7 best Chatbot apps powered by Artificial Intelligence


6 months ago

best AI chatbot

Chatbots are becoming a part of everyday digital life, as they expand on messaging platforms and are launched as digital assistants by the largest technology companies. There is a wide range of chatbots available to help you check banking transactions or the weather, organize travel or buy goods.

Based on Grand View Research recent report, the chatbot market will reach $1.25 billion US dollars by 2025 globally, growing at a CAGR of 24.3%. Key figures show the growth over the forecasting period due to reducing operating costs for enterprises by chatbots appliance.

The key factors of the chatbots growth

The rise of chatbots can be attributed to a number of forces working in parallel:

  • Widespread use of messaging apps among the younger generation.
  • Overwhelming application penetration.
  • The ascension of the conversational interfaces.
  • The AI and related technologies maturation.
  • The user/customer experience focusing.
  • The need to streamline operations.
  • Wider reach of mobiles, messenger apps in developing countries.

Chatbot niche implementation

We see specialized chatbots emerging to address various user needs. Here we provide some spheres where chatbots are being used:

  • Scheduling. Buying plane tickets, booking movie tickets, setting up meetings. All mentioned tasks can be completed with chatbots.
  • Customer services. Most chatbots provide shopping assistance and product recommendations.
  • Status checks. These include apps that report on the weather, local events and the news basically everything you need to know from the Internet.
  • Entertainment. Chatbots can also deliver entertainment by offering random quotes, funny videos and jokes.

Top 7 best AI-powered chatbot apps

Hello Hipmunk. Being used to book flights, hotels when planning trips; can be integrated with your email, calendar to get a better experience, plan a collaborative travel.

Luka. It can be downloaded from App Store. The AI-powered app seizes someone's meaning at once. It is used as an excellent adviser to help perform different possibilities: calculating a user’s weight, finding a nice restaurant, checking the current news or the weather info, making plans, etc.

Mona. Popular personal shopping assistant bots developed by founder Amazon employees. Twenty of the best promotions and discounts are provided every day. Currently, Mona is working with 300+ rapidly growing retailers.

Penny. It helps you manage the income, spending, informs about financial information, alerts you of financial activity, such as recently incurred charges, bills paid or income received. It can provide you with comparative spending charts to show your financial statistic.

Poncho. It is powered by AI chatbot, has a vital personality, a great sense of humour, used for the weather forecast, sends out daily alerts, provides games, different challenges to be more engaged. GIFs, stickers are used within the app.

Dr A.I. personal AI-powered “physician” that helps route users to doctor-recommended insights and care immediately by using advanced deep learning algorithms. It converses with the user to understand their current complaints or concerns and uses the user’s health profile to understand the causes of their symptoms, analyzes the user’s current symptoms.

Amy (x.ai). This personal assistant helps in scheduling meetings. A perfect time for a meeting will be suggested when knowing the preferences, schedule, location. After the other participant approves the location/time, both of you will be notified.

Drawing a line

More and more companies are adopting the chatbot apps powered by AI today. A wide and growing range of single-purpose intelligent chatbots is driving a shift in how products and services are designed, delivered and consumed.

They are being used to engage with both defined and potential customers through messaging platforms, enabling in-message purchases and other calls to action.

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