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Top Software Development Trends for 2016

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software development trends

A true professional is always working on self-improvement, and in the tech industry, this means staying aware of the latest software development trends and getting acquainted with new stuff fast in order to keep riding the tide. Therefore, while the year has just started, many developers want to know what the trends in software development will be in 2016. Let’s take a look at our analysis.

Do You Want to Be Efficient and Secure? Wrap Your Code in Containers!

One of the main directions for the current trends in software development is coding in containers. Creating virtual machines atop of physical hardware meant a waste of resources from the very beginning. When every process is wrapped in a single container, it spends much fewer resources and provides much more security, as it can be additionally protected using the latest cryptography achievements. This helps keep your data in cloud storage, secure and ready for immediate action - exactly what DDI Development software company offers to our clients.

Mobile Sensor Apps Are in High Demand

mobile sensor apps

With Apple Watch hitting the market and many competitors offering their alternatives, along with the long-waited launch of Dr.Watson from IBM, which can turn every wearable device into a mobile health sensor, the need for specialized apps will only grow. Already existing equipment, along with the devices yet to come will produce huge volumes of data and mobile developers will have to build reliable and potent tools, able to visualize the data in order to provide more precise health condition analysis and timely help. This software development trend is sure to provide an ample field of jobs.

Java Might Lose Its Positions as One of the Main Coding Languages

java positions

Being able to code in Java will no longer be sufficient to get a developer job. Job listings do include Java knowledge, yet candidates should have a lot more skills to bring to the table. Some companies require “Java experience” in order to train their new engineers on Spark, so they are later able to work with Python or Scala. Most of the full-Java jobs require only the maintenance of ongoing processes, with new development steadily declining. The last but not the least, several Oracle officials and Java missioners have lately moved to Twitter and other companies, giving some insider information regarding the current state of events:

“Oracle’s ideology of proprietary rights is in direct conflict with Java open source policy, so Oracle is divesting from Java”.

Abandoning Java as one of the main coding languages for new technology (if Oracle disables Java’s open source tools) might have a huge impact on software development trends this year.

Cloud Computing Is on the Roll

cloud computing

More and more mammoths from the brick-and-mortar era, like Marriott and other companies, are adopting NoSQL policy for their critical operations and going for cloud computing of their data in 2016. The era of Big Data is upon us, with Windows 10 being a predecessor (or a beta version, which will be massively updated in the future) of an online OS, Android preparing their counterpart for Win10 based on Chrome, Spark conquering new horizons and cloud hosting becoming more and more functional and popular day by day. Software future trends are firmly within the cloud. Just analyze the job listings: whenever you see any big company involved in software development hiring – they state: “cloud experience would be an advantage”. Make the conclusions yourself.

Spark, More Spark!


Apache Spark may as well become one of the main software development trends as this open-source processing engine deploys an immense field of opportunities and may change the IT industry landscape completely, with monsters like Cloudera backing it up and many more companies readying for the opportunity to be in the second wave. Hot technology trends like Spark are to be treated seriously if you don’t wish to become a sad example of the developer, whose tools and services are no longer feasible.

We Will Be Doing Everything Real-Time. Mostly, From Mobile


Many latest software development trends show the same picture: we need to do everything real-time. Not only data analytics; processing requests from customers and interacting with suppliers, changing the entire way your business works will begin next year. Some system analysts predicted such change some time ago, as mobile shopping and communication transformed the way we spend time and money, which will inevitably lead to transforming the way people do business. The process will not take place at once, of course, as the full result will be seen in several years only – yet it’s up to you to stick to the right course of development – and become the next Zuckerberg, maybe?

ETL Rules the Development World… Will it Be Overcome?

rules the development

We assume you will agree with the statement that 80% of resources (be it time, money or developer’s effort) spent on ANY new application is spent on ETL process. Regardless of the coding language, the app is built on, regardless of the trends software follows – you have to gather the raw data, transform it into operable information and load it into the database so your app can process it. Current software development trends explicitly show that present day data analysis systems will not cope with Big Data efficiently enough. Issues with scalability, simultaneous processing of different data sources and efficient (quick enough) data transformation pose big threat and require efficient solution strategy. Red Hat’s Teiid data virtualization technology might show one of the possible solutions, though. Therefore, the company that will show the most efficient way of overcoming the ETL issues can be forming new software trends in Big Data for the years to come.

Self-Servicing Is Essential and Will Become Crucial in the Big Data Era


In the era of mobile payments, the rapid growth of mobile apps market and general software development trend shifting from in-house proprietary development with license-based access to open source collaboration on tasks and outsourcing the job to a constantly growing community of skilled teams, you must concentrate on self-service. It is not a mantra, it is the only way the cloud-based infrastructure of the future can work – any bureaucracy and regulatory policy will result in a huge drop in productivity. All enterprise-grade companies, as well as smaller market players and developers should follow outsourcing software development trends and actively introduce the policy of good will, being honest and doing the right thing – as any product with service limitations, license or any other form of bureaucracy will be quickly lost in shadow of similar product without such ties.

Container Farms and First Big Data Management Tools

big data management tools

Docker is most likely going to become the hot spot this year, as container farms may turn into the reality. By the end of 2016 first reliable management tools are expected to appear, which will be a checkpoint on our way to Big Data. Current software development trends are based on the fact that many companies are following the policy of outsourcing parts of the project, collecting each revision in a repository like GitHub and receiving the ready product in much shorter time and with much fewer expenses as compared to full in-house development. Add the possibility to pack it in containers, thus unifying the tools and making the app a multipurpose cross-platformer – only the sky will be the limit, really.

What are your thoughts on latest software industry trends? Feel free to express your thoughts, we are always open for discussion!

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