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Top 10 Blockchain Startups that boomed in 2017. What are they about?

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blockchain startups 2017

The internet delivered value, powered by a clever cryptography, software and computer engineering, behavioural economics and mathematics combination is gaining traction. It is innovative technology based on blockchain promising to reshape organisation, disrupt market sectors and change the way people live, think and work.

Blockchain-based start-ups are increasingly growing globally, with the technology becoming one of the most significant areas of interest for investors and entrepreneurs. DDI Development company has provided an extensive review of the hot 10 blockchain-based startups that boomed in 2017 and helped to understand what they are all doing.

1. OpenBazaar


Online eCommerce platform that unites buyers/sellers by virtue of the P2P/peer-to-peer network. OpenBazaar has great design and workflow, a lot of useful features: a fully functional wallet built in, updated search, easy installation, is integrated with The Onion Router (Tor), the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), offering stronger privacy, improved environment. Currently, the development team is working on mobile and web versions of the product.

Investors: Union Square Ventures, BlueYard Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, William Mougayar, Digital Currency Group.

Funding: $4.2M.

2. Cambridge Blockchain

campridge blockchain

Simplifies identity compliance by using solution based on blockchain that brings polished customer experience (CX), stronger compliance, attractive prices. Cambridge Blockchain provides an asset agnostic, KYC/know your client-compliant control layer for carrying out the transactions to speed up the installation, reduce capital charges. The architecture of a digital system allows integration with any private/public blockchain-based system to validate participants’ identity information about counterparties.

Investors: Digital Currency Group, LaunchPad Venture Group, Partech, River Valley, Hub Angels Investment Group LLC, etc.

Funding: $2M.

3. Storj


Supports mobile devices and PC in order to have instant access to your data from anywhere. It also provides their own tokens called Storjcoin X, which assure the system is stable and transparency-based. Its services can be purchased with BTC/ETH, credit card payments. Storj allows you to profit from your free HDD space and Internet traffic when someone rents your free space and downloads information from the HDD(s).

Investors: Qualcomm Ventures, TechStars, GVACapital, Tank Stream Ventures, etc.

Funding: $4.8M.

4. Chronicled


Provides IoT and blockchain-based technologies to power secure supply chain solutions. This startup establishes security to protect device data, event logs, identities, introduces automation IoT-dependent business logic to improve all aspects of operations.

Chronicled also sets a goal to create open source tools/standards to unite internet of things/IoT and blockchain environments to deliver great business value.

Funding: $3.42M.

5. Blockstream


The startup provides blockchain innovative solutions that are helping to decide today's financial issues. Blockstream offers a wide range of software/hardware services to organisations in order to deploy new blockchain-based networks.

The backbone of this software platform is the elements released as a part of the open source Elements Project making it the most mature protocols for blockchain ecosystem.

Investors: Acecap, Blockchain, Ribbit, Data Collective, Digital Garage, Embrace, Innovation Endeavors, Reid Hoffman, AME Cloud, AXA Strategic, etc.

Funding: $76M.

6. Bitwala


It offers a fast, affordable variant to pay bills, send money, refill debit cards by using blockchain solution. The users are spread across 120 countries creating their Bitcoin Wallet. Their account also includes a pre-paid debit card that allows them to pay, get cash out, convert bitcoin directly from their wallet.

Funding: $2.6M.

7. Monax


An open platform used by DevOps and software engineers/developers to build, deliver, and run blockchain-based applications for business industry; is designed to support multiple blockchain nodes connected to multiple blockchain networks that have different smart contract interpreters. The platform sells legally compliant smart contract-based SDKs to speed up the time to market.

Investors: Partech Ventures, Anthemis Group.

8. Hijro


The network,based on blockchain technology, is used in the financial sphere that streamlines online B2B payments, supply chain financing/operating, and covers floating capital optimization.

It provides an alternative platform for lending into global supply chains banking partners and other lenders. Trade Asset Marketplace is included in Hijro platform. It allows financial organisations to carry out transactions.

Investors: Draper Associates, Digital Currency Group, Fenbushi Capital, Thomson Reuters, etc.

Funding: $2.78M.

9. Blockstack


Users are able to create an account and a keychain is created on their devices that lets them sign and encrypt their files locally before it is synced and backed up to the cloud, enabling true data ownership. It is highly secure and protected service against account cybertheft.

Digital keys are received for secure logging, encrypted storage system/ecosystem to make Peer-to-Peer/P2P payments (Bitcoin and others). It can be done by gaining access to the new Internet for decentralized applications.

Investors: Compound, SV Angel, Rising Tide, Digital Currency Group, Union Square Ventures, Version OneVentures, Naval Ravikant, Shana Fisher, Y-Combinator, Lux Capital, Marc Bell Ventures, etc.

Funding: $5.45M.

10. BlockCypher


Provides data centres and stores, APIs, cloud infrastructure, round-the-clock or 24/7 support, hosted blockchain-based nodes so as to create blockchain-based applications. BlockCypher offers complex control of blockchain infrastructure - open and private - so that clients can focus on their business applications.

Investors: TriplePoint, Cyril Moutran, Cherry Tree Investments, Sanjiva Weerawarana, Evan Cheng, Boost VC, Upside Partnership, Queensbridge Venture Partners, Fenox Venture, Granite, Streamlined, AME Cloud Ventures, etc.

Funding: $3.5M.

Bottom line

The digital world has been reshaped by facilitating a distributed consensus mechanism where every online transaction can be verified at any time in the future to offer privacy and data protection. Blockchain technology is being applied globally to a wide range of the world solutions - financial and non-financial.

DDI Development company believe that people and companies across the globe need blockchain technology to be embedded. Our highly skilled, experienced development team can do all to make it available. We can provide a set of steps that will help you implement blockchain-based technology into the real digital solution.

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