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What's the Average Angular Developer Salary in the USA, Europe and in other countries of the world

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Average Angular Developer Salary

The salary issue is one of the most pressing at all times. But in times of quarantine and related business restrictions, it is of particular importance. And not just for the technicians themselves, but also for the customers. Let's assume that you would not want to overpay for IT services in a time of crisis. At the same time, developers are also willing to earn their usual salaries. Wage levels are different for every technology as well as every country. This overview is supposed to get you through what the average Angular developers’ salaries are around the world. With this information, you'll be able to find the right specialists faster and at an affordable price.

Why Angular? The most promising aspects of why you should choose Angular developers

As Google Trends clearly shows, Angular is one of the most in-demand technologies among web developers to adapt.

Angular downloads over the past 2 years:

As stated in "The 2020 Stack Overflow Developer Survey", Angular is one of the most loved technologies by developers.

why choose Angular developers

Other noteworthy data show that Angular is gaining the leading position in the ranking of the most sought-after frameworks.

professional angular developers

The most used frameworks according to Statista:

most used web frameworks

Among the projects developed using Angular are powerful platforms such as Upwork, Udemy, YouTube, PayPal, etc. Angular comes into play when highly scalable, durable web platforms with less loading time are needed.

As it has become clear, Angular is suitable for dynamic sites that scale a lot over time. This framework is beneficial for enterprise web solutions as well. It can be assumed that such a high interest in this technology is due to the same high customer demand.

We suppose that Angular developers will be needed to implement your project as well. But how much do their services cost? Let's elaborate on this issue.

Average Angular Developer Salary in the USA

When studying salary figures, let's start with an overview of the salary expectations of the U.S. programmers. The average annual Angular developer salary in major cities of the United States is as follows:

City name Average salary
San Francisco, CA $90,994
Washington, DC $81,035
Miami, FL $70,867
Chicago, IL $77,228
Boston, MA $82,018
New York, NY $87,572
Dallas, TX $72,322

As Payscale shows, the average Angular developer salary is about $72,348 per year.

average angular developer salary 2021

If we go to another source,, we find that the average wage quoted here is quite similar. As of the end of 2020, it was $72,795 a year.

Salary range is as follows:

  • Low: $58,299;
  • Medium: $72,795;
  • High: $94,416.

Why such a big difference? The salary level is influenced by many factors, including not only experience, measured in years, but also special and additional education, certification, as well as experience with different platforms and technologies.

When it comes to hourly wages, they range from $28 to $45 an hour.

Another source, Glassdoor, claims that the average hourly wage for developers in the United States is about $76,929.

angular developer salary in USA

Ziprecruiter provides this information regarding Angular developer salary:

  • Low: $43,000/year;
  • Medium: $109,670/year;
  • High: $158,500/year.

A simple calculation shows that the hourly rate is $53 per hour.

As for the average Angular developer salary by city, this data are as follows:

City Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage
San Jose, CA $135,459 $11,288 $2,605 $65.12
Oakland, CA $133,897 $11,158 $2,575 $64.37
Tanaina, AK $133,291 $11,108 $2,563 $64.08
Wasilla, AK $133,289 $11,107 $2,563 $64.08
Hayward, CA $131,094 $10,924 $2,521 $63.03
Seattle, WA $130,210 $10,851 $2,504 $62.60
Concord, CA $129,884 $10,824 $2,498 $62.44
Sunnyvale, CA $129,143 $10,762 $2,484 $62.09
Santa Cruz, CA $127,647 $10,637 $2,455 $61.37
Seaside, CA $125,957 $10,496 $2,422 $60.56

When looking for more information on the average Angular developer salary, consider the data revealed on the Neuvoo website as well.

According to it, on average, Angular developers make $111,858 per year, with a low rate of $78,000 per year and a high rate of $156,000 per year.

