Technology Expertise

The DDI Development team are experts in Python/Django and PHP/Symfony technologies. As far as we have been using these frameworks since their launch on the market, we have gained a broad experience and refined our skills in order to deliver the best outcome for you.

Symfony is a PHP framework which makes product development extremely customizable. Its structure is meant to be flexible and contain reusable components. Nowadays, Symfony has turned out to be more than just a framework. It is a globally approved project, which undergoes constant experts’ contributions. Even though the required technology expertise is considerably high, a common developer would never suffer productivity decline due to the great community always ready to share ideas and provide consulting.

Bundle freedom: over 1600 bundles are currently available to specify the product with any extraterrestrial feature you can imagine;

No reading between the lines: each code line is well documented;

Automation: all the minor tasks are performed automatically;

Compliant choice: the framework is highly adaptive to market changes, so we can reuse any written code in order to perform refining.

Django is a powerful Python framework dedicated to preserving a developer’s efforts by avoiding any code repetitions. Its philosophy implies rapid development process with respect to deadlines and outcome quality at the same time. The Django advantages combined with the DDI Development experience allow to concentrate on the implementation of your unique ideas instead of wasting budget and time on repetitive actions.

Tolerance: an approachable admin panel makes it possible for non-specialists to manage contents and any database objects;

Toy constructor: decoupling of elements is fast and easy when you are ready for upgrades;

Portability: you won’t feel limited, because the framework supports iOS, Windows, and Linux;

In charge: the Django architecture is built the way to exclude bugs and memory leaks.

And what about the front-end technologies?

HTML5. Advanced graphical and multimedia powers, wide browsers support, and mobile-ready nature define this markup language as the front-end future we are experiencing right now.

CSS3. A convenient technology to describe the document style when working with HTML.

AngularJS. This robust framework is extremely fast and flexible to run user interface smoother.

jQuery. We use this library for JavaScript to perform simple and fast HTML manipulations; its huge community provides a wide range of plugins and modules.

Bootstrap. Another front-end CSS framework packed with extensions and a number of essential templates for designing buttons, typography, navigation, etc.

Are you on a cloud?

Amazon Web Services. A great solution for start-ups. Along with the common features, AWS has a powerful environment which provides automation of infrastructure elements, dynamic memory, scaling, and storage; detection of errors, recoveries, and many other benefits.

Microsoft Azure. This cloud service gained its popularity among business representatives. The account control system overtakes the fellow ones at Amazon and Google in terms of flexibility and security technologies. Microsoft provides an extra protection layer.

Google App Engine. The system works within the PaaS model (platform as a service). All the processes regarding development and hosting are performed in the Google data centers. It is a powerful solution due to the automatic app scaling: it provides more resources as soon as an application needs them.

Now I feel limited

The DDI Development team is not bounded by the listed technologies. We keep expanding our specialization and constantly hire professionals in order to diversify our development skills.

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