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How to Hire Vue.js Developers in Ukraine [A Comprehensive Guide]

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hire vue.js engineers in 2022

Vue.js is the third most loved technology among developers worldwide. Among the companies that take advantage of Vue.js for their projects are such giants as Apple, Netflix, Grammarly, Upwork, BMW, which is not surprising, because Vue.js is a light and versatile framework. With it, complex but manageable code is created for both powerful and flexible solutions. Vue.js is suitable for the rapid development of cross-platform, feature-rich applications that meet modern standards and requirements, with no additional resources required, which automatically reduces development costs.

The business benefits of Vue.js are truly compelling. Would you like to make the most out of Vue.js for your business, too? Qualified Vue.js developers you can hire in Ukraine are ready to help you. We have prepared a detailed article for you on how exactly the Vue.js framework is useful for business, how to figure out if the dedicated Vue.js programmers you hire are qualified enough, and, of course, how to hire Ukrainian Vue.js developers working remotely. Keep reading to stay informed.

How to Find Vue.js Developers for Your Project

There are two ways:

1. Hire Vue.js engineers in-house;

2. Approach those with the appropriate expertise to hire remote Vue.js coders with no problem.

If the worry of finding and hiring the right Vue.js developers is not what you need, welcome aboard. We're here to help you get through the hassle of hiring engineers and, if necessary, other members of your future project team.

The Ukrainian Vue.js engineers you hire are versatile and vetted enough to handle tasks of any complexity. Cooperating with us, you can be sure of that and get only the best ones on your team.

Why You Should Hire Ukrainian Vue.js Programmers

Skilled technicians are the key to a cost-effective and marketable software solution, and Vue.js engineers are among those dedicated to empowering your business. However, to bring your ideas to life, you first need to find and hire experienced Vue.js engineers.

Hiring Vue.js developers in Ukraine means skipping the time-consuming hiring process, getting the engineering team you need most, on time and on demand.

Ukraine has long been known for its classical educational traditions; in addition, opportunities for further engineering education are actively being created here. There are about 150 universities in Ukraine graduating about 23,000 technical specialists every year. Due to the rapid development of the local IT industry, Ukraine is now considered one of the largest IT centers in Eastern Europe, all because the total number of technical specialists has reached 200 thousand and by 2025 this number is expected to increase to 220 thousand specialists. For many of them, JavaScript with its frameworks including Vue.js and other development tools is one of the most preferred programming languages.

Hire Ukrainian Vue.js Programmers

The rapid growth of the IT industry in Ukraine is confirmed by the following facts:

  • Ukraine is Eastern Europe’s #1 IT outsourcing and software development powerhouse;
  • Ukraine ranks 11th among the top 50 countries with the best software developers in the world (HackerRank);
  • Ukraine ranks 3rd among the top certified IT specialists in the world;
  • Ukraine ranks 20th in the A. T. Kearney Global Services Location Index for Outsourcing (2019).

Reasons You Should Hire Ukrainian Vue.js Developers

Before jumping into the reasons, let's first start with the basics of what Vue.js is and what its business benefits are.

What Is Vue.js?

Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework with a component-based architecture used to create simple web interfaces and solutions where performance is more important than application structure or code organization. Its code base is maintainable, well-organized, and testable. Vue.js is used both to create a software solution from scratch and to integrate it into an existing project to extend its separate components or features.

Vue.js is a technology in developers' arsenal that allows them to make the web more user-friendly. It is thanks to Vue.js that we have dynamic pages with stunning design. Previously, pages were static, with no buttons or scroll menus, resulting in a poor user experience. With the advent of JavaScript, there was a shift from creating server-side code to creating client-side code, allowing the user to interact directly with web pages and providing instant browser response.

Vue.js is also called a progressive framework because it adapts to developers' needs and supports reusable web page components, which simplifies and speeds up developers' work because the page can be divided into functional parts, each with its own set of JavaScript, HTML + CSS code.

All of this has led to rapid growth in the number of remote Vue.js developers for hire. If you are only interested in the best of them, i.e. those with relevant experience and knowledge, it makes sense to consider hiring dedicated Vue.js engineers in Ukraine.

Why Vue.js?

Let's take a closer look at the main advantages of the Vue.js framework.

why hire vue.js developers


Let's not beat around the bush, here's a quick reference: a downloaded Vue.js framework zip file weighs about 18 KB. That's what makes Vue.js phenomenally fast and easy to download.


It allows qualified developers who are members of the community to make changes to the code, thereby collectively improving Vue.js.


You can work with it right out of the box, which means you can also incorporate Vue.js into your project quickly and seamlessly. Vue.js integrates easily with backend frameworks and all types of packages, and because of its ease of use in projects of any complexity, remote Vue.js coders can effortlessly track the smallest bugs, which consequently reduces the risk of them appearing in your application.


