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IT Trends 2015: New horizons for software developers

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People have always wondered what awaits them in the future and tried to predict what’s in store for them. Software development companies are very concerned about what trends will shape our digital tomorrow. Hardware trends determine software requirements, and the direction of software evolution predestinates where millions of dollars will be invested in. Main trends in the IT industry differ in many criteria. We would like to start from general to specific, so as to trace the overall regularity.

As you know, in one ancient model the world was supported on the backs of three elephants. In a similar way, all the IT trends that may directly touch all software developers, from freelancers up to huge enterprises, are determined by three main tendencies:

  • Emergence of the Internet of Things
  • “Computing everywhere”
  • General increase in the speed of life

So let us clarify what new perspectives they create.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things as a network of devices with embedded electronics became the essential part of modern life. The rising tide of wearables started by Apple will struggle to to find its niche in the IT industry. Nowadays their main problem is inapplicability  that gradually comes to nought. More and more health-conscious people are seeking something to improve their everyday life and trainings.  And this is not the only way of their usage. Two other global trends representing the Internet of Things are Smart TV’s and connected cars. Their widespread use will create more data - so there would be the greater need in appropriate software and experience based on the users’ preferences. And do not take it as cynicism, but new information dimensions turn into a new platform for relevant digital advertising that could be delivered in real time. This definitely requires our consideration.   

Computing everywhere

As mobile devices are getting smarter and becoming a part of computing environment around us, their role changes. Everything gets mobile. Being a useful gadget, bit by bit the device starts to become the remote control for our lives. Now smartphone is the hub for all connected platforms, the key place to reach the user. People start to search proceeding from their location, they look for personal health apps and NFC. This means progression towards more personalized experience that depends on content, location and other information about the user. Thereafter, mobile devices will be the battleground for competitive struggle of brands. And as we previously mentioned they’ll be an extremely huge platform for the emergence of new digital advertising trends. Smartphone is the forerunner of the “Internet of Me”. 

General increase in the speed of life

Today time doesn’t just go by. It rushes headlong, faster and faster day by day. Everything around happens faster, and the keynote of today’s and tomorrow’s life is “here and now”. Technology helps us get what we want to know whenever we ask. Services should be delivered as soon as possible on demand, moment that separates impression from its sharing via network becomes fleeting and queries become voice rather than typed because it is faster. The ones who will be on the alert when the customer wants something and those will be ready to provide the needed service, will be the headliners.  Personalized user data will help not just to be up to date, but to anticipate and to predict the user’s behavior. This means as fast and efficient interactions as possible. 24/7 customer support from service provider is no longer a bonus but a self-evident necessity. 

What is positive about IT trends 2015?

Altogether the above-mentioned demonstrates very positive movement towards  sophistication of the whole digital world, and simplification of its customer-oriented side. Mobile device is our one-click universal pass to the ever growing amount of possibilities within the dimension of human knowledge and technology. People no longer want just to consume, but also to create the product of their own. This will result in increased demand for the full spectre of software development services, sufficient for enterprises and small development teams. High demand means a lot of opportunities and fair competition that will establish new business lines and growth of digital world in general. Isn’t it the Golden Age of IT?

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