Database development

The DDI Development company provides the comprehensive set of database development services for your business, making it possible to manage the data of any scope and structural complexity. Our goal is to tailor a custom solution to your business requirements, ensuring that an outcome product will be prepared for scaling and specifications in advance. We embrace not only web database development but also projects for big enterprise management systems.

Professional web development services

Analysis and assessment. Our specialists have more than 7-year experience in elaborating database structures for numerous business solutions, ranging from startups to huge corporate as well as nonprofit software. If you have a DB which doesn’t meet the demands of your business, we are going to provide the comprehensive analysis and assessment of your current system and compose the plan of further enhancements. Proper planning is crucial for successful web database development.

Custom database development. Off-the-shelf applications may be forgiving of your budget at the first stage, but a prebuilt system will inevitably show its rigidness when you integrate your data into a DB. It will hardly fit your business process and constrain scalability as your project grows. That’s why we provide database development services that mean building to the full extent custom products. You pay for structure and features that are going to be designed for your business only.

Migrations. There might be the whole set of reasons to move your existing data from current schemes to the new ones. We solve database development and migrations tasks the way to provide as much automation as it is possible and make a migration process seamless. Our principles are to keep your data consistent. The DDI Development experts have performed migrations between SQL DB management systems as well as between SQL and noSQL ones. Adopt your data to changing conditions with any losses.

SQL and noSQL mixing. It is a common case when your product uses a relational database and lacks for a number of capacities that a non-relational scheme can offer. Sometimes it’s better to keep your data in SQL DB but use noSQL mechanisms to retrieve it with higher performance. That’s why DDI Development can create a custom database which is going to have a specific layer between relational and non-relational environments that makes their utilization simultaneous.

Database maintenance and support. Our services cover the full-scale support of your application after its launch and during its whole life cycle to keep information consistent. We will perform updates, optimize the performance of your system, standardize queries, and clean up all the maleficent data. Our specialists can also provide software development or its adaptation to your custom database if needed, and prepare your DB architecture for more loads.

Custom database development expertise

Our team is well-versed in the world’s major database development software, management systems, and toolkits. Since the appearance on the market, we have flexibly used both SQL and noSQL technologies to create databases for any kinds of businesses and nonprofits.

We are developing within following DB-environments


  • MySQL
  • SQLAlchemy
  • PostgreSQL


  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Memcached


  • Neo4j
  • FlockDB
  • ArangoDB
Database development life cycle

Analysis and database design. This stage requires implementation of the number of project initiation methodologies as well as defining the technology that is going to meet the needs of your business. We analyse the amount of data which a database needs to handle, architect an outcome structure, and lay the groundwork for scalability. We also choose most suitable management system in accordance with conceptual design model that we have elaborated.

Implementation and data loading. It is the stage when we create a functional system which has tablespaces, tables, datafiles, etc. As a part of database development, we use special software and tools to provide data loading of migration if it is currently stored in another system.

Testing. We test performance and data integrity parameters of the new-built product and search for weak spots in code in order to provide efficient refactoring. Now your system is ready for production.

Maintenance. Our team is going to provide ongoing performance tuning, do recoveries and backups, add modifications, etc. Your DB will be undergoing constant changes that will correlate with your business growth.

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