Vue.js is equally suitable for creating both simple and complex applications. It merely provides the tools, while you use the framework as a builder to create the software solution you need.

Clear documentation

The Vue.js framework has well-prepared and therefore easy-to-follow documentation, which makes the capabilities of this technology both easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement. For experienced Vue.js developers who are used to working with JavaScript and HTML, the Vue.js documentation is also quite clear.

Low load

Due to its conciseness and lightness, this framework results in a low workload. In turn, fast page loading results in high conversions, improved UX, and higher search engine rankings. At the same time, Vue.js is easily scalable, which means that website functionality can be expanded without losing load speed.

One-size-fits-all solution

As Vue.js remote programmers have already figured out, this framework is a great option for small projects, single-page applications, and dynamic interfaces that need extra power and speed, but still need to retain key features like user input, authorization, and more.

High performance

Despite its simplicity, Vue.js helps sites run many times faster, even with more functionality, more users, and higher load times.

Why It’s Worth Hiring Vue.js Engineers in Ukraine

Other JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS and ReactJS can be chosen instead of Vue.js, but for some reason, dedicated Vue.js programmers are often hired. What's the reason? To get to the bottom of the reasons for preferring Vue.js, it will be useful to compare it with its closest competitors.

Vue.js vs AngularJS. Unlike AngularJS, for example, Vue.js is easier to use because it doesn't have a bunch of tools that can be confusing.

AngluarJS has two-way communication, while Vue.js has one-way data flow, which promotes faster and more modular application development.

The Vue.js framework can be applied to the entire frontend of an application or a specific part of it.

The performance of Vue.js is impressive because it doesn't use cyclic checks that run over and over again, thereby slowing down the application. Unlike cyclic checks, Vue.js uses a dependency tracking system. The dependency tracking system ensures that values can be changed without change throughout the program and independently of each other.

Vue.js vs ReactJS. When comparing Vue.js and ReactJS, what they have in common is the virtual DOM (Document Object Model), which allows developers to change the original DOM representation faster and thus update data faster before synchronizing changes.

Unlike Vue.js, ReactJS has only JavaScript and no HTML or CSS. For routing and state management tasks, Vue.js offers official software, which improves security and allows experienced Vue.js developers to act with more confidence when choosing Vue.js.

All of these features make Vue.js a much smarter, more profitable, and therefore preferred framework over other available frameworks.

How to Hire Ukrainian Vue.js Developers: Benefits, Salaries, Skills, Steps to Hire

Now that you know a little bit about Vue.js and the main reasons why developers all over the world prefer this framework for creating convenient, feature-rich, and eye-catching applications, it's time to know why and how to hire remote Vue.js developers in Ukraine.

Benefits You Get When Hiring Ukrainian Vue.js Engineers

The hiring process is rigorous, with each candidate going through several stages of screening so that we can make sure he or she has the training and knowledge to meet our customers' needs. As a result, not every candidate makes it onto the DDI Development team.

What is the situation with experienced Vue.js engineers in Ukraine? There is an acute shortage of qualified Vue.js programmers on the market, although the demand for their services continues to grow. The struggle for talent is only intensifying, forcing developers to upgrade their skills, while we have to search more intensively for developers with the experience you need. Give us as much detail as you can about who you need, for what tasks, on what timeline, and with what budget, so we can put together a solid team for you that provides the following benefits.

Benefits You Get When Hiring Ukrainian Vue.js Engineers

It takes 10 days from the request to the ready-made team of dedicated Vue.js engineers

Or less. It depends on the skills required, but usually we try to provide a team or specific technicians as soon as possible or upon request.

No problems with time differences

Our dedicated Vue.js developers work with clients from different time zones, so we have the relevant experience to work successfully with clients from anywhere in the world. Either way, we'll have specialists on our side, ready to respond to your request at any time.

English proficiency

Ukrainian Vue.js engineers hired in Ukraine are fluent in English. 85% of Ukrainian technical specialists speak English at least at the Intermediate level. Learning English is a must for them to gain a foothold in the tight IT market and be more competitive. Those developers fluent in English have a better chance of a fruitful collaboration with you, don't they?

Cultural similarity

Wide experience in working with Western customers made it possible for Ukrainian Vue.js developers working remotely to share cultural similarities with the Western world, which greatly simplifies the understanding and interaction with the U.S. and Western European market representatives. We have a lot in common in terms of priorities, principles of work and communication, which should make cooperation easier.

Transparent collaboration

When it comes to working with Ukrainian Vue.js development teams, you get transparency and clarity of action, including transparent pricing. With us, you'll know exactly what you're paying for, because the rate is made up of hourly rates for the work of developers. That is, there is quite a specific hourly rate, and there are developers of different skill levels. Some of them get paid less, some get paid more, but the main thing here is the method by which the cost of cooperation is calculated. It is as clear and simple as possible.

