Software development for small business


2 years ago

When planning to expand a business, automation appears to be the necessary approach for any company. Therefore software development for your business, providing uninterrupted operation of an enterprise, could stand you in good stead. In the modern conditions of business automation, no matter it’s a government institution, a big corporation, or a small company, the task to put in order and optimize the work isn’t that ordinary for any organization. Software solutions allow to greatly automate numerous activities and respectively increase productivity. Is the necessity of software development for small business so huge and what are the reasons to implement it? Why not rely upon off-the-shelf solutions?

Customized solutions

It is vital to note that not every small business requires specific software besides common office tools. Usually, integration of special solutions is needed when a company faces organizational difficulties or seeks high data and financial security.


For instance, CRM-systems are usually used for upselling, optimization, and improvement of customer service by saving all the information regarding client's history. As a rule, CRM is also responsible for the positioning of business processes and further analysis of the results and thus for the building of business strategy. Necessary for every business, CRM helps to work directly with a client and does it best to expand the number of consumers. By their functionalities, these systems can be classified according to the needs of a business. In a nutshell, these are contact and sales management, CRMs the of entry level, and complex solutions that combine several aspects.


ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems could be chosen by businessmen in several cases when they need to unite financial data, standardize manufacturing processes, or gather the staff data in a single resource.

Accounting and HR

Small-sized companies might need an accounting technologies, managing finances and the administrative part of running a business in a proper way. An HR area also needs to solve the problem of managing applications, payroll, and human resources information (e.g. attendance, leave, vacations) system. Applications for the organizing of working schedule, including mobile apps, allow to increase productivity and adapt team workflow to current business needs.

In a word, small business software development makes sense when it gives a real opportunity to make your money well-spent and money transactions more rational. Also, it’s entirely responsible for organizing the internal cooperation, increasing the effectiveness of all the processes.

Advantages of custom business software development

Let’s point out the reasons to choose specific software if you are a holder of a small business. Even though off-the-shelf products can be robust enough to embrace the majority of tasks, custom ones can be tailored to a workflow with no additional or lacking features. It simplifies staff training and speeds up overall integration. Moreover, custom software is usually developed and maintained by a dedicated team, that will be there to refactor and scale a system if the company is ready for further growth as well as it has a budget to make changes. Adaptation is also a significant advantage allowing to keep up with an evolving market.

Thus, the major advantages are:

  • Increasing the efficiency of the work;
  • Increasing the marketability of your business;
  • Decreasing the time spending on routine paperwork and drafting documents such as invoices and cash orders;
  • Organizing internal processes;
  • Tailoring strategies to a project;
  • Constant maintenance.

According to our experience at DDI Development, entrepreneurs progressively tend to switch from off-the-shelf systems to custom solutions. The trend of the all-round personalization is related both to customer management and internal management. Once a company has a budget to invest in the specification of business, it uses the chance. Relative availability and considerable benefits push the market for software developers ready to provide dedicated services and long-lasting support.

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