Symfony framework in a nutshell: tips for web developers


3 years ago

The use of frameworks is an advantage, not a necessity. Evolution is an unstoppable process, so is the IT software development. If you can do something better, faster, applying less efforts - why neglect such an opportunity? 

The common advantages of all frameworks:

  • They save your time
  • Development gets fast and lightweight
  • The code is standardized and compatible
  • Convenient collaboration with other developers
  • Debugging is no longer a headache
  • Community: help of hundred minds

Symfony is loved for its pragmatism. Repetitive coding tasks are minimized, every module is fully controllable and customizable, documentation is comprehensive. 

Why use Symfony?

  • Quick installation, rapid performance. Symfony developers with no previous MVC experience will really appreciate this.
  • Impressive documentation able to explain the usage of Symfony and provide you with particular solutions for common problems. 
  • Huge and friendly community that will answer any of your questions and provide you with the base of applicable resources.
  • Bundles - after a short period you won’t be able to imagine development process without them.
  • Transparency and straightforwardness: The PHP code used in Symfony is far better than that of other frameworks. 
  • Regular upgrading - SensioLabs take care of their brainchild and constantly work on the overall performance of framework. 
  • Symfony can be extended with third-party libraries, giving developers new opportunities.

Symfony’s fly in the ointment

  • Symfony is a little bit overloaded by config files.
  • It can be directory-heavy and wordy.
  • Developers with the lack of OOP knowledge may have some problems starting a project.

In fact, any of the frameworks has its competitive advantages. You can choose the one that will meet your requirements in a better way. Symfony, in its turn, does things well. Your Symfony application development process will be stable, consistent and easy-going. The question of Symfony’s learning curve is controversial: some new developers easily get into Symfony, and for others it takes plenty of time. Anyway, it will become your convenient and reliable tool which allows you to get the job done.

This is only our opinion, not to start a holy war, but to get things about Symfony web development clear. Frameworks are tools, and they are constantly getting better and more suitable for the needs of developers. The only issue is to choose the right one. 

Coders gonna code, haters gonna hate.

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