DDI Development celebrates 8th birthday

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2 years ago

On a rainy 20th of November, the DDI Development company celebrated its 8th birthday. Since the foundation time in 2007 our company has happily grown from “two enthusiastic guys coding in a basement” to a team spread among three offices in Kharkiv, New York, and Kremenchuk.

A lot has changed:

  • 100+ of completed projects under our belt;
  • 60+ versatile experts engaged;
  • 4 new departments established: business development, design, marketing, quality assurance;
  • reportedly 143000+ cups of coffee finished and 3 coffee machines involved.

The celebration took place in Kharkiv, where the central office is based.

This event wasn’t only an informal environment for us but also the major encouragement to move further maintaining the same enthusiastic temper. The road marking lines of our growth are to keep innovating technical approaches as well as streamline our clients’ experiences by adopting even more efficient project management techniques.

We are happy to thank all of our partners who have trusted DDI Development with their software objectives. More than 70% of clients who we worked with have come back to make the partnership ongoing. There couldn’t be an appreciation better than that. Thank you all!

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