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Just outsource it! Survival guide for startups

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Even though I run a startup and enter the software market, I fear no fiasco, for I outsource my processes

Psalm of Entrepreneur

Rule #1 

Get rid of superstitions

All sailors are superstitious, so are startupers. The list of do’s and don’ts on the custom software market could compete in its size with Torah. Huge software development companies cunningly warn newbie market players against outsourcing because of risks it brings about. The most common fear is that of incompetent and incurious remote developers that will waste your time and money. They also recommend you to work under their wing, because IT-industry is a harsh jungle and they don’t want another venture to sink into oblivion just because of their arrogance. Let’s be honest, all they want is your ideas. 


Rule #2

Don’t be afraid of the dark remote communication

Attachment to face-to-face communication with your developers is like Clint Eastwood: it is well-known, old-fashioned and a hopeless dead-end. The Internet and mobile communication have changed the world, and left all the geographical restrictions far behind. Besides flirting with your ex on Facebook you can find developers, collaborate with them and carry out any of your business issues online. The future belongs to those who take advantage of modern technologies and are not afraid of trying something new.


Rule #3

Costs come first

Funding is a sore point of any business beginnings. If you are not one of those fortunate souls who can maintain a full in-house development team, turn on the motivational soundtrack from Rocky and lift your head up high. You can save up to 70% of your budget without compromising quality or losing time. The ones who told you that outsourced horsepower is ineffective and delivers a low-quality product just have higher rates and fear the rivalry. You don’t want to pay them, and you are a potential competitor. Stay strong and find a good remote team that will work as your own.  How to find a web development company for your startup you can know here.


Rule #4

Being fast means being alive and rockin’

Speed is everything. On every development stage, during the launch, responding to the changes in the project, you must be fast. But unlike the coyote catching the roadrunner you should also be flexible to avoid getting into mess that poor cartoon hero did.  There will always be unforeseen troubles, and flexible approach will give you options to choose from. Before going full speed with your outsourced team, give them a field test and look how they work, measure their productivity. You can pick a team for your particular needs and after the end of the project switch to another, more suitable, without having to spend time and money teach them.  


Rule #5

Human resources management is a headache. Leave it to the others

HR could be an absolute disaster: recruiting, overall HR management, solving personal issues, compensations, sick-leave handling e.t.c. When outsourcing, remote managers will draw the fire upon themselves, letting  you to go about your business. Besides, remote HR specialists could also manage your own staff freeing you for more important tasks. Nothing but advantages: you can focus directly on your business, your in-house team concentrates on what is most needed and your company saves enough resources to grow further.


Rule #6

Keep in mind the Eastern Europe

It is obvious that you want to keep the balance between the quality and cost-efficiency. Let’s be honest - US, UK and Western European developers are an unaffordable luxury for startupers. They are pampered by high rates, picky and frequently wayward. Yes, they are worthy their rates, but they are not for you. Beingness determines consciousness and money determines your business approach. Eastern Europe becomes more and more attractive as an outsourcing market because of ever growing number of skilled IT specialists, european mentality unlike ones from India and Philippines and last but not least - relatively low maintenance costs. 

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