The Android rental application which scraps the Internet and notifies users about matching housing options

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  • Enable a parsing system;
  • Integrate with numerous real estate databases;
  • Tailor search results to users’ locations and requirements;
  • Both frontend and backend Android development.


  • We've designed the parsing system that integrates with rental housing databases and parses data;
  • The system supports GPS location to find matching property according to users'locations and requested feed;
  • The system is supported by JavaScript/Phantom JS and Android SDK.


VMIGARENDA is a leap forward in the field of rental housing. It provides with information about the most recent ads from 20 real estate databases. A user has to specify requirements for the apartment he/she is looking for, and the system will send a push notification having pictures and contacts as soon as such an ad appears on the Internet. This application saves time and increases user’s chances to be the first one who calls the landlord.


  • JavaScript
  • Phantom JS
  • API
  • Android SDK