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Why you should hire software development team in Poland

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hire polish software development team

Let's face it, Poland is considered an IT outsourcing hot spot these days. Judge for yourself: about 400,000 programmers with world-class STEM education, adjustable time difference, reasonable value for money, and 24/7 involvement in your project. Although the Polish development team is physically far away from you, that doesn't make their work any less efficient. On the contrary, the COVID-19 pandemic has proven to all of us that remote work is an option and that remote employees are just as effective as an in-office team. Still not enough arguments for you to decide to hire a dedicated software development team in Poland?

Then keep reading to learn more about the benefits of working with Polish developers.

Hire A Dedicated Team Of Professionals With DDI Development

As a Polish-Ukrainian IT company with R&D centers in Poland and Ukraine, DDI Development helps clients worldwide to optimize business processes and reduce costs associated with implementing IT solutions. We provide both software development teams in Poland and individual specialists with the necessary competencies. The same is true for the range of services. We offer customized engineering solutions while dealing with our Polish development team promises to be cost-effective. All this adds up to the flexibility, adaptability, and efficiency of your business.

Hiring A Polish Software Development Team: What Does That Mean?

The most common way to interact with third-party technology solution providers is known as outsourcing. However, it differs depending on a variety of factors.

There is outsourcing by location (onshore, nearshore and offshore), contract terms (fixed price, time and materials, etc.), and cooperation model (staff augmentation, project-based, dedicated software development team, managed development team, etc.).

If you are location-oriented, pay attention to the following points. Onshore means working with a team from the same country as you, Nearshore means working with a team from a neighboring country, and Offshore means outsourcing development tasks to a team from a remote country.

As you can see, this is not rocket science.

Relationship-based collaboration is even more interesting:

  • If you hire a small or large development team, you as the customer and your contractor share responsibilities, rights, and duties together.
  • With the project-based model, the service provider assembles a team based on your requirements. They are also responsible for the result from start to finish. Product rights are negotiated.
  • With the staff augmentation model, you hire experts to augment the in-house team or expand the technology stack. In this case, you own the product and can manage the work of the team.

And last but not least, cooperation on payment terms. Everything is simple: you can choose a partnership based on developers' hourly rates or opt for a fixed price. Additional terms of the contract are being negotiated.

Why Choose Poland To Hire A Dedicated Software Development Team

If you are faced with the choice of which country to outsource your engineering tasks to, consider Poland first.

Poland is one of the countries in the CEE region with the largest number of developers. According to some estimates, there are about 400,000 technicians in Poland. Moreover, Polish development teams are known for their top-notch technical education and are recognized worldwide as some of the best. Cooperation with them is expected to bring convincing benefits.

why choose polish software development team

Poland Has A Healthy Economy

Poland's GDP reached about $597.19 billion in 2019 and is expected to be about $954.58 billion by 2026. Before the coronavirus outbreak hit the global economy, Poland ranked as one of the most rapidly growing economies in the European Union (EU).

Poland is now rated 12th on Bloomberg's list of the world's most attractive emerging markets and 40th in the Ease of Doing Business rankings. Software and IT are a significant part of the Polish economy. The IT market accounts for 8% of Poland's GDP, and exports of IT services from Poland reached $8.6 billion in 2020.

Poles Speak English Very Well

More than 14 million Poles out of nearly 38 million people in Poland are fluent in English. Poland also ranks among the top 20 out of 100 countries on the English language proficiency index. Everything from school and extracurricular education to daily experience with foreign projects, where knowledge of English is crucial, contributes to this.

Warsaw comes second in Statista's "English language proficiency index in Central and Eastern Europe in 2021, by selected city”:

english speaking level in poland

Polish Universities Provide World-Class Technical Education

There are more than 400 universities in Poland, including more than 40 state universities and about 20 state technological institutes. The most famous of them are the Warsaw University of Technology, Krakow University of Technology, and AGH University of Science and Technology. Some Polish universities are in the top 1000 of QS World University Rankings.

The number of ICT graduates in Poland is 10% of the total number of ICT graduates in the European Union. Given the strong emphasis in Polish education on STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), the software development market is likely to continue to expand and add qualified workers. Almost half of Poland's population between the ages of 25 and 40 already has a college degree.

When hiring Polish engineers, take the time to find the most qualified ones, and rest assured you will get the best of them.

Local Engineers Offer The Tech Expertise You Need

When turning to the software development team in Poland, you can count not only on engineers, technical consultants, and big data specialists but also on experienced business analysts. Polish technicians are well versed in web development, mobile development, full-stack development, as well as niche solutions including CRMS and SaaS.