Angular Developers’ Salaries in the U.S. by state

New York $130,000
California $120,000
New Jersey $120,000
Oregon $120,000
Georgia $120,000
Delaware $118,950
Virginia $118,950
Massachusetts $117,000
Illinois $115,000
Colorado $113,100
Washington $111,063
Pennsylvania $110,000
Kansas $110,000
Missouri $109,650
Texas $107,250
Connecticut $107,250
South Carolina $107,250
Arizona $106,275
Kentucky $105,300
North Carolina $105,000
Louisiana $104,750
New Hampshire $103,750
Utah $103,688
Ohio $103,350
Minnesota $102,500
Tennessee $102,375
Nebraska $100,725
Florida $100,425
Indiana $99,450
Iowa $95,000
Maryland $95,000
Wisconsin $95,000
Michigan $95,000
Oklahoma $92,625
Arkansas $88,750
Nevada $83,750
Mississippi $82,500
Alaska $82,500
Wyoming $82,500
South Dakota $82,500
Idaho $82,500
New Mexico $82,500
North Dakota $82,500
Montana $82,500
Rhode Island $82,500
Alabama $82,500
Vermont $82,500

The average Angular developer salary by experience, according to Salaryexpert, is as follows:

  • Junior: $64,211/year;
  • Middle: $91,079/year;
  • Senior: $112,949/year.

The average hourly pay is $44 and the bonus is about $3,479.

Interestingly, by 2026, wages are expected to rise 10% to $100,510. It's best to know about a developer's salary increase ahead of time so you don't get caught off guard.

Developers realize that proficiency in technologies such as Angular correlates with higher salaries. Being good at Angular means being better paid.

When looking for relevant data on the average salary for Angular developers, it's also worth looking at Front-end developer salary. Regarding such data, the average salary for a Front-end developer is about $109,221 per year, and the average additional compensation is $2,500 per year.

Below you can find information on the average annual Front-end developer salary in the United States by city:

San Francisco, CA $158,969
Seattle, WA $141,676
Chicago, IL $118,083
New York, NY $115,863
Atlanta, GA $108,643
Los Angeles, CA $106,864
Austin, TX $106,764
Denver, CO $104,274

Average Angular Developer Salary in Canada

When trying to attract well-trained, yet profitable developers to your project, consider Angular developers in Canada. What their average salaries are, see below.

Angular Developer Salary in Canada

As you can see, the average annual salary by experience varies as follows:

  • Junior: $75 000;
  • Middle: $120 000;
  • Senior: $185 250.

If we take the level of wages by region, it is as follows:

  • Ontario: $120 000;
  • Quebec: $91 625.

According to Payscale, the average Angular developer salary reaches $56 363 (C$71 933) per year with $25 (C$32) per hour.

Average annual salaries in Canada by city

Salaries in Toronto:

  • Low: $40 286;
  • Median: $92 627;
  • High: $148 496.

Salaries in Ontario:

  • Low: $41 598;
  • Median: $95 643;
  • High: $153 334.

Salaries in Quebec:

  • Low: $43 000;
  • Median: $109 670;
  • High: $158 500.

As it is reported by Glassdoor, the average base pay is about $59k (CA$75k) per year.

Angular Developer Salary in Australia

Looking to hire Angular developers from Australia? Then you need to know how much these technicians make and whether it will be profitable for you to work with them.

According to, the average salary for an Angular developer in Australia in 2021 is as follows:

  • Low: $82 000 per year ($42 per hour);
  • Average: $125 000 per year ($64 per hour);
  • High: $160 000 per year ($82 per hour).

This data is based on about 30 salaries, which makes it pretty representative.

Angular Developer Salary in Australia, Salaryexplorer

There are other data on this issue, namely the report provided by

  • Low: $33 160 (43 100 AUD) per year;
  • Average: $62 473 (81 200 AUD) per year;
  • High: $94 633 (123 000 AUD) per year.

Angular Developer Salary in Australia, Salaryexplorer: by experience

As statistics show, an Angular developer usually has the opportunity to double his or her salary after reaching 10 years of experience in technology:

  • 0 - 2 years: $38 084 (49 500 AUD);
  • 2 - 5 years: $46 701 (60 700 AUD);
  • 5 - 10 years: $66 243 (86 100 AUD);
  • 10 - 15 years: $77 707 (101 000 AUD);
  • 15 - 20 years: $85 401 (111 000 AUD);
  • 20+ years: $90 017 (117 000 AUD).

Angular Developer Salary in Australia, Payscale

According to Payscale, the average salary is about $64 743 (AU$84 150) per year, $5394 (AU$7012) per month, or $24 (AU$31) per hour.

