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3 years ago

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The Internet Of Everything

Over the past few years the internet has changed dramatically. It has come to almost all our everyday devices. The way we access the internet has also changed. More and more customers prefer to surf the internet through their mobile devices rather than desktops. 
Here is a nice and brief presentation from Business Insider Intelligence that shows how the Internet of Things expands today, and the main ways of its development. Read More

Amazon has launched unlimited cloud storage

Amazon launches unlimited cloud storage to keep up with Google, Microsoft and Dropbox.
The main idea is to provide the customers with unlimited storage so as not to worry about the amount of free space left. Storage has a three month of free trial. Read More

Men are more likely to shop on mobile than women

BI Intelligence has given some surprising facts about the e-commerce and mobile commerce habits of men. It had turned out that they are more likely to shop on mobile than women. Read the whole article to learn more about other differences in their behavior. Read More

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