How we work

Business models

Fixed Price Model

Tell us your requirements and we’ll estimate a fixed amount. Since this approach requires an elaborate documentation and clear deliverables aligned with milestones, we set a comprehensive negotiation to provide you with an estimate and compose an exhaustive documentation. Once you approve it, we’ll start our work and complete it in time and to a specified budget.

When to use

The fixed price model is great for small or medium scope projects that don’t require adaptations in the midst of a development course. These may be modules, features, or generic websites. As a result, you’ll get a functional release tested and debugged. The major advantage is that you’ll be able to plan your budget and time.

Dedicated team or Outstaffing Model

Do you need to fill in a specific technical niche in your skillset? The dedicated team of our developers is going to be embedded into your management framework, work on a full-time basis, and they’ll adopt your corporate methodologies. Once you hire dedicated specialists, a development process can be launched right away and requirements may be flexibly adjusted. Payments are executed after negotiated time periods and they include developers’ salaries, overhead, and a fee.

When to use

The dedicated team model is the best fit for long-term and scalable projects that may be evolving along the development course. It’s also a convenient way to augment your team with some rare yet needed skillsets to handle unconventional tasks. Engaging outstaff developers, you gain full control over their working time since they operate within your corporate infrastructure.

Time & Material Model

The development process is executed within the iterative workflow which implies aligning deliverables with the short-term sprints of setting tasks, programming, testing, and debugging. The payments depend on an hourly rate, and since that you coordinate pertinent requirements and developers’ workload. Once you have a task, our developers can start realizing it without the overall project documentation.

When to use

The time & material model brings flexibility both to your long-term project and a budget. Achieving each objective you may rethink a project scope and requirements, add new functionalities on demand without tangible money losses. However, it requires your intensive involvement to maintain ongoing negotiations.


We excel at getting your startup off the ground. Following the lean principles, we’ll assess your idea, eliminate superfluous requirements, decide essentials, and build a polished MVP (minimum viable product). Not only you’ll launch within a tight budget, but also, you’ll receive a roadmap to finding a profound investor. A startup with the continuous IT partnership is a winning unity.

In order to streamline the development course, we keep constantly creating state-of-the-art elements for your projects in our innovation labs. We currently have modules, bundles, and geared-up features among our assets. Once you hire us, we’ll gauge the project requirements and decide which of the ready technologies can be seamlessly injected. You get rapidly imported innovations.

We’re catching your feedback in an exhaustive manner and 100% conform deliverables to your expectations. This policy obliges us to spend much effort, yet it determines the 70% rate of returned clients. Our super-objective is to lead you from an initial idea through the first launch to further improvements and business growth.

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