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How to Hire JavaScript Engineers in Ukraine [A Comprehensive Guide]

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Nowadays, advanced communication technologies allow us to get in touch with anyone anywhere in the world. These technologies also make it possible to hire and collaborate for many years with a dedicated software development team in Ukraine. You can contact them at any time and get an immediate answer to your question or make an appointment via video conference to discuss plans and clarify results.

Hiring JavaScript developers in Ukraine in 2022 means cooperation on the outsourcing/outstaffing model, i.e. cooperation with remote development teams. As statistics shows, almost 45% of Americans are convinced that outsourcing software development tasks is beneficial in terms of saving money and time. Saving money is the main motivation for IT outsourcing in general, while at the same time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the budget for outsourcing increased from 12.7% to 13.6% in various countries.

Dedicated development teams not only reduce costs, but also increase productivity by at least 10% and usually fit within the agreed budget. Isn't that a reason to think seriously about hiring Ukrainian JavaScript developers? Let's see why hiring Ukrainian software developers is crucial for the success of your project and beneficial for your business as a whole.

Key Reasons You Should Hire Ukrainian JavaScript Developers

Choosing a country and company where you can profitably hire JavaScript developers can be a real challenge, especially if you have no experience in this field. You probably realize that a lot depends on your decision, up to and including the success of your business, which makes finding and hiring the right technicians even more of a challenge. Since we know what a big responsibility you have, we've prepared an overview of compelling reasons to help you make a smart decision about hiring JavaScript developers in Ukraine.

Instant Access to the Best Technicians

When you need a specific service, technology or expertise, you don't need to set up a separate IT department to meet those needs. You can contact your IT service provider with the appropriate request, delegate the task to remote developers, and in the meantime, switch to more strategic business tasks yourself.

It's important to provide the contractor with clear and transparent requirements to avoid misunderstandings in the future and stick to your plan.

Control Over the Project at Your Fingertips

When deciding to hire JavaScript coders in Ukraine, you get full control over the process and the results of the work. The team constantly gives you updates on progress, what they've already achieved and what they're struggling with, and you can contact remote developers at any time to coordinate actions. What's important about this collaboration is the need to work within a single business concept. Your remote software development team should be aware of your other projects and business goals that the project being developed by the remote programmers is aimed at.

Hiring JavaScript Programmers In Ukraine Means Cutting Costs

By hiring a remote developer, you not only strengthen your project with advanced technical expertise, but also gain the ability to manage your budget more wisely. Compared to developers in the US and Western Europe, Ukrainian developers are more affordable for a variety of reasons, such as the standard of living in Ukraine, the average salary level in the country, etc. But it is not only the cost of services that matters here, you also will not spend money on maintaining the workplace, paying taxes and benefits, finding and hiring a developer, etc. All the hassle of hiring is taken care of by the IT service provider.

Please watch out when trying to find the cheapest remote development company - cheap does not always mean quality. Pay attention to how technically savvy your future developers are, conduct detailed technical interviews, give test assignments, and choose the company that best meets the needs of your business.

Hiring JavaScript Programmers In Ukraine Means

How to Find JavaScript Developers for Your Project: Strong Arguments to Consider

Ukraine is the No. 1 country in Eastern Europe in IT outsourcing and software development, it ranks third in the rating of qualified IT specialists all over the world and 11th among 50 countries with the best programmers in the world (HackerRank). Isn't that enough to make sure it's worth hiring Ukrainian JavaScript engineers? Well, here are a few more facts that are hard to ignore:

  • The number of developers in Ukraine has exceeded 200,000, with about 8,000 JavaScript developers in Ukraine;
  • Ukraine is a leader in cybernetics and natural language processing;
  • 100+ global companies have their R&D centers in Ukraine, which means - they trust us and think it's necessary to work with Ukraine.
How to Find JavaScript Developers for Your Project

Country's Potential and Business Climate to Grow Your Business

Some well-known startups, such as Grammarly, Gitlab, and Restream, are from Ukraine. Ukraine's potential is such that according to the Bloomberg Innovation Index, the country is one of the top 60 most innovative countries in the world, while Ukraine ranked 29th in the Global Startup Rankings.

This is a sign that Ukraine has not only talented JavaScript programmers to hire, but also inventive people, which means they are capable of creating unusual, innovative products.

Ukraine is interested in building profitable business relationships with Western countries, so international relations are a priority, and outsourcing is commonplace in the industry. Ukraine as a whole creates favorable conditions for investment because the IT industry is crucial to the national economy. IT is the most exported service in Ukraine, accounting for 8.3% of the country's exports of goods and services worth $60.4 billion, and Ukraine's largest R&D partner is the U.S. (45% of companies surveyed).

As for taxes, Ukraine has a simplified taxation system. In this respect, the government also seeks to create favorable conditions for foreign customers and encourages foreign investment (see the paragraph on startups and R&D centers of 100+ international companies).

