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14 Startups that boomed in 2017

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Startups boomed in 2017

Being kept up-to-date on new technologies and contemporary trends is always essential to prove any business advantageously. There has never been a better time for innovation and startups for making their mark and starting a business. Thousands of startup businesses are founded every year, but the trick is to ensure in your business surviving and thriving. The research has been done to help you to set going. 14 boomed startups are provided below to keep an eye on.

1. Towards Procrastination Time Application

Towards Procrastination Time Application

What is it: Time is an API-powered tracking application using artificial intelligence. It was created to speed up accountability and productivity. The tasks can be quickly added and organized. Just tap on certain task to start a timer and get recommendations to speed up effectiveness some time later.

What is the purpose: To be more focused on helping to accomplish your goals rather than just checking something off a list or logging your activities; to let you more micro-manage the tasks with a color-coded timer, changing from green to yellow to red as the time limit for the set task runs out.


2. Make a Fortune With Worth of Web

Worth of Web

What is it: an accurate website calculator, implemented to show the worth of the websites, to estimate the unique visitors and pageviews numbers, daily and monthly revenue. It is a widely-used tool to drive your website to success by using traffic estimation to calculate ‘potential’ ad revenue of a website. Using different types of income source makes any website unique, so it is not possible to know how much money they earn. This tool shows the website potential only.

What is the purpose: to provide a test/comparison tool to help with the website's progress tracking as websites, blogs, and online businesses improving is a difficult task. If you want to improve a website, do not lose the opportunity and try cutting-edge utility that helps to develop and empower your business.


3. Giving Quick Access Wi-Fi Widget

Wi-Fi Widget

What is it: it is a small, lightweight application, easy to use for people moving between routers a lot. This tiny tool provides an easy way to check connected network right from Notification Center. The latency test is proposed right from the widget, going off and assuring that the access you are connected to is properly operating.

If there is a tendency of bouncing between many different networks during the day, it is a great choice, as Wi-Fi passwords can be also optionally entered into the application, and got a share menu for a password sending.

What is the purpose: it gives quick access to Wi-Fi settings with the help of 3D touch on the icon, lets you test your connection speed fast, and makes it easier to share network info and password with any visitors by using copy-pasting option. It is a great choice to simplify your life and to maximise time.


4. Gaining Time Magnet Application

Gaining Time Magnet Application

What is it: it is a utility, helping to keep the desktop workspace well-organized. The screen can be cut up into halves, thirds, and quarters. To make the windows resizable, they can be dragged to the sides or corners of your display. To select a size and location for your current window, Magnet's menu bar icon is used. There is also a possibility returning the window to its size and location before you used Magnet to resize and move it. Keyboard shortcuts can be used for resizing and moving windows.

What is the purpose: it was created to potentially save a lot of time, organising app windows, to match a screen in order always to know where each app is, even with many apps and windows open at the same time.


5. Next generation document analysis TagDox


What is it: TagDox uses proprietary algorithms, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, and crowdsourcing to understand complicated legal, financial documents to search out and parallel clauses or sections fast. Machine learning algorithms search out and ‘tag’ information inside documents, automatically marking pertinent information to share with colleagues, clients, counterparties, shortening the challenges of document overload and work duplication.

What is the purpose: this tool was designed to help you identify and structure information in your documents, to reduce the risk of error, to streamline processes, free up professional time for the important from the routine in legal, tech and finance industries, changing current business practices. Useful in any document heavy setting, especially where multiple users are going over the same text.



6. The evolution of financial Nubank service

financial Nubank service

What is it: a technology-focused financial services startup, working to redefine the banking standard by credit cards managed by only your mobile phone using. Nubank has been working to develop a database and customers approving system, and to fill the financial vacuum in the Brazil’s market by implementing disruptive innovations into a traditional financial sphere.

What is the purpose: to provide a digital credit card for mobiles, trying to remove customers from Brazil’s highly profitable banks, which have seemed untouchable for a long time, and offer Brazilians the chance to win control of their finances.



7. Fraud screening Ravelin platform

screening Ravelin platform

What is it: a fraud detection company, working with leading e-commerce and on-demand companies in different industries as travel, retail, food delivery, ticketing, and transport. The platform applies machine learning to identify offenders, becoming the life-line fraud solution for any company. It can be plugged into a companies’ network, allowing them to benefit from data collected from other businesses about their fraudsters.