The most popular programming languages used by developers in Poland are SQL, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Python, Java and Typescript.

most popular programming languages in Poland

The Most Advanced Working Methods Are In Place

Polish dev teams have experience dealing with projects of varying complexity, which allows them to be well-versed in project management practices proven to be the best. For example, the Agile project management approach is widely adapted among Polish teams and also leads to high productivity and customer satisfaction.

Adjustable Time Difference For Greater Efficiency When Dealing With Dedicated Teams

Collaboration with remote developers often involves certain inconveniences due to time differences. How to get over it? First, you need to admit and discuss this nuance with your partner. Second, set a time for regular video conferences with your team.

Even if the time difference is 9 hours (between Poland and the United States), we believe that this issue can be resolved through agreements and a communication schedule.

The opposite is true for Western Europe. For example, the time difference between Poland and the UK is about 1 hour. This means that DDI Development can interact with you during business hours, which we think suits both parties.

Privacy and Data security Are Ensured

Data protection and privacy are of great importance when it comes to outsourcing. Since Poland is a member of the EU, this means that in carrying out its activities it complies with international standards and security regulations, in particular GDPR. Ensuring data privacy and security is one of the reasons why foreign clients choose Poland.

Top 10 Benefits Of Hiring A Dedicated Software Development Team In Poland

Before turning to a Polish development company, it might be helpful to know what the benefits of such cooperation are and how profitable it might be for you.

Dedicated Software Development Team In Poland

1. You Get Fast Results

It is often the case that companies seeking to grow and get to market quickly lack the talent or know-how to do so. At the same time, hiring and maintaining full-time employees is not financially feasible. Conversely, hiring a custom development team can meet the knowledge needs of the business without sacrificing the budget and, at the same time, accelerate the product launch.

2. Sound Pricing So You Can Manage Budget Wisely

As for the cost of services, you can find developers with lower prices than Polish specialists, that's for sure. However, this is in the case if you give priority only to price but not to quality. If you are looking for a quality product and first-class development services, the competence of the developer should be put on the same scale as the price. This is where Poland is one of the clear leaders.

3. Customer Loyalty Is Increased

No doubt, clients love to have their requests handled efficiently. Quality customer service is key to customer satisfaction and loyalty to your organization. Remote developers hired in Poland can help you provide the service your customers want. Instead of rejecting customers for lack of the right expertise or technical knowledge, solve these problems with the help of a team from Poland.

4. Your Business Is A Top Priority

While outsourced developers handle day-to-day operations, you can focus on more strategic tasks to grow your business. In addition, dedicated technicians from Poland will free up your full-time employees and enable them to focus on their duties, thereby ensuring the smooth operation of your business.

5. Cooperation Is Fine-Tuned For Your Greater Leeway

Cooperating with a dedicated development team from Poland unties your hands. You can quickly staff up before the busy season starts, without the additional financial investment for hiring and maintaining staff. You can also terminate the partnership once the hot season is over or the current task is completed. Your requests for third-party IT service providers are manageable and flexible.

6. Lightning-Fast Recruitment To Stay Ahead Of The Competition

There is a constant struggle for talent in the job market. If you decide to hire developers on your own, there is a chance of falling behind larger competitors and losing time and money. Conversely, with a dedicated team, luck will be on your side. Describe your requirements for technical talent, and the recruiter on the contractor side will offer the right candidates on time and on the best terms for you.

7. Sought-After Hard Skills Are At Your Disposal

When you hire a Polish team of developers and other technical specialists, you benefit from a huge pool of educated, reliable, and knowledgeable go-getters. As you may know, about 400,000 programmers are working in Poland with all kinds of knowledge, including the kind you might need. Just imagine how working with a Polish IT company can be advantageous for you!

8. A Comprehensive Approach To Addressing Your Specific Challenges

With Polish developers, you can benefit from their comprehensive approach to work. Their diverse and rich experience, as well as honed skills, allow Polish technical teams to offer holistic solutions for different IT needs. Hiring Polish developers means, above all, getting a reliable partner ready to offer customized ideas and share responsibility for the result.

9. Polish Teams Are Scalable For The Sake Of Your Growth

The software development team in Poland is flexible, manageable and scalable. This means that you can hire either one specialist to meet specific project needs, or assemble an entire software development team to meet your rigorous functional and non-functional requirements. What's more, you can hire a team to maintain, support, or improve the already-launched product.

10. Shared Cultural Background For Smooth Teamwork

Polish developers are familiar with the values and culture of the Western world; they have the same holidays, music, and cinematic preferences as North Americans and Western Europeans, which means it will be easier for them to work together as a team.

As for work processes, developers from Polish teams are open to dialogue and prefer to stand up for their views and ideas if they consider them to be valuable for the result. They are used to discussing their solutions in a reasoned way, but they also know how to listen to others and cooperate, so that at the end of the day the product only benefits from joint efforts.

