Top 10 CRM software for a small business


2 years ago

To begin with, let’s mention several facts providing you with the insight into the CRM-system necessity in your business. Wonder the idea that the costs for a new customer engagement come expensive on the average fifth as large as the costs for keeping the old clients. Then picture the scene when a satisfied client shares a good buy news with approximately five people and dissatisfied shares a bad one with at least ten. In addition, admit that 5 percent increase of old clients interest boosts the profit of a company by 50 percent. And the last shocking thing here to mention is that near 50 percent of the present customers don’t generate any profit because of ineffective feedback. What are the reasons to use CRM-strategy and how does CRM software help businesses is covered below.

How does CRM software help businesses?

So what must be taken into account while choosing a CRM-strategy and thuswise CRM software? It likely comes as no surprise that each business dealing directly with its customers requires such kind of software for a number of reasons. Since a project involves incoming calls or leads from clients and if you expend some efforts to engage and keep newcomers, you should consider the CRM-strategy for better results. For instance, let’s consider an online store or a beauty salon which could not manage their work efficiently not paying enough attention to each client and thus to their calls and requirements. Here is extremely important for each order to be processed at its best, for each client to be satisfied with the service represented, and for the people’s loyalty to become stronger. On the contrary, if a company isn’t interested in raising the number of clients and if such a loyalty is based upon long-term contracts, and all the contacts are build up upon personal meetings, even the most robust CRM-system won’t be effective.

CRM software will allow not to miss any call and any target customer. Small and medium business is highly competitive now, so they do their best to engage people. For this reason, automatize the system and be sure that all those things will be done in an appropriate way. The next point to bear in mind as the advantage of CRM software is control over your workers. As it happens, everybody works like he is used to, therefore the whole process standardization and the existence of a common database will provide you with the warranty of a quality control. With the help of such software, the statistics will be accumulated in a single source. After extracting reports it could be analyzed properly, and then you will plan the further strategy and use the management capabilities much easier and effectively.

And finally, organizing the relationship management falling back on CRM software, you get a lot of built-in instruments such as integrations of calls and CRM-system to fix the conversations and save all the contacts. Following the steps which are given by CRM software for a small business, that’s how the working process is optimized.

The best CRM software for small business

Floundering around a plenty of choices, let’s describe the best CRM software for small business. First of all, consider the built-in functions needed, the price of the CRM software for your small business and the recommendations of a specialist. Such a software has many details seen as a matter of course, but we can make distinctions by some principles. There’re two types of CRM-software. The first one is SaaS, in which the software and data are kept on the provider’s server, you just get an online access to it, be it via a browser, the web, or a mobile app. And the second one is the standalone type, which requires you to get a license for utilization.


The first CRM software on our list is called Salesforce. It’s a world leader of SaaS services for different-sized businesses. Featured by fast, secure, simple in use controlled system with all the necessary functions, the software offers a huge choice of integrated business applications, including web applications, desktop, and mobile apps.


The next thing in the top list to present is Infusionsoft, this CRM software for small businesses is good for online sales. Containing various automation tools accompanying the whole process, Infusionsoft transforms leads into clients easily.


This CRM software, oriented on a teamwork, simplifies the process, allows to avoid misunderstandings, and optimize the communications within a crew of the project. Besides, the system makes its best for intercommunications with its customers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Made to serve for midsized businesses MD CRM offers almost the same set of options but also provides personal reviews to make statistics and experience personalized. In general, its users are provided with an access to hundreds of useful applications to promote the business.


Mhelpdesk captured the headlines as being easy in use. This software makes all the data get into your computer, tablet, or any handheld device if needed, simplifying the billing process and systematizing the base of customers’ calls and requests. This CRM software for small business is specialized in field service business mainly.

Act – on

Act on will be useful for different kinds of workers, ranging from an owner of the business to marketing specialist or to the shop assistant. It makes the development of clients database marketing process work automatically. The system includes a customer into an individual development program. Following user’s online actions, the software knows who is inclined to be interested in the services offered, and works directly with such objects.


The business application created to optimize work with your clients, providing support in any convenient way of connection via email, webpages, phone, chat room, and even social networks. Whatever way you chose, all the communication actions get into one source, that’s how you’ll control the different types of connections within a single system.


Freshdesk is an efficient instrument for the management of contacts with clients and other types of relations inside a company. The convenient and adaptive program allows to coordinate the working process. The strong essential of the product settings is the ability to be regulated, namely you can change options adapting them to each client.


This strong system collects the data from your network, including a hardware content, an installed software, event logs, network facilities inventory up to spending of cartridges. This is also a Helpdesk and a Mobile Device Manager.


SugarCRM is commercial CRM software for small business with open code, installed on a server. The access is available through a browser or other device adapted to such web pages. The majority of tools offered are basic in the mentioned systems. The distinction here is the ability to use different OC and regulate options according to the company’s needs.

The implementation of CRM software for small business will do you a real favor helping to get an integrated standardized base of all clients’ and partners’ contacts. Moreover, the automation of relationships management with a client will give you a strong opportunity to exercise quality control over the sales department work efficiently. Moreover, to get statistics and analytics of the leads’ work productivity (e.g. incoming calls or requests) and to upgrade the whole working process quality will not be a pain in the neck anymore.

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