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Top 5 hottest IT trends for 2016

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IT trends 2016 is a point of consideration of many analysts. We also offer you to check our top 5 of information technology trends 2016 for your business solutions. Starting with the fifth in our rating, we will reach the allegedly most powerful.

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5. Networks absorb everything

Social and special networks, file sharing systems have been among information technology trends over the last 5-10 years. People want to have quick and free access to applications, content or other people, their communities, business, and officials. In 2016, the number of systems and appliances that require network endpoints will increase: wearables, home electronics, automotive and environmental devices. All these units need to be connected to a back-end system supplying them with data. As the Internet of things grows big we’ll eventually see the demand to engage more devices into networks to operate them via sole interfaces.

However, it seems that the fully featured IoT concept will thrive a bit later than in 2016. So it’s better to be considered as a future technology trend.

4. Arrangement of information

Big data analytics require further complication and refinement of huge databases, that isn’t the new trend in technology but still very promising in 2016. Computers processing big data are becoming smarter and are able to classify, systematize, and represent data with fantastic accuracy and speed. Information analysis and data classification techniques will transform business processes in 2016 in companies which are bold enough to invest in innovations.

big data facts

3. IT outsourcing: insource and security in the center of the stage

Outsourcing has been among the top IT trends for quite a while but let’s have a look at hot IT trends concerning both customers and providers.

Security will be a major requirement addressed to service providers in 2016 as they have always been the weakest link in companies’ confidential and security policies. Outsourcing agents will be called for to offer their own decisions in respect of their clients’ information protection. And there is one more trend for IT outsourcing associated with security: enterprises need outsourcing services consulting them, especially concerning internal communication and business processes protection.

cybersecurity incidents worldwide

Some enterprises which learned miserable lessons from past collaboration with the outsourcing industry and analyzing new trends in technology are ready to invest in the development of inner competencies to avoid previous fails. Insource appears as a substitute to traditional outsourcing. Due to this intention of some clients, technology consulting services will have high demand this year, and the consulting business presents one of the biggest potentials in the market.

2. More effectiveness, fewer expenses: automation and integration

Considering trends in the IT industry, customers are going to adopt new solutions application services to their business mechanisms and processes in 2016. We predict a lot of integration challenges to appear. IT-developers and especially startups will strive to release products relevant for integration.

Many cloud services require integration efforts. To be ahead in competitive environment companies will apply cloud platforms offering the best ratio of operations advantages and integration opportunities.

The automation of business processes through information technologies is a chance for enterprises to cut their production expenses, as they are already desperate by low-cost work power. Qualified people don’t tend to decrease their salary expectations, so another solution is to give their work to machines which don’t ask for benefits, but create a problem of introduction with its initial investment. We expect that in the IT industry application development will entirely depend on people, but testing will be automated to a maximum possible level.

1. Cloud

The Software industry has never been so dependable onto clouds.

Experts predict that 2016 will become a cloud services year. Cloud technology infrastructure enhances day after day and guarantees that we’ll see drastic business process transformation. The quantity of significant top world conferences dedicated to cloud technology is a direct evidence for this statement.

cognitive technologies impact enterprise software

The cognitive technologies realized by cloud computing

In 2016, we will see how cloud services will grab the biggest part of business workloads and become a platform for web development. We know Amazon Web Services as a prevailing cloud architecture for today but it’s not the only one. One factor plays in favor of Amazon’s competitors: no chief information officer dreams of using one system for all his company’s workload. Thus, there is some differentiation in the mission of data storage and sourcing with mentioned AWS and Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform above all others.

Separately from these top trends, we want to mention another steady tendency that will step up the pace in 2016. Developers no longer just sell IT products, but search for opportunities to linger their relationships with customers with comprehensive aftersales support and maintenance services which are focused on keeping clients and sometimes ensure an additional revenue from already sold products. It becomes clear according to recent trends in it industry.

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