Create an online store: do it yourself or apply to experts?


2 years ago

It's an open secret that modern users are knowledgeable enough to develop web products themselves. However, most business starters face a stumbling block here. They wonder whether to create an online store by themselves or apply to e-commerce experts. The answer may appear to be evident. As it happens, to consider all pros and contras is a good practice and that’s what we’ll do next.

Website creation is within your power

Let’s see advantages and disadvantages of creating a website by yourself. Actually, you’ll get a lot of benefits besides feeding your ego and holding your money.  If you are ready to spend time solving the website building mysteries, that’s what you need. The great thing here is that the situation is under your total control. Keep in mind that making a really decent website demands knowledge. This includes some skills in programming languages and proficiency in visual and graphic design as well as SEO.

When you don’t need extreme customization, template based and CMS ecommerce website is an alternative. It will save your time and allow to promote your goods or services on a basic level. But here let’s admit that your creation is going to be similar to thousands of other websites. By this have in mind that without proper SEO support, the project won’t be promoted in a proper way.

It may be really unnecessary to build a powerful resource. If you are planning just to get your personal blog for poetry or represent your hand-made things – make a website yourself. An opportunity to expand a business is what you get. Certainly, for more serious projects basic resource is not good enough. Your retail sales are not going to be of the great scope or the resource may be unstable under heavy loads. Moreover, you could hardly become a master either of website or brand-building in a short time. If you immerse into details fast, you will outrun your opponents, who have chosen the old-fashioned approach, and launch earlier. But once your project hits scale the chances to provide proper enhancements are slim since the majority of experts will most likely refuse to refactor the template based system. So probably in order to scale your business you’ll have to pay for the development from scratch.

Summing up, the option is perfect, when you are experienced in website building or your project doesn’t demand high-level proficiency. All in all, find your business rivals’ websites and make a sober estimate of your possibilities.


  • Total control over the process
  • Save your money
  • Launch faster


  • Need time and efforts to get into details
  • Low originality
  • Low traffic/instability
  • No scalability

Ecommerce experts as a part of your triumph

Firstly, planning to create an online store, think that all the process will demand not only web-design knowledge. Add market research, analysis, and a really good SEO strategy here. One can not deny that the list of skills is too much for a newbie. Thus, there is a choice to hunt down the questions by yourself or to rely upon the experience of an expert or even a company. A team of specialists where each one is responsible for his niche will be more effective. A lot depends upon the result you want to get in the end, the level of the project, and the amount of your finance.

It may be a challenge to find a trustworthy development team providing services for a reasonable price. But once you’ve done it, the chances to receive a decent web-resource go up as well. In the meantime, while getting an original and presentable-looking product you depend on the maker of the ecommerce website as in point of fact you can’t control the process entirely with no developer’s skills. Even though you’ll get convenient administration tools to add items and perform other types of management, you still become of the great necessity towards the professional you apply to. That means you pay money not only for constructing a website but also for further maintenance. Thuswise, don’t expect that money will do the project precisely up to all desires, but no doubt that it will be efficient ecommerce solution ready to be scaled when needed.

Depending on the request, namely on specifications of the website required, prices differ. The costs for ecommerce websites vary greatly, from $3000 up to $100000. Read more on development price estimations “How much does a website cost”. In addition, since you make an order to the experts they become responsible for every detail. Any problem appeared, may it be functionality, design or updating of the software is supposed to be solved. Thus, you get your precious time and confidence in the security of the whole process.


  • Customization
  • Security of the process
  • Professional promotion
  • Permanent maintenance if needed
  • All the responsibility upon the executives
  • Scalability


  • It may be pricey
  • Limited control over the process
  • Challenges when finding suitable service provider


Find the proper way for your business to succeed

So it’s up to everybody to decide whether to waste time trying to master terra incognita and build a poor quality website or to create an online store with some external help. However, most will agree that a high-level result demands decent resources. Programming grounds, proper developing specifications, and permanent maintenance are the necessary instruments. Being an expert with a huge practice both in building simple projects and enterprise-level solutions, DDI Development team will provide software development for affordable rates. Our goal isn’t only to build a decent resource but also to сreate a new competitor on the online market.

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