Guess is an ecommerce website presenting the products of the high-quality American clothing brand

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Guess management applied to DDI Development as they needed timely engineering services to build a quiz subdomain site from scratch and launch a Christmas marketing campaign. An extra challenge was to deliver the resource and test it within two weeks of accelerated development.

  • We had to make a holiday-quiz site with a survey tool from scratch as the subdomain;
  • As far as the platform covers multiple regions, we were up to provide an automatic language change regarding a user’s location;
  • In order to make the quiz results shareable, we had to apply social media integration.


  • We’ve used the Symfony 2 framework and the Doctrine ORM to build the subdomain resource from scratch;
  • The multi-locale technology based on an IP-geocoder was applied in order to make the automatic language change;
  • The user SMM sign up was implemented with the use of Facebook API; quiz-results could be automatically posted to Twitter and Facebook.


The resource was a helpful choice for those who was looking for Christmas sales, wanted to buy Italian brand clothes online or find a store in the nearby areas


  • Symfony 2
  • Doctrine
  • IP-geocoder
  • Facebook API
  • MySQL
  • jQuery(core and UI plugins: parallax, jQueryUI, etc.)
  • Translatable entities
  • OAuth