What is the purpose: to spend less time on manual reviews and not focus on servicing their customers, the machine learning models are created to predict good and bad behaviour, based on the relevant customer behavioural and payment data sent via API.



8. platform to be inspired platform

What is it: a platform filled with the best content for development such as stories, tutorials, questions, or anything worth discussing with the ability to read and share with community members. Development is fast-growing industry, so not only by coding but while communicating with other developers all over the world you can improve yourself, and platform is a great way of doing it.

What is the purpose: it was created mainly for programmers to swap ideas and to help in personal development and growth, to develop coding practices and to know where the mistakes are, to write about the faced issues and problems, to offer solutions.



9. Dissipate financial darkness with Clarity Money

Clarity Money

What is it: using the power of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data science universal financial services tool that combines the top features of current managing money applications into a one-stop-shop service. It is a personal finance application that helps users reduce their monthly costs and improve their financial situation. Downloaded application and linked up checking the credit card accounts, it was offered suggestions what subscriptions can be cancelled, what bills can be negotiated lower.

What is the purpose: to find and cancel wasteful subscriptions,to help reduce credit payments,to manage online subscriptions, and to provide split-second savings features for the users and the companies.



10. Seeing cities in motion with Uber Movement

Uber Movement

What is it: a website which uses anonymous GPS information from different kinds of Uber vehicles to help urban planners, local leaders, and civic communities make a reasonable decision about the cities. The main idea is to gain a deep insight into how traffic works within a city, anonymizing got data in order not to be tied to concrete person. Firstly, Uber will start sharing mentioned data to special companies applying for early access version, and in the end to the wide audience.

What is the purpose: to improve urban planning around the world through the data analysis the influence of the busy hours, road closures, and international/local great events.



11. Snappr Photo Analyser to make your profile image perfect

Snappr Photo Analyser

What is it: is a website that uses the cutting edge research to recognise LinkedIn profile image by implementing machine learning technologies, and to identify how well your photo is performed. Creating a good first impression in your professional experience is very essential. The greater part of business relationships is born by using LinkedIn. Profile image is often in the first place to be seen by a potential employer or recruiter, so Snappr Photo Analyzer investigates it by using a multiple criteria to identify how good it is.

What is the purpose: it was created to investigate your professional profile photos, to give them an estimate, to make a proposition of their improvement, based on research around professionalism perception.



12. Webslides Sight

Webslides Sight

What is it: an open-source tool to create mostly educational content and share it by using HTML and CSS, and an easy-to-use platform, working on any device, allowing the persons to be engaged to participate in the creation of educational resources. It allows linking to and including other courses and publications to broaden narrative in a current-day educational industry.

What is the purpose: to create beautiful HTML presentations and landings that run in your browser as a powerful method to inspire young audiences, customers, and future investors, to give the option of sharing the work with the wide spectrum of society to benefit the educational sphere.



13. Ad-free Sky Torrents Search Engine

Ad-free Sky Torrents Search Engine

What is it: commercial-free, non-tracking search engine that proposes complete confidentiality. The site does not track users in any form, and, therefore, does not sell your data to anyone. This project is just for torrents right now, but a great tool if you are careful about your privacy. SkyTorrent is used around the world to download different kinds of information.

What is the purpose: to download movie, TV program series or any big files safely and privately without fear to be implicated and not using maximum Internet bandwidth.



14. AI/ML Reads Treasury Of Knowledge

AI/ML Reads

What is it: AI/ML Reads is a great directory of resources that was created to be in touch with new developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The platform was introduced as a way to give an opportunity to deepen knowledge or gain knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning

What is the purpose: it was applied to collect in one place all kinds of resources about artificial intelligence and machine learning, to inspire and inform users about technological innovations in AI/ML industry, to enable a deeper understanding of the mentioned subjects.


New technology and worldwide trends mean there are many thriving spheres. If you are thinking to start a business, it should be considered gaining speed startups to carve out a making progress niche. Keeping up on the growing and booming startups will offer an advantage. This article is a perfect place to dive into before setting up a startup business.

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