Ukraine Has a Convenient Geographical Location for Interaction

Since Ukraine is located close to Western Europe, it simplifies interaction with foreign colleagues - there are no problems with moving between countries to visit events, client offices, or even to relocate. This is another reason to hire JavaScript developers from Ukraine. The difference between Ukraine and Western European countries is only 1 hour, and about 7 hours with the U.S. To meet, just choose one of the many available flights, and to call, you can set a date or time that is convenient for both parties.

We Have a Pro-Western Culture and Mindset to Facilitate Cooperation with Foreign Clients

The aforementioned geographic location of the country also greatly facilitates the cultural exchange between Ukrainian JavaScript coders for hire and representatives of other countries. Ukrainians have a pro-Western mentality and Western culture, we are flexible and adaptive, but at the same time, we have our own specific culture and traditions. And in this case, the advantage is on your side: Ukrainians have only 11 paid holidays a year.

Ukrainian JavaScript Programmers Grow Professionally within a Community of Like-minded People

Every major city in Ukraine has an IT cluster that holds events to help local developers grow professionally. There are also regular thematic events to share experience and knowledge, among the most famous are iForum, Lviv IT Arena, PyCon Ukraine, Dev_Challenge, but there are also many more niche and smaller events in each city and company.

High-end Education of Ukrainian Technicians for Your Benefit

Ukrainian universities produce about 160,000 technicians and 30,000 engineers annually, and over 80% of Ukrainian developers have a master's degree. Because engineering students combine training and internships in real companies, technicians come to projects not only with the necessary knowledge, but also with practical experience, including experience with in-demand technologies. For example, JavaScript is the most popular programming language among Ukrainian developers:

programming language

Ukrainian engineers are also leading in the application of other in-demand technologies, such as Unity3D, Scala, Magento, and C++. So finding and hiring JavaScript engineers with the right expertise is not rocket science.

JavaScript Developers from Ukraine Are Fluent in English

English is the first foreign language that every technical specialist, who aims for professional growth, strives to master. According to a survey on, about 80% of Ukrainian IT specialists speak English well, and 35% of them are fluent. Developers in Ukraine are motivated to improve their knowledge of English because it makes them more competitive and increases the cost of their services. Given these facts, you probably won't have any difficulty communicating with the Ukrainian developers you might hire.

Additional Expertise to Bring Your Project to New Heights

If you decide to hire JavaScript engineers in Ukraine, you should know that other highly specialized and experienced professionals such as HR staff, recruiters, accountants, lawyers, project managers, copywriters, etc. may also be hired here. Whatever specialists you need, you can get them by contacting a contracting company.

Now you know that by hiring Ukrainian JavaScript programmers, you get a team of like-minded professionals and experts who will correctly understand your goals and objectives.

Why to Hire Ukrainian Dedicated JavaScript Developers

Western clients increasingly prefer to hire dedicated JavaScript developers, because working with remote specialists gives access to a wide range of technical talent. Just imagine, there are about 23 million programmers in the world, and yet businesses around the world still have trouble finding and hiring the right talent:

  • Currently, 70% of employers in the U.S. are already experiencing skills gaps;
  • 72% of businesses in the U.K. are also struggling to hire staff, with about 50% of employers struggling to find skilled manual or technical workers;
  • 42% of employers in Germany expect labor costs to be one of the most pressing issues in the coming years;
  • And at the same time, demand for skills, such as programming, will grow by 55% by 2030.

In terms of money, the lack of qualified workers will cost IT departments in the U.S. $22,000 per employee per year. Conversely, hiring Ukrainian JavaScript developers will prove cost-effective.

One of the reasons you should hire Ukrainian JavaScript engineers in 2022 is the lower cost of hiring. According to the website, recruitment costs are typically 1.25 to 1.4 times the salary. If the salary is $35,000, your costs will be between $43,750 and $49,000. In the U.S., for an employee to make $50,000, an employer must pay between $62,500 and $70,000 a year.

Remote developers cost less, while hiring an in-house developer means significant expenses for salaries, taxes, benefits, insurance, all sorts of compensation, etc.

According to Glassdoor, hiring one developer takes up to 24 days and costs $4,000, with 43% of new hires quitting right after hiring.

Each time an employee quits, it costs the company about 15% of their annual salary: if the salary of a quit specialist is $50,000 a year, the company loses $7,500.

As for the UK data, the situation is similar. A study by Oxford Economics reports that the average cost of replacing an employee in the IT sector is £6,455, and a failed hire of a specialist with a salary of £42,000 can cost a company up to £132,015.

With remote JavaScript programmers, you can avoid the costs associated with mis-hiring. If you hire JavaScript developers in Ukraine, you get a fixed monthly rate that consists of vendor fees and the developer's net salary.

How to Hire Ukrainian JavaScript Developers

Once you've pretty much decided where to hire JavaScript coders, the only thing left to do is to consider the specific steps you need to take to successfully hire and profitably work with them.

Businesses that have never encountered hiring remote JavaScript developers before are likely to face some challenges when trying to find answers to such questions:

  • Why should I prefer hiring remote developers?
  • If hiring Ukrainian JavaScript programmers, which cooperation model should I choose?
  • What are the stages of the hiring process and how long will it take?
  • What should be specified in the job description for an external recruiter?

