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hire developers in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the countries, which over the last 10 years has gained the leading position among the areas where technological entrepreneurship develops pretty fast. Numerous IT and other companies fall back upon outsourcing competent and professional workers to their local or foreign offices. That is the reason why the tendency of hiring software developers in Ukraine is so widespread. Here, we present you 12 the most outstanding reasons why this particular country is the best destination when it comes to offshore software development and why this solution will be the most workable for your business.

#1: Up to 100,000 Tech Workers

Tech workers

Numerous European countries turn to Ukrainian masters, moreover, when it concerns IT. The country adopts one of the top position worldwide by the quantity of IT specialists, not mentioning the fact this land is the #1 outsourcing market within Eastern Europe. As of today, the country hires over 90,000 tech employees, those are 53,000 software engineers, 8,000 designers, 11,000 QA/QC developers and testers. According to statistical calculations, the quantity of Ukrainian developers will have reached the point of 200,000 by 2020.

#2: Thousands of Tech Get the Science Degree Annually

tech degree

The educational system of the country provides high tech standards. There exist 402 colleges, universities and academies in here, which graduate more students with advanced degrees than in Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Japan and the Netherlands. Referring to statistics, more than 85% of school leavers enter universities, academies and colleges, 35% of which prefer IT-related departments. 36,000+ - that is the number of IT specialists, who anually graduate in Ukraine, which is, by the way, equal to the quantity of young tech workers in Western Europe and Asia.

#3: Tech Community Development

Constant skill improvement and pooling of experience. Numerous major IT events take place in Ukraine, which are IT Evoution Meetings, iForum, Agile Eastern Europe Conference, IDCEE, IT Arena and others. Such communities allow Ukrainian developers to learn the field leaders' practice and meet their colleagues. Besides, smaller and non-tech meetings are constantly organized also.

#4: Timezone Playing into the Hands


Ukraine is ahead of most European countries for 1 hour only. That is why, it is a great location for numerous development teams for nearshoring, cause communication and workflow between such geographically adjacent areas are much smoother. American companies also can regard the country as a convenient offshore choice, since the timezones are 7 hours apart. It means that software developers in Ukraine will complete all the tasks several hours ahead of the others.


#5: Quality-Price Ratio – Best Statistics

When it comes to recruiting IT specialists, Ukrainian professionals match perfectly. Comparing to the neighboring areas (Czech Republic, Poland and Belarus), the country provides more competent tech employees, along with viable salary range. The status gets improved when viewing the list of countries with the best business activity, where Ukraine takes the 30th position.


#6: International R&D Centers in Ukraine

The world market leaders, such as Magento, Wargaming, Siemens, Boeing, ABBYY, Samsung Electronics and others have located their R&D centers in Ukraine. These are only several examples, as the number of such global companies reaches up to 100+. They have settled in the country thru M&As, outstaffing companies and joint R&Ds.


#7: More English-Speaking IT Workers

english-speaking developers

As software development in Ukraine gains monumentum, solid English skills became a must have for all IT employees. More than 80% of tech workers in the country both speak and write English either at an intermediate or a higher level. There are usually held language courses for employees, in order the communication and co-work with foreign partners pass top-level.


#8: IT Companies and Startups – the Number Grows Up

IT companies and startups

Ukrainian tech employees can offer any sort of software service in a virtual manner. There exist more than 1,000 companies, which provide both web and mobile design, dedicated team building, IT consulting, R&D services, etc. Herewith, the professionals produce their own ideas, and set 2,000+ Startups, such as Jooble, Looksery, DepositPhotos, Readdile and numerous others.

#9: Similarity in Cultures, Mentality and Working Efficiency

The working attitude of Ukrainian IT industries and the one of Western businesses is very similar. The local professionals do not only complete tasks in hand, but also get engaged in the projects and plans. Being interested in the common success, there is no need to involve any third-body, direct communication between the companies will lead to faster and easier cooperation.

#10: Holidays and Time Off

Ukraine provides only a few holidays requiring paid vacation days within the whole year, which makes the working process even more efficient. There are up to 10 public holidays, which are universally set and mentioned as day offs.

#11: Various IT Tools Are Used

IT tools

Software development in Ukraine moves on and remains up-to-date. The tech workers are constantly learning new solutions and applications, which can optimize their working process. That is why, in order to bring the software development level to a more effective and efficient one, there are used such programming languages as Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, C#, Front-end and Ruby.

#12: Ukrainian Companies Conquer International Tech Market

Observing the world IT status, Ukrainian developers take up harder and harder projects to reach the higher standard of quality. The specialists improve their skills and grow in the professional way. The statement can be proved by the following rewards. 3 Ukrainian companies (Miratech, Intetics, Softengi) gained the titles of top 5 young companies in The Global Outsourcing 100 List in 2014.

Gaining more and more experience and skills, Ukrainian IT workers become highly sought internationally. Here, you see several sound reasons, why software developers from this very country can be your best employees. This gives you an opportunity to get to know the specialists better, notice their outstanding features and estimate the possibilities. Responsible attitude, qualified knowledge and constant development of experience will lead to smooth working process with desired results.

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