get a Django team that suits your requirements and works according to the hours you need.
  • The Django team can be integrated into your own workforce.
  • The team will work on your ideas, validate them and turn into real solutions.
  • Based on your specific business needs, the Django team can develop and implement the following solutions: client relationship management (CRM) systems, content management systems (CMS), communication platforms, booking engines, document administration platforms.
  • Also, the Django team can deliver data analysis, emailing, artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for your business.
  • The Django team will provide you with a clear picture of the status of your project.
First and foremost, you should opt for the model and terms of collaboration. Only by deciding on the most suitable model - dedicated, relocation or hybrid - can we continue the collaboration. Also, you should provide us with all the necessary information about the future project. To ensure that all the details are known to all parties and adhered to, we write them in the form of a contract. This clarifies all expectations and helps to plan the process of development.
As you may know, the cost to hire a dedicated team greatly depends on the work experience, technical and personal skills of the software engineers. Just specify the number of software engineers you need, their experience, and skills. Only after we have got all the information required can we let you know the cost to hire a dedicated team.
Not only can we help you to hire Django developers, but also Project Managers. We have a team of Project Managers in staff available for hire. Based on your project requirements, we can help you to hire a Project Manager who will be responsible for the entire management - delegating tasks, updating plans, driving multiple status meetings while developers will produce code in accordance with project specifications.

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