Kelprof is a connection startup which helps users to find private tutors in France within the closest locations. Today more than 250 thousand teachers working in about 200 knowledge fields promote their expertise via Kelprof. 

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DDI Development commenced cooperation with Kelprof on the early stages of the startup development. The company looked for experienced software engineers to address the technical issues that impeded further growth. We assessed the platform and provided the view on the major problems to be resolved. 

  • The business model of Kelprof proved to be effective and - as the platform was acquiring more tutors and students - we had to find a sustainable way to adapt the PHP-based code to continuously rising loads;
  • By the time we had engaged with the product it had a tutor search engine, which had to be optimized and enhanced;
  • The Kelprof’s stakeholders looked for new features to increase the number of activities that users could do right within the platform. One of them was a scheduling tool. 


  • In order to let a website sustain heavy loads, we had to rebuild it almost entirely with the use of the Symfony 2 framework. This upgrade enhanced speed, added a richer variety of administration tools, and also ensured the stability of Kelprof;
  • We used Google Maps API combined with IP detection to allow student search for teachers faster with regard to their locations;
  • We designed a meeting scheduling tool to let users arrange courses via the platform using Google Calendar.


Today Kelprof helps more than 250 thousand qualified teachers to find students within their regions. Tutors set schedules, provide information regarding professional knowledge, scientific degrees, and select places to hold their lessons. Deep search interface makes it simple for students to find any learning courses at their region and within the desired budget. 


  • Symfony
  • Zend Libraries
  • Doctrine
  • MySQL
  • Sphinx Search
  • PayPal API
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI
  • Google Maps Engine
BootstrapCSS3DoctrineGoogle maps engineHTML5MySQLsymfonyZend LibrariesjQuery