It's also worth considering the salary of a Front-end developer/engineer in Australia, which is $68k (AU$88k) per year.

What is the Average Angular Developer Salary in Europe?

Let's start with the obvious things, which, however, can often be overlooked. Every European country has its own salary rate for Angular developers. Many factors influence these numbers, but mostly it's the standard of living in each particular country.

Hiring Angular developers from the UK can be very attractive, but only until you find out what salaries local techies are used to. Same situation with developers from Germany or Belgium, Denmark.

But do not be intimidated by the salary expectations of those who are able to implement your ideas, making them profitable for you. To start with, let's look at the average salaries in the most interesting countries in terms of IT services so that you have something to rely on when choosing a technology partner.

Angular Developer Salary in the United Kingdom

When we were looking for relevant data, we were lucky enough to come across information on, which has the most up-to-date information on salaries, namely for the last 6 months.

Location Median Salary
England $75k (£55 000)
UK excluding London $69k (£50 000)
London $96k (£70 000)
Work from Home $72k (£52 500)
South East $72k (£52 500)
North of England $66k (£48 000)
South West $69k (£50 000)
Midlands $58k (£42 500)
West Midlands $58k (£42 500)
North West $89k (£65 000)
Yorkshire $52k (£38 000)
East of England $75k (£55 000)
Scotland $69k (£50 000)
East Midlands $51k (£37 500)
Northern Ireland $72k (£52 500)
Wales $55k (£40 000)
North East $75k (£55 000)

Have you noticed how London stands out from the other 16 locations? Such a significant difference in salaries proves once again that specialists from big cities are paid much better. Consider this aspect if you plan not only to get cool technical talent in your project, but also to use your development budget wisely.

The following data on the average Angular developer salary are provided by Glassdoor:

  • Low: $36k (£26k) per year;
  • Average: $66k (£48k) per year;
  • High: $75k (£55k) per year.

Let's see what data another source - - cites about the average Angular developer salary in the United Kingdom.

As of early 2021, on average Angular developers in the UK get $69k (£50 000) per year. Let's look at the big picture:

  • Low: $48k (£35 000) per year;
  • Average: $69k (£50 000) per year;
  • High: $103k (£75 000) per year.

What is the reason for the relatively high cost of the UK experts' services? Due to the widespread digitization of business across the country, there is a shortage of qualified technical specialists. The growth in demand for these specialists is largely due to Europe's largest e-commerce market, which is the UK market. At the same time, the UK has a lot of tech startups. Local companies can make the best work-life balance offers for tech talent, allowing developers to choose their clients. It is quite challenging, we believe, to get the UK developers on board.

Average Angular Developer Salary in the UK by city: London

As it was already mentioned above, London compares favorably with other locations in terms of salary expectations of local specialists. Let's assess the situation with annual salaries for Angular developers based in London:

  • Low: $41k (£30k);
  • Average: $58k (£42k);
  • High: $91k (£66k).

Data were taken from the Payscale website.

As for the entire United Kingdom, the average annual salary, according to Payscale, is $48 411 (£35 309).

Angular Developer Salary in Germany

Take your time and look at the salary expectations of Angular developers in Germany. Payscale is seeing an annual salary of $64 173 (€52,959). If converting those figures to an hourly rate, then you get $21 (€17) per hour.

Thanks to another resource,, we find the following data on Angular developer salaries in Germany by experience:

  • Junior: $37,400- $45,100 per year;
  • Middel: $50,050-$63,250 per year;
  • Senior: $62,425- $84,425 per year.

Angular Developer Salary in Germany by city

According to Salaryexpert, the annual salaries of Angular developers in Frankfurt am Main are as follows:

  • Junior: $61 186 (€50 494);
  • Middle: $76 660 (€63 264);
  • Senior: $107 628 (€88 820).

The average hourly rate for local developers is about $42 (€35).

Interesting to compare the level of annual salary expectations for their Berlin-based colleagues, depending on experience:

  • Junior: $62 053 (€51 209);
  • Middle: $88 018 (€72 637);
  • Senior: $109 154 (€90 079).