5 Hot Cases When You May Need To Hire A Dedicated Software Development Team In Poland

Listed below are situations in which it makes sense to resort to hiring a custom software development team. Perhaps some of these options are relevant to you. Let's find out.

You Need To Cut Costs

As a rule, the first reason to hire a specialized team is to reduce or optimize costs. This option is even more relevant during an economic crisis, when saving money, allocating budgets wisely, and reinvesting capital are priorities.

However, every business has its specific reasons for saving money:

  • Reallocating funds with a shift in focus to marketing and sales;
  • Reducing the cost of hiring and managing staff;
  • Optimizing financial performance and increasing revenues.

By cooperating with Polish developers, you will be able to manage your funds wisely, while getting the desired result.

Your Business Is Booming

When a business starts to thrive, when production and the customer base increase in volume, you probably feel a rush of energy and enthusiasm. Now you want to put all your energies into expanding the business. But this is where the obstacles lurk. You will need expert help from the outside. It makes sense to hire additional workers, namely a development team from Poland.

These professionals are experienced in both developing software from scratch and scaling existing systems. With them, you can decide which tasks to delegate and which to entrust to your in-house staff. Moreover, you do not need to hire a large team at once, you can start with a few specialists whose experience you need the most.

You Are The Jack-of-all-trades

CEOs are usually overwhelmed by trying to juggle multiple tasks at once. We know how important it is for an executive to be a strategist, control finances, and do all the small work tasks simultaneously. But it doesn't work that way, and you have probably figured that out by now. Well, it's time to trust the experts and let go of your grip.

Do more with less. How's this? If you are about to hire a dedicated development team from Poland, consider having a contractor be in charge of project management. In turn, you will only be given progress reports and see the overall progress. Isn't the result what you care about?

You Need To Get the Most Out Of the Main Business Lines

Your business probably has core and non-core areas. How do you divide your efforts between them? Managers regularly overspend money and time by hiring new full-time employees, training them, and controlling them so that they end up dealing with non-core lines of business. As a result, the most profitable and key areas of the business suffer.

The point is that it is normal to deal with core business areas and delegate non-essential ones. The idea of dedicated teams is precisely to free up your core team from second-tier tasks.

Need For The Rare Expertise

There are times when unique skills and knowledge are needed right here and right now. What to do? That's correct, turn to the Polish development team with the skills and experience you need most. It's like shopping: you choose a product based on strict criteria. The product may be hard to find and sold in limited quantities at a high price. Nevertheless, that product is available to you.

Team Size For Successful Agile Software Development: Go For A Small Team Or A Large One?

You probably already know how profitable it can be to cooperate with a Polish development team. The next thing to do is to decide how big the hired team should be. Frankly speaking, a small team is more flexible and therefore preferable, and here's why.

They Take A Client-Oriented Approach

Dedicated development teams from Poland are results-oriented. They do not need to satisfy shareholders with the number of lines of code or man-hours worked. On the contrary, in the case of small IT companies, you can virtually cooperate with your friends, when you can voice a request of any complexity and get a customized solution in response. Small teams are interested in keeping customers happy and making them repeat customers.

You Are Offered An Adequate Value For Money

You may have noticed that big-name companies charge more money for their services. This is called "paying for the brand". Unlike this strategy, smaller companies, such as the software development teams in Poland, try to keep the best value for money:

1. They provide quality by default, otherwise, it would be difficult for them to compete in the tight software development services market.

2. Their prices are such that they don't put customers off, but rather attract them, while developers feel valued.

In numbers, the services of Polish developers are 2-3 times cheaper than those of their counterparts in Western Europe, Canada, and the USA. Such cooperation is of particular benefit in the long term, or if a large team of developers has to be assembled. Thus, according to FullStack Labs, the average hourly rate in the US is about $75 - $175, and the average hourly rate for developers in Eastern Europe is $30 - $70.

average hourly rate for developers in Poland

Let's look at the salary issue from a new angle. When you hire professionals in-house, you incur additional expenses because you have to pay for vacations, benefits, sick leave, etc. You also have to pay taxes, office rent, and related expenses. If you hire remote specialists as a dedicated development team, these costs can be avoided.

C-level Executives Involved In Your Project

When you opt for a small team assembled for you by a Polish IT company, you can count on senior management to be involved in the workflow. This means that the C-level executives are to share their valuable experience or business advice with you, which, let's face it, is much more than just providing services strictly according to the procedure.

Easy Teamwork And Quick Results

Small companies tend to be flexible and unbureaucratic. Solutions to queries and problems are at arm's length. You can communicate openly with both senior management and engineers, and you don't have to go through a multi-level company structure to do so. Unlike corporations, small engineering service companies are considered family-type firms; they are simple and open systems.

