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How to find and hire mobile app developers

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how to find mobile app developer

Today’s modern people pass more time on mobile applications than on the web, use their smartphones more often instead of laptops or computers. Communications networking, searching entertainment, monitoring health or fitness achievements, and doing any additional work demands various applications. So companies take into account their popularity. Not having functional, impressive application is losing an excellent opportunity of growing revenue in business. To discover how to find and hire iOS and Android mobile app developers follow the tips below:

Create an accurate job description after defining the project

All possible project details and documentation should be defined to find excellent team member to exploit mobile application. After defining project’s accurate description, the list of necessary requirements can be stated. It helps to understand the requirements candidate should meet.

In-demand requirements for mobile application engineer are presented in the blocks below. According to the given information, all needed requirements can be easily found in the blocks, correct job or project description can be created:

Search an applicant with the relevant skills

While hiring a mobile programmer the foremost thing is overthinking if applicant has the specific skills to design and to build flawless, innovative, user-friendly application or not. Do not forget the application you see on a screen of mobile phone needs a web-based backend to support hosted content, push notifications. As cloud services like Parse allow not to build full-server support, keep in mind the programmers you are looking for should know how to write code linking to the chosen services.

Assessing the right skills

Possible applicants should provide written code samples via using Bitbucket or GitHub development services, Apple and Google provided tools. This procedure helps:

  • to understand the difference between poorly or well-written code;
  • to verify the code’s quality, its originality.

For the code samples reviewing an experienced specialist, who is able to screen suitable applicants, is necessary. It is a great deal as it will be decided whether applicants deserve attention or not, should be interviewed or not.

References Request

References discover more about potential employee. After having the possible applicants short list, let them know you are going to connect with their past or current clients to get recommendations. Applicants with excellent recommendations should go higher while the ones with bad reviews or feedbacks must be removed from the list.

Interview like a pro

To avoid hiring disaster, ask interviewee to tell about algorithm of mobile app creation, applying methodology while mobile development process, the worst experience, fees, rates, terms. All mentioned questions are presented in the blocks below. They help to ask the right questions while interviewing to find right player without making mistakes.

During the interview, assess the feeling when speaking with a potential applicants, see if they take the time for explaining things to you and match the enthusiasm for your ideas. Applicants should always listen first, but it’s also vital if sincere and detailed feedback response is provided.

Final words

Application building is not a single procedure. It passes through numerous cycles, based on client’s feedback. It is overriding to hire the best mobile programmer to work with within the project. To sum up all above, keep to the following rules:

  • Focus on business requirements.
  • Never compromise on the quality of application to save a few dollars.
  • Never make a decision speedily.
  • Do some research before finalising.
  • Check the candidate’s previous work, evidences of success.
  • Take the decision smartly.

final words

Hiring the wrong person for mobile team is a major setback for your business. If you are not positive about what you need, where to start, DDI Development company can help to find an app developer, removing all hiring process difficulties.

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