As for the data for Germany as a whole, the local developers price their services at such numbers as follows (annual salaries):

  • Junior: $59 579 (€49 168);
  • Middle: $84 510 (€69 742);
  • Senior: $104 802 (€86 488).

What’s the Average Angular Developer Salary in Switzerland?

When looking for up-to-date salary data to make an informed choice of developers, let's see how much Angular developers in Switzerland earn.

According to the salary level per year from low to high varies as follows:

  • Low: $60 234 (CHF 53'500);
  • Average: $118 217 (CHF 105'000);
  • High: $135 106 (CHF 120'000).

The salary picture becomes clearer when you consider the hourly rate as well. In Switzerland, it is about $61 (CHF 53.85) per hour.

The more sources you have for comparison, the clearer the situation becomes, doesn't it? Consider also the data provided by another source, the website Salaryexplorer.

This is the annual developer salary in Switzerland, including all bonuses, transportation and housing:

  • Low: $62 036 (CHF 55'100);
  • Average: $126 099 (CHF 112'000);
  • High: $197 029 (CHF 175'000).

According to Payscale, Angular developers in Switzerland, one of the world's most expensive countries, earn about $103 338 (91 784 Fr.) per year.

According to Salaryexpert, this is what the experience-based compensation for Angular developers in Switzerland looks like:

  • Junior: $77 702 (CHF 69'015) per year;
  • Middle: $110 523 (CHF 98'166) per year;
  • Senior: $136 681 (CHF 121'399) per year.

The Average Angular Developer Salary in Switzerland by city

It should be understood that the salary level depends largely on many factors, and it is not just experience and skills that are paramount among them. First of all, it is the location of programmers that affects their salary expectations.

Let's go over the main cities in this country and the proposed annual wage rate for local engineers.


  • Junior: $75 990 (CHF 67'494);
  • Middle: $108 088 (CHF 96'003);
  • Senior: $133 669 (CHF 118'724).


  • Junior: $80 543 (CHF 71'538);
  • Middle: $114 564 (CHF 101'755);
  • Senior: $141 677 (CHF 125'837).


  • Junior: $80 355 (CHF 71'371);
  • Middle: $114 296 (CHF 101'517);
  • Senior: $141 346 (CHF 125'543).


  • Junior: $82 082 (CHF 72'905);
  • Middle: $116 754 (CHF 103'700);
  • Senior: $144 385 (CHF 128'242).

Let's face it, even with the naked eye you can see that the salary level for Angular developers in Switzerland looks about the same across these cities. It is also clear from this data that salaries are relatively high.

Average Angular Developer Salary in Belgium

Another European country where you can hire Angular developers is Belgium. According to Payscale, annual salaries vary in the following ranges:

  • Low: $30k (€25k);
  • Average: $46k (€38k);
  • High: $56k (€46k).

To be as well prepared as possible for the prospective cooperation with developers in Belgium, consider also the following information on salary provided by the source

  • Low: $3 171 (€2 620) per month;
  • Average: $6 464 (€5 340) per month or $77 599 (€64 100) per year;
  • High: $10 084 (€8 330) per month.

Angular Developer Salary in Belgium by experience

Any other information on developer salary in Belgium? Sure, check the data below:

  • Junior: $59 342 (€49 019) per year;
  • Middle: $84 298 (€69 634) per year;
  • Senior: $104 385 (€86 226) per year.

As you can see, the average base salary for Angular developers in Belgium is around $84 298 (€69 634) or $40 (€33) per hour.

All the data collected above should be compared to make the most out of your research and succeed in the hiring process.

What’s the situation with Angular Developer Salary in the Netherlands?

Like Belgium and Switzerland, the Netherlands is one of the highly developed countries in Western Europe. This fact determines the high level of salary expectations of local developers. Let's take a closer look at the numbers.

As Salaryexpert reports, a mid-level developer with Angular skills earns about $84 119 (€69 486) per year. Let's see what the overall picture of programmers' salaries looks like, depending on their experience:

  • Junior: $59 269 (€48 959);
  • Middle: $84 119 (€69 486);
  • Senior: $104 258 (€86 121).

Average annual wages by city:

  • Amsterdam: $98 840 (€81 646);
  • Rotterdam: $93 286 (€77 058);
  • The Hague: $99 682 (€82 341).

Compared to the national wage rate, city-specific wages are higher.

