Top 10 sites built with Django Framework


3 years ago

top best 10 sites with Django Framework

What are your very first associations when you hear the word Django? Well, most probably it’s Django Unchained by Tarantino (a nice one!). However, if you are a developer you will think of something else. Django is an extremely widespread Python framework with a huge loyal and contributing community, and a bunch of classy products that prove both its popularity and reliability. Python itself is very popular and relatively easy to learn. Django offers you flexibility and the ability to express yourself with fewer lines of code. Do you know that some of top level sites/services are built with Django? Let’s take a closer look at the best Django sites out there.


It is probably the world’s most popular blog comment hosting. Disqus is incredibly easy to integrate with most popular content management systems like Wordpress and many others. With over 50 million users across the Globe, Disqus keeps growing, making it easier for site owners to reach out to their communities.


We’re living in the era of code hosting services. Gone are the days when your source code was on your machine only. GitHub has disrupted the market, but it’s not alone there. BitBucket is a very serious rival offering Git and Mercurial hosting. Create a repo, push your code, add collaborators, analyze commits and pull requests and do a lot of other cool things with your projects. BitBucket has millions of users, so this service has to be stable. +1 for the Django web framework. And +1 for Bitbucket which is among the most remarkable Django sites.


There are two categories of people: those who love Instagram and those who hate it. People who love it first take pics of their food in a restaurant and only then eat, while Instagram haters do not even get the idea. Well, Instagram is nonetheless insanely popular. It mostly attracts young people. A lot of celebs use their Instagram accounts to stay closer to their fans. This service is also Django-powered. Not bad!

Mozilla Firefox

It’s their help page that is built with Django. Mozilla is the second most popular browser in the world, so there’s no need to say how many people use it. also uses Django although it has been initially written in Cake PHP. It is truly one of the best Django website examples.


70 million users! 33 million unique visits per month! Pin your ideas, cool articles and more. One of Pinterest co-founders says they have modified Django to fit their product needs. Pinterest has to be user friendly by its nature and it is definitely the King among Django websites. Well done!


Having so much visual content, NASA’s website still remains stable and user friendly. It is not as popular as Pinterest or Instagram, but still serves 2 million visitors monthly. No wonder that Django was used to build some functional elements of the site - the government always chooses something they trust. So, Uncle Sam chooses Django.


This is probably the best place to look for satirical articles. The Onion is ridiculously funny. Authors reports on the national, international and local news to make them look and feel funny. To gain 8 million visitors per month isn’t bad, huh?


Q and A sites are on the rise. Indeed, it’s so cool to find answers to all questions. Mahalo is one of such websites. Of course, it is not as widely used and hyped as Quora but still has a very devoted audience. The site was established in 2007 and has been growing ever since. “Learn anything” is their slogan. This is what Mahalo is all about.

The Washington Post

If there’s the most influential newspaper in the world, it is certainly the Washington Post. Their website is written solely in Django. A website with such a huge traffic like this one has to be scalable, and Django does an excellent job here.


This is the place where one can find various events, purchase tickets, discuss events and promote them. With over 200 million funding that Eventbrite has received since its release date, it helps people stay connected and organize successful events. And yes, it uses Django as it is a reliable and popular framework.

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