An ecommerce website of a famous Italian manufacturing group producing luxury tailored wear 


  • Ecommerce development from scratch;
  • Multilingual content management system;
  • Mobile version development;
  • Facebook integration;
  • Automatic language adapting.


  • We've used the Symfony2 framework as the main development environment;
  • In order to adapt languages automatically, the system detects users’ IP address and changes a language accordingly. We’ve applied GeoIP tool to support this feature and used i18n approaches;
  • The front-end is supported by HTML5 and CSS3.


The CMS for a world famous Italian wear store. The site supports several languages and has a mobile version. A user can look for suitable Italian-brand clothing via the web-site or find a local store in the nearest area. Also, the CMS allows ordering tailor-made wear, made of premium fabrics with a meticulous attention to details.


  • PHP5
  • Symfony2
  • MySQL5.5
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • GeoIP
  • i18n