DDI Digest #5

IT news

3 years ago

DDI Digest brings you news about Chinese smartphone market saturation, GoPro drone and Google’s quest to bring internet to another billion. Our goal and foremost mission is to find up-to-the-minute information from around the globe. We are committed to match our content with the targeted audience and to provide the best possible experience for our readers. 

Chinese smartphone growth slows down 

Smartphone market in China remains the biggest in the world, however its growth seems to slow down. Experts consider the market to reach saturation that will also affect the growth of Android. Read more

Await for the drone from GoPro

GoPro's chief executive Nick Woodman announced the release of their own quadcopter drones. Now the controlled aircraft version of a famous action camera will be the “ultimate”.  Read more

Google brings Internet to billion people

Company strives to increase the number people having access to the world wide web from existing 2.8 billion of 7 billion on the planet. All smart gadgets like Google Glass and Google Car are a part of the one great initiative: get the humanity online. Read more


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