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2 years ago

A web framework is a carcass containing all possible libraries to speed up the whole process of web development. Designed to present comfortable conditions with enough and expandable functionality for a project, frameworks are created to make programmers’ routine work easier. Let’s overview several top frameworks that have won experienced programmers’ respect.

Web Development Frameworks:


The project is supported by the Django Software Foundation and positioned as a famous framework for web-applications written in Python and using the MVC architectural pattern. A common Django website is built up from one or several alienated or connected applications. URI handlers are configured with the help of regular expressions not being displayed automatically from the controllers model structure. Django’s DRY style is definitely worth mentioning as there is no need in repeating code lines again and again like in Enterprise Java Beans 2.0. It results into the measurable simplification of work process. Some would possibly name this as the best web framework since it is actively used for support of not a few well-known websites like Instagram, Pinterest, Mozilla, Disqus, etc. Django also proves itself as a web-component for projects like Graphite as well as FreeNAS and pertains mostly to CMS projects. Django would be a great choice for fast development of complex applications due to its automation powers and flexibility.

Ruby on Rails

RoR is probably the closest rival to Django since it helps to avoid repeated actions, has very similar architecture, and it is based on the model-view-controller pattern. Therefore it would be hard to say which of these two provides faster development. Probably the most important benefit of RoR is the Convention over Configuration principle which stands for simplicity when configuring different aspects of a developed application. Even though some consider that Rails gives less customization measures, it is widely used in modern startups.


Flask is a micro-framework and one of the best solutions if your aim is to create a good foundation for other applications. Convenient debugging, REST and WSGI support, simplicity of use will help you in small projects. Larger projects can be divided into smaller parts – blueprints, similarly to the Django’s scheme. “Micro” not only means easiness of applying but also guarantees a limited list of project solutions. Generally, it will alleviate your work and save your time. Its features are pretty enough to make Flask the best framework for web development of small and medium level projects.


This web framework offers fast web applications development and control allowing to deal with routine problems of an ordinary programmer easily. Symfony2 is written in PHP5 and works within MVC pattern. It supports not a few well-known databases, namely SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others compatible with PDO. Information concerning relational database project must be connected with the object model by proper ORM tools, e.g. Propel and Doctrine. Symfony2 is not that simple and requires lot more efforts to get accustomed to. A large community doesn’t provide essential assistance only, but also expands the number of available bundles and templates. Once you’ve handled it, the framework is going to become an extremely powerful tool to build custom applications of any scope.


Sinatra is good for one page applications. The open source framework, applied for web-applications development, is an alternative to Ruby on Rails and Merb. However, this web framework doesn’t follow the typical MVC pattern. Sinatra is focused on the idea to create a web-application in Ruby with minimal effort instead. Several famous companies to wit BBC, Heroku, Songbird, Github, etc. use this web framework actively.


Yesod is a Haskell written framework. While the most popular web frameworks are based on agile nature of their basic codes, Yesod adopts static features of Haskell to create safe code. The mechanism corresponds to the paradigm of MVC and partially resembles some frameworks mentioned above, namely Django or Rails. The framework offers ORM, one of the best templates system and finally controller designed to realize navigation.


Created as an alternative to CodeIgniter, Laravel gets such key features as packages allowing to create and include modules in Composer format for Laravel applications. Moreover, eloquent ORM gives an opportunity to define relationships between database objects. A number of built-in unit tests serve to prevent regressions and errors. You also meet here contact routing and REST-controllers. 2015’s survey findings gave to Laravel the first places in nominations “Enterprise-level framework” and “The framework for personal projects”.


Are you hunting for a fast, minimalistic, flexible framework for Node.js? This popular framework for web development provides a wide set of functions for web and mobile applications and allows to create single-, multi- and hybrid-page applications. A lot of characteristics in here are based on the Sinatra web framework.


Created on the base of .NET platform, this useful web framework sets up all the services needed for creation of high class web applications. ASP.NET stands out by its high level of integration with server products and Microsoft instruments for databases access development. Security is not the last thing among the fundamentals of the overwied framework. ASP.NET functionates exclusively on Windows servers as IIS is required to control it.


One of open source JavaScript-frameworks is designed for one-page applications development. Programmers find the main aim of the framework in extension of MVC based browser applications. AngularJS adapts and extends traditional HTML, reduces the role of DOM-manipulations, and improves testability. The framework’s directions allow designing user written HTML-tags and attributes to conduct the actions of some elements.

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