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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from DDI Development!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

As most of the people are succumbing to the Christmas anticipation and are bustling around the stores to get everything fixed for a lavish dinner and the celebration night, we at DDI Development keep working on user experiences for the coming year. However, even we in the short run are going to put keyboards aside, power off our gleaming monitors, and never come back to them in the year of 2015.

This exciting date is coming, the countdown has started to the moment when everybody will rush to unwrap their Christmas gifts. Our appreciated partners and clients won’t be left without presents as well.

gifts from DDI Development company

The IT angel cards and souvenir magnets will take care of your user experiences throughout the coming 2016 year.

 IT angel cards and souvenir magnets

And now, to align with an IT spirit, we’ve come up with the list of top 5 wishes for you.

Top 5 Christmas wishes from DDI Development

5. May your ingenious ideas be never depreciated by the “everything has been done before” rule. The Internet has taught us a ruthless lesson: once you come up with a bright idea and google it, anxious to find something similar, it’s already there. On the Internet. Somebody has invented and also implemented it while you were just contemplating with growing enthusiasm. We don’t want that to happen. May your ideas remain unique.

4. May Google ads never reveal the secret of your gift. While we’re choosing presents for our beloved ones on the Internet, Google watches us and eventually offers remarketing ads on every available banner spot. Certainly, it won’t forget to put your present there as well. And if you’ve been incautious enough, the gift mystery can be unraveled once your recipient uses the same computer and the same browser. May you always be cautious enough to terminate this whistleblower ad.

3. May you rarely be experiencing buffering and loading screens. Let’s be honest. These are inevitable, so it would be overconfident to wish them to disappear at all. Slow Internet connection, heavy graphics, poor optimization are the things we come across daily. However, may that buffering experiences be reduced as much as it’s possible. Please.

2. May you always find the right things while you search the Internet. When you’re reminiscent of some movie from the childhood and manage to recall only a few bland words out of the plot, it’s going to be a challenging quest to google it right and figure out the title. Or you may be trying to find your old friend whose last name is Johnson or Smith. Good luck with that. So, may you be always choosing the right words for your search engine. (Though it would be better if search engines could eventually deal with these flaws.)

1. May you really enjoy these holidays with your beloved ones. Being with your family and friends, be with your family and friends. Don’t turn the greatest event for the nearest and dearest into the social solitude panorama, staring at your smartphones and tablets, texting, scrolling, and sliding to unlock. It’s not that hard to put your devices aside.

Have just great holidays.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

Santa Claus

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