DDI Digest #4

IT news

3 years ago

DDI Digest brings you news about container hype in cloud industry, EU charges against Google and a growing revenue gap between iOS and Android apps. Our goal and foremost mission is to find up-to-the-minute information from around the globe. We are committed to match our content with the targeted audience and to provide the best possible experience for our readers. 

Will containers kill the virtual machine?

Container hype is sweeping across the cloud computing and virtualization industry. Many developers have realized the advantage of the lightweight way of packaging application code and in turn big-name tech vendors, from Amazon Web Services, Red Hat, IBM and even VMware are jumping aboard the container bandwagon. Read More

With EU challenging Google, this time 'stakes are high'

With the European Commission leveling antitrust charges against Google, the company should be bracing itself for a big – and potentially costly – fight over its dominant search business. Read More

Revenue Gap Between iOS And Android Apps Grows, Thanks To China

Due to Android’s sizable market share, Google Play apps have historically led iOS apps in terms of the number of downloads, while iOS apps have consistently beat out Google Play apps in revenue. But according to new data out this morning from app store analytics firm App Annie, that gap is still widening – in a large part due to iOS’s growth in China. Read More

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