Experts With Similar Subject Matter Expertise Will Be Handling Your Project

What sets small teams of developers from Poland apart is their deep expertise in issues that may be of interest to you as well. Often clients look directly at a programmer's track record to see if it matches their request.

By working with small teams, you have a better chance of bringing in experts with the right hands-on experience to solve the problems you are facing. You don't have to train experts and run the risk of mistakes. Well-trained specialists are at your disposal, which greatly streamlines the project process and increases the likelihood of a high-quality product.

Developers From The Polish Team Are Responsible Not In Words, But In Deeds

Small development teams interact directly with you. Unlike large teams that prioritize only a few projects, small teams treat each project as the key one. Each employee is responsible for their work and reports to you at team meetings. They have a vested interest in ensuring that your project is key, otherwise, they fail to win your trust.

Obstacles You May Face When Hiring A Remote Software Development Team In Poland

Third-party IT may be a better business decision than you might think. However, there are certain challenges you may encounter when working with offshore developers.

Hire Remote Software Development Team In Poland

Communication Gap. For a collaboration to be successful, both you and the contractor must be on the same page in terms of communication. Working remotely prevents quick communication and slows down the workflow along with the results.

Security and Trust Issues. When you first start working with remote developers, it's hard to start trusting them right away. But you don't have to. Start by delegating non-essential tasks to see if the dedicated development team can be trusted.

Management Challenges. Being in different parts of the world, it is quite difficult to gather the whole team under one roof and control their work. This is where the remote work format causes management and motivation efforts to be blocked. The main thing is to hire experienced employees.

Cultural Barrier. On the one hand, the cultural barrier poses problems because people from different cultures do not understand each other well in theory, which means an inevitable decrease in team effectiveness. On the other hand, it is an enriching experience when everyone tries to understand each other, learn interesting facts about the other culture, and thereby grow as a team. Isn't that admirable?

Working Approach Issues. The technical team hired should be following the same principles as your team, or at least understand what you want them to do. The most common approach to project management is the versatile Agile project management approach. However, whichever approach you choose, your development team should follow it as well as is expected of them.

How To Find And Hire A Dedicated Development Team In Poland

With all of the above in mind, you most likely have an idea of the peculiarities of cooperation with Polish developers. These include optimizing business processes, reducing the time and effort of hiring staff, reducing costs, etc. And now let's move on to the steps you need to take when choosing developers in Poland.

Do Your Homework On Gathering Information

First, make a list of contractors you may want to approach based on your business goals and requirements. Next, do some research. Look into their client list, testimonials, case studies, the company's background, what awards and accomplishments they have, etc.

Have A Talk With Your Potential Partner

At this point, you are free to ask detailed questions, and then see how willing the contractor is to communicate with you and whether they are willing to offer a customized solution to your request. You should also find out what kind of team can be assembled for you, small or large, and whether it is going to include specialists with requested expertise.

Decide On What You Want To Delegate

We know how hard it is to decide which tasks to delegate. Nevertheless, there are several options:

  • Trust a Polish development team to build an end-to-end product from scratch;
  • Expand your staff with additional specialists to cover the knowledge gap;
  • Hire a dedicated development team to solve your tasks, or delegate the project to them.

What's best for you? When you expand your staff or hire a team, the ball is in your court - you are in control of the work of the professionals involved and responsible for the results of their work. Conversely, when you outsource product development, the processes described above are supervised by the provider.

One More Thing Before You Get Started

It is worth visiting the company's office in Poland to dispel all doubts. In addition, Poland has a convenient geographical location and an excellent transport connection to almost all major cities in the world.

If you decide to work with the DDI Development team, rest assured that we will do our best to run everything smoothly and give you the results you expect.

Get To Know The DDI Development Team

The DDI development team is knowledgeable and experienced in both outsourcing and outstaffing. We will guide you through the specifics of each collaboration model so that you understand your capabilities, rights, responsibilities as a customer, and the results you can count on. Custom software development is the core of our business. You can apply for any service, whether it's turnkey product development or bringing an MVP to market. Perhaps you need single specialists to augment your staff.

Whatever you choose, we'll provide a holistic approach to project management and deliver expected results promptly. Our collaboration will be based on an analysis of the specifics of your business, so you get what you asked for. DDI Development will help you succeed.

Bottom Line

When thinking about which country to look at when outsourcing software development services, we believe Poland should come first.

Poland is one of the globally recognized IT outsourcing hubs in Europe. The local IT ecosystem is experiencing steady growth, and Polish software development teams are becoming known for their commitment to cutting-edge technology, high standards of business ethics, and a strong sense of responsibility. DDI Development in this regard is a development team that adheres to all of the above characteristics. In addition, we have our own proven practices and approaches to solving technology-related challenges for our clients.

If you are striving to take the lead in your industry, don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to accompany you on this path of growth.

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