Cost savings

Compared to developers in other countries, hiring Vue.js developers in Ukraine will be 40-60% more profitable for you. There can be no doubt about it, just look at the salaries of Vue.js programmers in Ukraine and other countries.

Salaries of Ukrainian Vue.js Engineers

Before we go any further, let's continue with the data on how many engineers there are in Ukraine. There are about 8,000 JavaScript engineers in Ukraine, including 3,000 senior JavaScript developers, 3,000 mid-level JavaScript programmers, and 2,000 junior JavaScript engineers.

To have an idea of the salaries of Vue.js coders in Ukraine, let's turn to the data on salaries of Vue.js developers as well as JavaScript engineers in the world, as this data is more widely represented. The salary data is taken from Payscale, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and other sources of statistics.

Vue.js engineer salary in the USA $95k per year
Vue.js engineer salary in Germany $62k per year
Vue.js engineer salary in the United Kingdom $61k per year
JavaScript developer salary in Ukraine $30k per year

Ukraine has a favorable geographical location, as it is in an actively developing part of Europe, namely in Eastern Europe, where, in addition to the boom of entrepreneurial culture and the IT sector, there is also loyal pricing for Internet, electricity, and other aspects of office maintenance. All this influences the fact that the cost of Ukrainian Vue.js developers is affordable. Plus, the standard of living in the country is different from that in the U.S. or the UK, and after all, this factor has a significant impact on the cost of developers' services.

Skills and Technical Background of Vue.js Engineers for Hire

Now that you have an idea of Vue.js capabilities for your business, it's a quite reasonable decision to hire Vue.js programmers in Ukraine. Please keep in mind that to strengthen your team with solid specialists, knowing Vue.js will be very useful because it will help you distinguish amateurs and beginners who have not yet had a chance to see the real power of the framework in action from experienced Vue.js developers who can purposefully use Vue.js framework capabilities for your project and business.

Vue.js experts are front-end engineers who manage the graphical user interface using the Vue.js framework. In addition to having an excellent command of Vue.js, these professionals must also be well-versed in other technologies.

This is what the key competences of Vue.js engineers in Ukraine look like:

  • Excellent knowledge and extensive experience with JavaScript;
  • Development of front-end components that users interact with;
  • Knowledge of Vue.js ecosystem components, particularly the Vue Router and Vuex libraries;
  • Experience creating web applications;
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS to be able to apply the Vue.js framework with other technologies;
  • Experience creating high-performance single-page applications;
  • Ability to create reusable components in Vue.js.

Steps to Hire Ukrainian Vue.js Engineers

Steps to Hire Ukrainian Vue.js programmers

The whole process of hiring the right Vue.js developers in Ukraine can be briefly described as a sequence of the following steps:

What is requested is discussed. You make a request, and we schedule a meeting to discuss your request, during which your wishes and our capabilities are thoroughly negotiated.

Goals are defined and set. At the next meeting, specific goals, expectations for collaboration, and timelines are discussed.

Pre-screening resumes and candidates. As an IT service provider, we look for Vue.js programmers to hire, review their resumes, and conduct preliminary interviews with them.

The best of them are interviewed. The best Vue.js developers most likely to be hired, selected in the previous stage, are interviewed by you. All the while, feedback is exchanged about the candidates and the initial stages of the collaboration.

Hiring and onboarding. If the Vue.js engineers we find and select are right for you, you hire them and start working with them.

Maintaining a feedback loop. Once the collaborative process is up and running, it requires constant interaction between your team and us, so feedback is supposed to be exchanged, conditions and results reviewed, etc.

A few words before you move on.

When it comes to hiring Ukrainian Vue.js experts at DDI Development, we vouch for our choice. Our company can provide only the best programmers for your project, because they receive special training, are constantly improving their skills and gain relevant experience.

Even if you need to hire Vue.js engineers from outside to meet your needs, they will also undergo rigorous interviews to be thoroughly vetted and successfully join your project team. Hiring Vue.js programmers through a vendor is also budget-friendly, as you won't have to cover recruitment, back-office maintenance, and other associated costs that typically come with hiring engineers in-house.

In short, when you hire Vue.js developers in Ukraine, you get all of these issues handled properly:

  • team setup;
  • team member onboarding;
  • control and management;
  • retention.

Bottom Line

As you may have already realized, Vue.js combines the strengths of more popular technologies (Angular, React), but Vue.js is noticeably more compact and easier to use.

Your projects can be completed faster and more cost-effectively with it, but only if you hire experienced engineers with proven knowledge of Vue.js.

It always makes sense to hire Vue.js developers, whether you need a high-performance single-page application or a simple website with a dynamic interface that adjusts to the user. Vue.js is beneficial for business. Moreover, if you decide to hire Vue.js engineers in Ukraine, it will be doubly beneficial because you will get hand-picked specialists, technical expertise available at the agreed time, and reasonable prices.

Before we start our cooperation, let's discuss the details. Feel free to ask questions via email or phone.

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