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How to find a web development company for your startup?

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Since a modern business is impossible to imagine without its Internet representation, every startuper faces a choice of whether to hire in-house developers and get the control over the whole process or to engage an external vendor, which allows to spend less money and efforts. And also these two options can be merged. Mainly in this case, company staff is involved in solving major issues when external developers are concentrated on minor tasks supporting the leading team. So, the question is how to find developers for a startup?

Tips for choosing a software development company

Documentation. The first priority of a business here is to write detailed project documentation. This must be accomplished before you start to search for web development firms for your startup. Try to be as much informative as you can regarding the functionalities of your desired product, because it will greatly reduce the number of misunderstandings between you and a vendor in advance.

Platforms. As for the place where to find your future developers, you can hunt for them on freelance platforms (Elance and Upwork are the biggest ones, for instance). There you could find the profiles of such companies going with their portfolios and feedback. Profiles can also be ranked according to different criteria.

Portfolios and expertise. Choosing a profile, look through the ready projects, pay attention to the technologies they use, and find out whether they are compatible with your business. Spend time clearing up if the developers make all the parts of presented projects by themselves or they cooperated with other companies to accomplish the result you see.

References. Read all the feedback on your candidates. Consider it as a reasonable advantage if a manager offers you to contact previous clients to get references. Otherwise, you may try to contact them yourself.

Interview. Once you have several candidates left, set interviews. You might need some technician's assistance to examine developers and put some challenging questions.

The variety of the services. Any project is a complex process, requiring all-around specialisation. It includes not only code writing but also such areas as the scoping study, teambuilding, providing and control of high-quality level, risk tests and risk reduction in every stage of web development. You have to clarify this division of labour in order to understand the areas of responsibility.

Managers proficiency. Pay attention to the quality of the services provided by business development and project managers. Make sure that people you work with are constructive and polite as you’ll need to get in touch with these specialists not once.

Responsiveness. The high level of efficient response must be appreciated while choosing a startup web development company. Find out the ways of intercommunication between the team and its managers, check the speed of response in “questions-answers” mode.

Language. As you want your project to be realized according to your plan, for a reasonable cost and in time, take into account that language barrier could become an obstacle. Ensure that you’re easy to be understood by your partners.

Costs. Keep in mind, that it’s not easy to find a really good developer among the multitude of greens tendering their services for peanuts. If your current budget is too tight, that might be smart to split the project, apply to a reliable as well as more cost-demanding vendor, and gradually update functionality after a launch.

Time zone. A web development company is better to be situated in a time zone that lets you working ours to overlap. Keep in mind that intensive cooperation requires to have at least two hours a day to synchronize efforts and specify details ad hoc.

Changes. If you decide to change something in the project design or add some features after some part of work is executed, not all developers will favour this idea. That’s why you have either to clearly understand what you want to get in the end or choose teams that stick to flexible workflow techniques, e.g. Agile. That will help you adapt the developed product to the evolving market.

What are the major advantages of hiring an external team?

  • You hire skills. You can find any specific professional that is required for your project.
  • You can combine efforts of different developers hiring them within the outstaffing model.
  • The work can be conveniently divided between the internal team and the team of out-of-house developers. It may both help your internal employees to concentrate on major tasks and fill in the specific niche you’re not experienced in.
  • Tick that it’s much easier to break the contract with your remote team than with your in-house team, because there is no need in compensatory awards or any other additional spends. And you’ll need less time to hunt for some new experts.

Successful software development is a result of both vendor’s and client’s efforts. The horror cooperation stories not only appear due to poor quality services on the developer’s side but also as a result of bad management and organization on the client’s side. Find out more about most typical clients’ mistakes in our article Top 10 client’s FAQups.

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