Trying to figure out how much Angular developers are paid in the Netherlands, it is worth paying attention to the data taken from the website Payscale: the average annual salary is 57,364 dollars (47,385 euros).

Angular Developer Salary in Denmark

Let's look at the data we managed to get based on the data provided by Payscale: Angular developers in Denmark earn about $72 191 (443 216 kr (DKK)) per year.

According to Salaryexpert, Angular developers in Denmark get the following salaries:

  • Junior: $71 428 (438 533 kr. (DKK));
  • Middle: $101 404 (622 574 kr. (DKK));
  • Senior: $125 643 (771 388 kr. (DKK)).

Angular Developer Salary in Denmark by city

If you are interested in developers from a very specific location, take a close look at how much they charge for their work. As the UK experience shows (see "Average Developer Salary in the UK"), the salaries of developers based in the capital and those in other cities of the same country can vary significantly. Angular developers in Denmark also charge differently. It largely depends on their skill set, years of experience, and where they are based.

If we talk about Aarhus city, Angular developers earn between $42k-$52k per year for those starting out to $75k-$93k per year for those with 10 years of experience.

What about Copenhagen? In this city, technicians with Angular skills can make significantly more per year than their Aarhus counterparts.

  • Junior: $49k-$60k;
  • Senior: $81k-$96k.

According to Salaryexpert, the average base salary for Angular developers in some cities in Denmark is as follows:

  • Næstved: $95 552 (586 640 kr. (DKK)) per year;
  • Copenhagen: $108 096 (663 658 kr. (DKK)) per year;
  • Aalborg: $86 268 (529 646 kr. (DKK)) per year;
  • Odense: $95 356 (585 440 kr. (DKK)) per year.

How much do Angular Developers earn in Ukraine?

With data on the average Angular developer salary worldwide, it's time to compare it to data on the salaries for Ukrainian developers with the same set of skills and experience. As Payscale reports, the average salary is $1150 (₴32,425) per month.

The Ukrainian job search website provides the following monthly salary data:

  • Low: $461 (₴13 000);
  • Median: $1810 (₴51 000);
  • High: $2874 (₴81 000).

How much are Ukrainian Angular developers getting paid according to Salaryexpert? The up-to-date data are given below:

  • Junior: $10182 (₴286 956) per year;
  • Middle: $14210 (₴400 496) per year;
  • Senior: $17910 (₴504 761) per year.

Let's consider as much data as possible on the Ukrainian developers' salaries, and turn to another source, Salaryexplorer. As of 2020, monthly salaries are as high as $1167 (₴32 900) and as low as $376 (₴10 600). The average salary is about $752 (₴21 200) per month.

Wondering how Angular programmers from Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, rate their services? The basic salary by experience is as follows:

  • Junior: $9,120 - $12,392 per year;
  • Middle: $15,800 - $24,400 per year;
  • Seniors: $27,000 to $42,000 per year.

If we consider the typically high-quality of Ukrainians' work - which is not a fiction, but the result of a rich educational tradition established in Ukraine - then the price-performance relation looks quite convincing.

Angular Developers' Salaries around the world: Comparison Table

To summarize all of the above, we suggest considering a salary comparison table. To compile it, we were guided by the data collected and presented by Payscale. The focus on Payscale is justified - we can get more or less objective data, since they are taken from the same source. Below you can find average annual wages by country.

USA $72k
Canada $56k
UK $48k
Australia $65k
Switzerland $103k
Netherlands $57k
Belgium $46k
Germany $64k
Denmark $72k
Ukraine $14k

Bottom line

As you may have already realized, you have a huge choice. You can turn to developers from any country. Especially since Angular continues to gain momentum and remains one of the most in-demand frameworks and technologies to create truly powerful platforms for your business to get a strong presence in the market.

Naturally, the salary expectations of experienced Angular developers will be relatively high. The figures presented in this article are really worth comparing to make an informed decision about cooperation. We hope that our review proves to be comprehensive for you, and will certainly help you to choose Angular developers who are equally profitable in terms of both qualifications and the cost of their services.

If you're still having trouble choosing a particular team, consider working with the DDI Development team. But first, let's discuss your idea and expectations. Contact us in a few clicks.

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