Clipper UK Ltd. is a world famous producer of lighters. The website was created to introduce the brand to a larger number of retailers.

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Clipper UK applied to the DDI development team in order to build a simple yet comprehensive information platform that would introduce their production output to the UK retailers. 

  • Development of the backend side;
  • Design and front end development.


  • A website was developed with the use of Symfony 1.2;
  • In order to allow for deep customization and updates, we’ve built Symfony based admin panel.


This online resource expands the ways to distribute the products of the Clipper Uk Ltd company by providing catalogues, showing special offers, discounts, and building responsive interaction with customers. 


  • Framework Symfony
  • Highly customizable Propel
  • Valid HTML5/CSS3/Jquery
  • PHP Accelerator APC