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Best CRM Software Solutions for E-commerce Websites

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top crm software solutions for ecommerce

Building working partnerships is a critical factor for any e-commerce website success. Applying customer relationship management system (CRM) helps companies log, track, utilise any data that improve relations in business and leads to the customer retention, drives growth rates in sales.

The highlighted software is an ideal solution for any fast-growing companies. Due to its appliance the customer contact information, accounts, leads, and sales opportunities are kept in one location with a real-time access.

The key CRM software features for e-shops

The cutting-edge solution's integration lets you grow the business to boost revenue. Some critical features have been provided below in order to consider and determine what e-commerce website is required:

  • Easy to use. Software should be intuitive, not complicated, have clean, simple user interface in order your employees could be easily learnt. Note that CRM should be tested first in order to understand how it works, whether it fits your tastes.
  • Customization. There is no all-in-one solution for any business so it is advised a customizable CRM as a key feature you should take into account. Choose software with plugins, themes, templates, add-ons, extensions that can be adapted according to the required business needs.
  • Industry-specific. CRM software options should be specially developed in dependence on the business type. Business-specific features should be taken into account. If you work in the finance industry, chosen tools should comply with financial regulations.
  • Third-party integration. CRM runs with all third-party solutions types that mean you don't have to export or import data manually between them. Assure CRM software you choose is compatible with your existing digital solutions you already use.
  • Mobile access. Accessing to your CRM data from any device is great. It helps you get real-time data, manage tasks, monitor analytics, collaborate while on the go.
  • Cloud-based. Moving to the cloud brings about tremendous advantages compared with traditional: simple installation, better security, real-time upgrades, etc. Mentioned solutions can mainstream your business.
  • Highly-secured. Security is crucial to all businesses, especially when handling the sensitive data. Software should guarantee threats removal, ensure that the data is kept safe and secure.

Benefits of E-commerce CRM Solutions

Extending beyond day-to-day activities with CRM tools using is a must-have for the companies to keep information on track and boost sales. The advantages of the e-commerce CRM for the website have been provided below:

  • Eliciting data. People enter a lot of meaningful information when registering. This allows e-commerce websites to use it for the targeting each potential client in the most efficient way.
  • Save time and money. The system helps you save time, furthermore, importantly reduce costs by implementing multiple tools, integrating different features to get the job done. It is really time-saving.
  • Email marketing. Tools usage provides personalized, effective direct marketing contact with prospective clients by sending emails. The system also offers detailed email reports that help in building relationships with interested clients.
  • Providing advanced analytics. Getting reports, analytics is crucial for any e-commerce website, so management relationships solutions are an exceptional way in delivering predictive analytics that helps organisations to further their plans, to forecast their sales.
  • Customer support. Customers should be more involved to provide prompt support. In order customers did not feel under-serviced, their information should be kept in one place. As an example, brand awareness and visibility growth can be achieved by improving the customer service with the chatbots.

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The Best CRM Solutions for E-commerce website

Choosing a CRM for your e-commerce website is a challenge as there is a wide range of tools providers. We have considered the top e-commerce CRM software providers below:

  • Salesforce. The tool for e-commerce delivers great user experience, has following deployment options: web, SaaS, cloud, support for mobile devices(iOS/Android); its price plan is $25/month per user. There is a possibility to provide more functionality.
  • Microsoft Dynamics. An efficient solution helps campaign for the targeted audience; can be installed on Windows, supports cloud, SaaS, web deployment; is available from $95/user per month, offers you to implement predictive intelligence in order to speed up and increase sales
  • SAP. Helpful e-commerce solution covers deeper understanding their consumer's needs, helps them go through the stages of the buying process. Advanced reports, dashboards, predictive analytics are offered in order to provide more useful information. The price plan is $23/month per user with the access from the mobile devices.
  • HubSpot. An easy access is provided, all customers data are kept in one place, cloud, SaaS, web, mobile (iOS/Android) options are included. The tool automatically logs all customers activity, lets you convert repetitive emails into templates that can be customized. More functionality is available with the $50/month price plan.
  • Zoho. It is used to build working relations with your consumers. The price plan is available at $15/month per user. Sales forecasting, reports, mass emailing, etc are included in the system. The most convenient deployment options: cloud, mobile (iOS and Android) are supported in the product.

Drawing a line

Dealing with returning customer, growing the business by landing more customers is ultimate. Installing a CRM software is an efficient successful solution that will definitely improve the situation and help in challenging and scaling new heights.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the strongest, most efficient solution in building and maintaining relations with consumers. DDI Development experienced team can build full-fledged customizable digital solution based on the business niche, needs and requirements that will drive your business to a new stage.

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