We would like to simplify your task of hiring remote JavaScript engineers, so we suggest following the steps described below.

Which collaboration model is best for you? To begin with, you need to decide which collaboration model is right for you. There are several common collaboration models: outsourcing and outstaffing.

With outsourcing, you hire a remote development team, which is managed by a project manager on the contractor's side. Interaction with the team goes directly through the project manager, which saves you time. In addition, as part of the outsourcing practice, this team will have full-time HR, recruiters, accountants, and other specialists who ensure the full functioning of the team and help you with subject-matter issues.

With outstaffing, you hire one JavaScript programmer or team to expand the in-house team, and manage it yourself, which of course requires more time and effort. Outstaffing may be appropriate if you have a limited budget or if you need niche expertise.

What are the deadlines? Once you have decided on the model of cooperation, decide on the timeline, that is, answer the question of when the project should start and when it should be delivered. Keep in mind that the search for the right candidate can take from several weeks to several months, which of course depends on the expert's specialization and experience.

What about the budget and experience required? Decide what technology you need and what level of expertise the JavaScript developers you hire should have. That is, you must provide the contractor with clear requirements and a detailed description of who you need and what for. Budget and method of payment are also issues to be decided at the outset. Whether you are more comfortable paying programmers an hourly rate or a monthly wage, whether you have a budget for contingencies, etc.

When all these points are passed and defined, it makes sense to begin negotiations with a potential IT partner and assume that you are ready for a partnership.

Steps to Hire Ukrainian JavaScript Developers

Like any other process of interacting with a third-party company, hiring remote JavaScript programmers has its pros and cons. The pros include the following:

  • A wide range of professionals;
  • High qualifications, given the rich educational tradition in Ukraine and the need for Ukrainian technicians to remain competitive in the market;
  • Opportunity for you to do business while remote technicians develop your software solution.

The disadvantages include possible difficulties in managing the team and doubts about the reliability of aspects such as system security.

However, close cooperation with remote JavaScript programmers will dispel all doubts. As for the steps to take to hire JavaScript software developers in Ukraine, the main ones are described below.

Steps to Hire Ukrainian JavaScript Developers

Step 1. Make a list of likely IT partners among those companies that meet your basic criteria. Beforehand, study reviews, read portfolios, blogs, information about the company on profile sites, ask them questions directly, find their customers, and request customers' opinions about their collaboration with your potential contractor.

Step 2. Voice your requirements to companies and find out what their procedure is for finding, selecting and hiring the best JavaScript coders. At this stage, it is crucial to properly communicate your thoughts and requirements to potential developers so that recruiters on the partner side get you right and their search for JavaScript programmers turns out to be effective.

Step 3. Candidates selected by the recruiter should be interviewed by you. Use any means of video conferencing and don't spend more than an hour on the interview, but give the candidate a technical assignment. You can give the candidate an assignment on an ongoing project or on work already done to check and compare how the developer or team will handle it.

Step 4. Evaluate each candidate's soft and hard skills to determine the best candidate for the position. If you're having trouble deciding which one to hire, don't hesitate to ask for follow-up interviews to make sure your choice is the right one.

Step 5. Once the necessary JavaScript developers have been selected and the hiring process is up and running, let all the other companies from which you have chosen know so that you can maintain your reputation as a reliable employer.

Salaries of Ukrainian JavaScript Developers

There are about 8 thousand JavaScript programmers in Ukraine, and each of them earns completely different money, which is influenced by work experience and qualifications. To get an idea of the salary range of JavaScript coders in Ukraine and other countries, we gathered information from sources like Glassdoor, Ziprecruiter, Payscale, Indeed and Salaryexpert. See below.

Region Average salary per year
USA $99k
UK $80k
Germany $74k
Canada $86k
Ukraine $34k

Average salary of Ukrainian JavaScript developers:

  • Junior: $1600;
  • Middle: $2750;
  • Senior: $4300.

Ukrainian JavaScript engineers earn about $2800 per month, while they earn about $34,000 per year.

If we turn to the data provided by, we also find that the salary level of JavaScript developers in Ukraine varies. Thus, a JavaScript programmer on Angular.js earns about $2,500, and the average salary of a JavaScript programmer on React.js is about $3,000 per month. Meanwhile, Architect JavaScript Engineer has the highest salary at $6,000 and Junior Front-end specialists have the lowest, they can earn $700 per month.

Bottom Line

When there is a need for additional manpower or a lack of in-house expertise, hiring dedicated JavaScript developers seems like the way to go. With outsourcing, you can choose any developer or assemble a team of developers at your discretion, based on goals, budget, deadlines, or personal preferences.

You can hire JavaScript engineers from all over the world, but what speaks in favor of hiring JavaScript programmers in Ukraine is their commitment to occupy a stable position in the market, which means constant improvement of their skills, extensive experience with complex projects, fluent English, reasonable prices and traditionally high-quality services.

How to start searching for the right specialists is described above. If you have a question not yet answered, please contact us, we will help you find a suitable solution.

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