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E-commerce solutions

Shopping and Marketplace Platforms

The online marketing industry is constantly changing as new technologies, services, and marketing techniques gain popularity and become the new standards that make our life easier. Our company provides you with innovative solutions and finds new ways to outperform competitors, build loyalty, drive sales, and increase engagement with your target audience.

E-commerce Data Analytics

The e-commerce organizations are growing rapidly all over the world with millions of processes made daily. Data analysis is a critical factor to success. It helps to understand trends and profitable marketing channels, identify the customer’s behavior and journey, drive higher loyalty and engagement. We can create a cutting-edge digital solution that helps make critical business decisions.

E-Commerce Process Automation

E-commerce growth has made it critical to evaluate their automation technologies. Business digital transformation requires significant changes in the business processes. We, at DDI Development company, can provide you with great digital solutions that help redefine your business operations in order to exceed your business goals and expectations.

Mobile Commerce Solutions

Extremely growing mobile penetration leads to the smartphone expansion globally making them an indispensable attribute for modern eCommerce industry. DDI Development team offers a holistic approach to creating advanced and highly usable eCommerce solutions that provide a highly interactive and compelling consumer experience.


Security has become a major priority in the online e-commerce business and should be at the top of your agenda. Any digital solution should comply with the rigorous security standards and be stable, accessible, and transparency-based. DDI Development team has hands-on experience in building innovative solutions with advanced protection capability to ensure your business operations are as secure as possible.

Community Marketplace

The industry of online marketplace is extremely rising. Successfully developed online business platforms got thinking about the community marketplace building. We can help you find the business vertical, create a great digital solution and provide consistent support throughout all stages of the online business growth.

Case Studies

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Technology Expertise

Using the most proven PHP, Python, JavaScript, Java, Swift programming languages and JS-powered frameworks, we deliver innovative and value-driven e-commerce software development solutions with complex business logic dealing with large amounts of data and transactions to cater the needs of any company. Our e-commerce services deliver a convenient, safe and secure online transactional environment that is designed to facilitate the safe and secure transactions, stimulate higher sales and profits.

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