Symfony web development

Symfony is a convenient platform for the PHP development. It was released by SensioLabs in 2007 and gained wide popularity among the experts. Symfony features Propel, Doctrine, and Twig, as well as provides JavaScript implementation. The framework is considered to be close to Django and Ruby On Rails because these tools served as an inspirational source for it. We have been using the environment right from the very beginning since it appeared on the market. Let’s see why many experienced IT companies, including DDI Development, have chosen Symfony.

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symfony web development


The major goal of the Symfony framework is to boost the development and maintenance of web products by avoiding any code repetitions. You are competitive when you are fast. Needless to say that this particular tool is aimed to be used preferably by professionals. Experience is one of the core demands to cover the documentation and construct a unique solution by combining available elements. It is somewhat like piloting an airplane: a high proficiency resolves into impressive results. Even though it requires rather powerful skills to operate, Symfony developers can handle any kind of project customization. All of data structures, URL schemes can be totally controlled. The data engine is XML/YAML/pure PHP based.

Currently, Sonata Project, eZ Publish, Zikula, and a number of other scalable products are fully based on this framework. Its flexible nature provides the usage of separate components as well. Laravel, Drupal, phpBB, and Silex have already chosen to implement Symfony elements for their projects. Some components were used to build Silius which is the powerful e-commerce framework.

Unique advantages

Let's define, what is so special about the Symfony web development. Why would you prefer to build your product within this environment?

Flexibility beyond boundaries: Event Dispatcher is your pass to create custom solutions. It is functional, you go brick by brick to match the desired functionality, each element can be decoupled. In case you need to apply some changes without any redevelopment, just pick a specific brick that fits your task.

Bundle expansions: a variety of available plug-ins allows to enhance every piece of the framework application, including the initial code. The Symfony developers’ community has already released more than 1600 bundles and keeps providing the new ones to bring even more customization powers.

Low memory consumption: even though the first versions of Symfony had suffered memory leaks, the latest releases showed a real breakthrough in terms of performance. Your web resource or application will run fast and further scaling up to more visitors per day won’t disrupt a smooth experience.

Focus on priority objectives: the Symfony framework lets us deal with the major tasks in order to deliver desired custom functionality rather than spend time and resources on repetitive yet unavailing actions. These can be solved automatically by means of this powerful developer’s environment.

And there is a long list of other advantages, including IDE support, Doctrine library (an optional tool to integrate objects into a database), HTTP-oriented architecture, etc.

Community service

Gaining proficiency may be tough. So the developer community exists to avoid the feeling of loneliness and abandonment. Since the Symfony development has gained its decent reputation and attracted thousands of professionals, they are ready to share the experience and give essential clues. If you're not satisfied by fellows’ help, the SensioLabs company will provide full-fledged support for any enthusiast that feels lost.

Besides the community help, you can apply for the documentation which covers each code line. These three major aspects form a complex infrastructure, which serves the intention of Symfony to be an approachable platform.

The extensions library also keeps its steady growth. Currently, over 16 hundred bundles have been developed for the sake of specification work.


As soon as we take a project, we make sure that every client both gets the product and receives its further maintenance. The DDI Development team has been developing with this framework long enough to attest Symfony web development as one of the most powerful tools on the market. We have used the system to build a lot of startup projects that turned out to be successful.

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