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How to build a makeup app for beauty tips

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create a makeup app

The Client’s Requirement

Our client is US based senior executive with more than 15 years of expertise in global business development and expansion, finance and business operations.

After years of working at successful consumer-facing technology startups and big companies, it was intended to launch beauty application, so company who could build a mobile solution to fix the fragmented digital beauty user experience was required.

Have analysed client’s business needs and have made a business rival research, it was decided to create makeup app which could be used by busy adults and students living in a digital world. The project’s basic idea was to build makeup app using which users could create and index their looks buying coveted products with just a few taps.

The Project Challenges

DDI Development team of mobile app developers was faced the following challenges:

  • Our customer was very particular about the user interface and our IT team delivered great UI according to the requirements and needs.
  • We had to develop the mobile makeup app for iOS platform using modern digital technologies in a quick turnaround time.
  • Agile approach was used for building the mobile makeup app to focus on customer involvement, flexible planning, constant evaluation, risk management for effective and efficient complement of the project.

The Solution

  • The beauty app was built for iOS platform.
  • The app has the option of performing customised searches of properties based on products and brands.
  • The application is integrated with Instagram and Facebook.
  • It is possible to find contacts on phone, to search friends by name. Products, looks can be shared (Add to Notes, Mail, iCloud Photo Sharing) and saved (Save Image, Add to iCloudDrive).
  • Our iOS development team created a very user-friendly mobile application having an easy flow and real time data.

The Features

Creating Great Looks Point

Whether you look sweet or flirty, romantic or striking, do not miss the chance to share your look in order everybody see how beautiful and confident you today. By using this beauty app there is an easy way to add and index your favourite look.

Find out how to do it:

1. Add look by clicking ‘Create Look’.

2. Add a photo of your look by clicking ‘Use Photo Library’ button or ‘Use Camera’ button.

3. Choose photo, preview it. Then click ‘Retake’ button or ‘Use Photo’ button.

looks point

4. Entitle your look with the possibility to change it later.

5. Create your look by clicking ‘Got it, Go on’ button.

6. Search for products and brands you use while creating your look.

looks point

Tags’ Solution

There is a tag’s array that needs to be balanced. If it is divided into two halves, lines will have different length because of a different word size. It leads to the fact that UI will not be user-friendly. Our team avoided it by using the algorithm which allows to balance character lengths in two lines, but the number of tags can vary. Find out how to make a makeup app with an attractive and compelling user interface from the example below:

Tags’ Solution

Here is the result of having implemented mentioned above solution:


Deep Linking Mechanism

Deep Linking Mechanism

A deep link is an Universal Resource Locator or URL opening and directing a user to a specific user interface or resource. Creating an application, IT specialists register an URL scheme with iPhone OS. After implementation of deeplink strategy the application was getting more responsive and capable of navigation.

Deep linking usage helps to attract new users to the app, directs them straight to a specific UI in the app, provides security features; gives owner more control over the app's marketing and onboarding process.

Application Coordinator Approach

App coordinator is an object encapsulating a lifecycle that is spread over a collection of view controllers. To represent a certain use case of the app such as registration our team needed some object to control the flow containing V-controllers. The purpose of this object is to look after the flow logic, removing that responsibility from the view controllers.

Application Coordinator Approach

So application coordinator was a great solution to represent a lifecycle that’s made up of a bunch of view controllers.

Winning Push Notification Strategy

Push notifications are short messages emerging on the screens of mobile devices or desktop to report on significant events such as company news, promotions, discounts and various updates.

Our client’s benefits after our mobile development team has implemented push notifications:

  • Users became more motivated as they are reminded about brand and promoting marketing campaigns.
  • Users were timely informed about upcoming events.
  • Pushes were added as a way to convey people about up-to-date information at websites or applications such as adding new content, likes, etc.

User-friendly Brand Search

It’s often overwhelming to select the products for your beauty style. This beauty mobile application has the collection of affordable for the average consumer beauty products loved by many people in all parts of the world. Due to well-structured brand search you are able to find the product that best suits your needs, based on use and reliability.

User-friendly Brand Search

Let Yourself Be Trendy

Let Yourself Be Trendy

There are unlimited beauty tips to look gorgeous in the beauty industry. The more beauty tips you know, the better you will be prepared to handle every situation in your life.

To help inspire and revamp there is a collection of the chicest beauty trends and beauty advice from makeup artists, hairstylists in beauty mobile application.

Tools and Technology

Our team of mobile developers used next tools and technologies:

  • Alamofire
  • SwiftyJSON
  • CoreData
  • CoreAnimations
  • FacebookSDK
  • Instagram API
  • Branch
  • Fabric
  • Crashlytics
  • OAuth2.0

The Outcome

The dedicated DDI development team of mobile application specialists who were assigned to this project completed developing makeup app and met the decided timeline. Our rich background in the application development industry helped us to understand the client’s needs to implement this mobile solution without any hassles.

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