Notesmaster is a custom free e-learning platform which enables online education, exchange of materials, and communication with teachers for students around the world. In 2015, Notesmaster became the World Summit Award winner, which brought the UN and worldwide recognition to this educational initiative.

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We have been working with Notesmaster for more than 5 years. Since that the product has largely evolved aligning services to the emerging digital learning industry needs. Its commercial director and co-founder Dean Dundas is our key partner, who strives to innovate digital education by adopting the leading technical practices. The DDI development team acts both as a technical consultant and engineering services supplier.

  • The product lacked proper optimization at the time we engaged. The code needed refactoring and we also had to optimize the architecture for better performance;
  • Notesmaster was initially build with the Symfony 1 framework. So our first suggestion was to update it to a more stable version;
  • In order to support internal payments, collaborative, and visualization tools Notesmaster incorporates a set of third-party applications. Our task was to seamlessly integrate them;
  • Notesmaster had launched as a regional service aimed at the Caribbean K-12 sector. After becoming one the leading Caribbean startups, the platform was destined to become a global initiative. Our challenge was to develop a unified infrastructure of multiple regional websites that would support local curriculums;
  • As Notesmaster incrementally evolves we implement design changes that match modern UI/UX standards.


  • We have standardized HTTP queries across the platform, commented and optimized the code, a number of operations are automated, and the platform was updated to Symfony 2. This allows for sustaining heavy loads that Notesmaster experiences;
  • Today Notesmaster utilizes a secure and efficient authorisation system;
  • Our team has delivered both second and third design versions. The latest updates are angled towards user-friendliness and mobile adaptivity across all numerous working environments that Notesmaster supports. Among major frontend technologies are AngularJS, Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML5/CSS3/Less;
  • We’ve successfully integrated various third-party applications, including PayPal API, Twiddla API, Cometchat, etc.;
  • In order to build an infrastructure that connects multiple websites for a better management capabilities we’ve used the Django REST API;
  • Today our Notesmaster team is focused on maintenance and optimization of the third version of a platform. We also incrementally deliver new features supporting the Notesmaster further development.
Dean Dundas

Dean Dundas

Notesmaster Project Director

DDI have been invaluable technology partners in helping to develop and grow the Notesmaster network of e-learning websites. We have found their team dedicated, experienced and flexible in accommodating our needs and look forward to a long a rewarding partnership as we expand.


Notesmaster has experienced its growth from an enthusiast project to a big e-learning platform, contributing to the Global Education Network. Secondary level students leverage the blended learning approaches in accordance with their regional syllabus, they exchange materials, participate in the educational programs incorporated, and establish direct communication with teachers across the world. So far the platform covers Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Seychelles, Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and the UK. Nowadays, tens of thousands students around the world can receive essential education online because of projects like Notesmaster.


  • HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, Less
  • PHP/Symfony, Python/Django, Twig, Django REST API
  • MySQL, Sphinx Search, AWS(VPC, EC2, S3)
  • PayPal API, Twiddla API, Cometchat